Share your Final Fantasy Legacy By James Stine on November 8, 2016 at 6:31 PM

Celebrating the release of Final Fantasy XV in just a few weeks, Square Enix invited fans, developers and some special guests to talk about their stories surrounding the Final Fantasy series and how it’s impacted their lives.

Much like each Final Fantasy game itself, every person has their own story as to how the series has affected them. The official Final Fantasy XV Twitter has posted a teaser trailer to an upcoming video “Final Fantasy XV: New Legacies” which you can watch below. The final video will be released on November 10th in just a few days.

Share your own Final Fantasy legacy by using the hashtag #FFLegacies.

We want to see your Final Fantasy legacy as well! Feel free to post in the comments, or check out the dedicated thread over at our forum Mognet Central.


    I went to the video shoot for this 🙂 As time goes by I hope they cut me out because I was so shy that my head was practically blanking out the whole time lol I’m not in this teaser though

  • My legacy started with FF8, which to this day I can’t beat the last stage of Ultimecia. Edea should’ve been the lead female. Then I went to FF7 after Chrono Cross. One of my favorites, especially in cast and options. Next 9, my favorite battle system. But most of the cast wasn’t to my liking. If I had my way I’d play as Zidane, Beatrix, Lani, Kuja and Vivi.

    Then 10 another great cast with my favorite female character in it, Lulu. BEST BLACK MAGE EVER! Then 12….I liked Vaan and the towns. Larsa was cool too. The rest can eat a dick. Then the 13s….sighs….Lightning was a good step for women but now that a lot of people hate the games its also become a set back. There’s a stigma on anything sci-fi and fantasy and usually it’s because people say “look like 13”. Mixed in there I played Crisis Core and Type-0. Type-0 was decent but not in story. Full of plot holes and guess work just like 3rd Birthday. Crisis Core was heartbreaking as a main story but the sidequests were repetitive and redundant.

    I’m always gonna love FFs. But I want FF16 to be like a mix of Grandia 2 in battle style, with characters who fight like classes like 9, and with depth to them like the cast of 7 and 10, and the customization to the weapon stats like Wild ARMS 3. That’s my dream game.

  • Xervath

    My legacy…?

    TL;DR: I didn’t have a SNES in the early days, so I didn’t play the SNES era FF’s (I could now, but haven’t gotten around to it. VI in particular) I played 8, 9, 7, 10, X-2, 12, 13, (self-)learned to play the piano in the process.

    It all started with FFVIII for me; to this date my all-time fav. game, which I have finished many times now (including Ultima- and Omega weapon). Squall | Zell | Quistis was my go-to setup. Even in those early days I already took note of the amazing music that came with it. After VIII I got to play IX. Also an amazing experience, and one I’ll happily retake if need be. I loved the heavy fantasy element, which wasn’t as…traditional in VIII. Again a stellar soundtrack was present here, and to date this title holds the title as “best FF OST” for me. I never beat this ‘Ozma’ though, heck I don’t even know what (s)he looks like!
    Oh well… Next came VII, “the legendary one”. I highly enjoyed the game, its grim tone, its difficulty (Ruby & Emerald! — which I did beat), its eerie soundtrack, Tifa & Vincent…
    Only after having played it I understood why VII is regarded as one of “the all-time greats”.
    At this point I thought – during the generation switch from PS1 to PS2 – “well that’s the end of FF, then.” It never occured to me that “the journey” could continue on PS2. So colour me surprised to see FFX on the shelves in stores. I immediately bought a copy and thus I began my journey through Spira. I got a long way preparing for the Dark aeons & Penance, but it proved to steep for me. I never beat any of them, save for Valefor.
    Still, for the first time the characters looked “almost real” and the addition of voice-overs added new depth to telling a story in Final Fantasy. Aside from Rikku, Lulu and Auron, I could never quite get used to the cast…but I made do. Again, an amazing OST was present in this game (thankls Uematsu-sama!)
    It was around this time – after hearing ‘To Zanarkand’ – that I “wanted to play that” and purely on a whim I picked up the piano, and after learing this amazing track, I made various others my own as well. A choice I don’t regret making.
    Anyways, a sequel was announced. The first direct sequel in the FF series (right?) and so FFX-2 made its way to my home. While decent in its combat mechanics, that, along with Paine, where the only real saving graces in an otherwise very bland game. The main thing that killed it was the simply terrible script, unfortunately.
    So that passed, and not wanting to go the MMO route, I got hands on XII some time later. I didn’t like it. Square mentioned, at the time, they wanted to try something new – especially with the battle system. I respected it, but the combat wasn’t for me. I never finished the game.
    Then came XIII….a game I wish to spend few words on. Suffice it to say I never finished the first game, and I never gave the sequels a chance.
    Looking back, I realize that the last time I played a – in my eyes – genuinely good Final Fantasy title…is some 15 years ago. Or should I say: XV years ago.

    Bring on Final Fantasy XV. I’m ready…

  • James Stine

    I hope to see you in the full video!

  • yoga pramarta


    i play ff VIII for the first time. it so amazing at that time.. i really like when you watch the cutscene and its change to gameplay right after that, the transition make it like you are in that world, the feeling i cant described to words.. and then i play IX, the cast so amazing, their character development is so good. is like all of them is the main, the story evolved around them not just the main char. then i play ff X, the twist is really good. good story afterall, i like the gameplay when you can change party in battle, its make all the character is important to build. then i play next gen ff XII, i like the MMO like gameplay and world, coz i played MMO before play this, but its lack of good story and the main character doesnt even have a character development, poor vaan. now im curently playing FF XIII and replaying FF IX on my laptop, then i realized, what makes FF XII and XIII is not well received is the storytelling is on cutscene, i mean they use voice actor and use it only at the cutscene that make a wall between the cutscene and the gameplay.

  • XenoSilvano

    I would say that during my adolescent years, the FINAL FANTASY series among many other forms of media, have played a poignant role in shaping the sort of person I am now

    Being somewhat limited in my freedom to be entertained as a kid, for many years of my life, gaming served as a diverse means of escape for me away from the trappings of a mostly mundane, repetitive life, at the end of the school day I would often think to myself “alright… so what are some of the good things that I have to look forward to when I get home…”, one of the first things that I would do as soon as I got home after school was play FINAL FANTASY on PlayStation, I would eagerly walk home as quickly as I could just so that I could continue playing from the part where I had last left off the day before, as pathetic as this may come across, I can confidently say that many of the happiest moments that I have had in my life have been while being utterly enthralled by the developments in the games, I think that reminiscing about aspects of a video game with great fondness is a hallmark of an impactful form of entertainment, I would often be so ‘in the zone’ while playing that anything aside from what was taking place on the screen would become completely null and void in my mind to the point where I forget that I was playing a video game, even though I did not live the events of the game, I can emphatise with them as if I had, that is the sort of impact that the emotional depth of the story, the characters, the music, the design and the overall world of the series have had on me, what appeals the most to me is that FINAL FANTASY allows us the luxury of divorcing ourselves of our current reality to assume that of a world of fantasy for a precious moment in time, which is a sentiment that makes me wish that our world as whole had a little more ‘FINAL FANTASY’ within it so as to make us all want to wake up as soon as possible to enjoy another day

  • Mark Ty

    So what did they show you if you went to the video shoot?

  • NoctLightCloud

    Best black mage? What about Vivi? XD

  • Invictus

    Final Fantasy taught me how to value love, friendship and how important it is to be a human being. All the principles I have in life right now is because of this game. It might just be a game to some, but it means the world to me.
    Come November 29th, Final Fantasy will teach me another life lesson and that will add to the betterment of me.


  • Vivi is a close second. But he lacked confidence and spent most of the game insecure. Lulu was a force of nature. Cold logic. Didn’t let no one trick her. And I’m pretty sure she and Akron had bad feelings about Seymour before he snapped.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Your reasons make sense^^ it’s just….Vivi!♡ (sorry haha I had to say that :’D don’t take it serous)

  • NoctLightCloud

    It doesn’t sound pathetic at all^^ We all have those precious memories with games (but especially with FF) in our childhood. Strangely, even the really, really bad games are hitting me with nostalgic feels right now… nice text though^^

  • Invictus

    A world with a little bit of “Final Fantasy”. Wonderful. Just wonderful man.

  • He’ll be in Dissida RPG and maybe again in KH3 since he was in 2.

  • Tom

    I first saw Final Fantasy’s TV ad. Then my brother wanted to impress his then girlfriend and told me to install the PC demo for the game. It was that demo where Quistis walks you through the Training Center. He wanted to show her the dancing scene. So I installed the game and played a bit. I don’t know if my brother’s girlfriend was impressed or not but I didn’t care either. I sure I was. The game looked nice and the cutscenes were amazing! And I immediately felt the charm of the world. I knew Resident Evil 2 before and the in-game graphics were quite similar so I thought the gameplay is also something similar. You know, opening drawers and finding keys. I didn’t know what I was up at that time. I was pumped when I could lay my hand on the full game. I can still recall that winter afternoon. The room was dark, the heater was up so it was a warm and dark room. The monitor screen was bright and filled the room with blue and green while I was listening to Blue Fields. I fell in love. And I still love Final Fantasy VIII till this day. It was my introduction to the series and I measure every other game by VIII’s standard.

    It all happened in a quite dark period of my life, high school. I was a quite guy and the pressure of growing up always hanged above me this time. I was somewhat like Squall, I liked to be alone and have no responsibilities but soon I had to learn to take up bigger roles not only for myself but for others as well.

  • Syul

    I have a funny story over here to share about my 1st FF, the 7th.

    When I started playing it as a little child, I thought that standing in the checkpoint would automatically save your game, and didn’t even open the menu to save. Everytime I wanted to play I would have to fight vs the robotic scorpion to then, after playing some more, would go to the checkpoint and repeat.

    I didn’t know why the game wouldn’t be saved, and I was so frustrated hahaha.

    I left FF7 for a time until I realized my mistake omg xD

  • D.3ND


    I was in a dark point in my teen life and having dark thoughts, I felt like I wasn’t good enough to do anything or be anything. I had to keep what I felt inside from practically everyone because they didn’t understand or they were too busy to help. FFX was the 1st FF I’ve ever played from beginning to end. The story, Characters, the world of Spire gave me a sense of courage and comfort during my crisis. Since then I started to back log on whatever FF I could get my hands on.

  • highsky00

    My first Final Fantasy game was FF7. I didn’t actually play it but my big brother played it and i sat next to him to watch. He led me into a fantasy world with a journey of a yellow hair guy and his friends. My brother explained everything for me and answered my “What is that?” “Who is that?” “Why?” questions. It’s really a great memory.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I remember when my sister bought one of her (or “our” for we shared everything) first video games ever which was FFX. I always watched her playing, until she got stuck at one point (you know how hard FF-games can get). She’s never finished it…. Then she bought XII which she enjoyed even more, until she got stuck again. (Without internet connection back in the days, it wasn’t that unusual to get stuck in a game.) I do not kid you when I say I fell asleep every single time she was playing XII. Not because it was boring, no. But because the music was so beautiful and relaxing!☆ She’s never finished XII. One game she’s finished though is Dirge of Cerberus FF VII.

    Until 2010 I’ve never been fully interested in FF (I know, how dare I :P), since my first video game ever was Kingdom Hearts, and I always thought of it as the better Final Fantasy. It’s still my all-time favourite game.
    Then my sister won a fanart contest by Square Enix and received a huge XIII fan pack. That was the reason we bought a PS3. It was only then that FF caught my full attention as I found XIII super interesting, and the gameplay was just my cup of tea. I only later learned about the criticism it received and was very surprised. Then followed XIII-2 and LR. The latter I in all honesty had not much interest in and I understood the criticism pretty well. Until then I’ve always just watched my sister playing FF.
    The first FF I’ve played by myself was X-2 on my PS2, X HD remaster on PS3, followed by VIII, IX and Crisis Core all on my PSP. I was so moved by those games (especially VIII & IX), it would take too many words to describe the feelings. I could feel the nostalgia and love the developers had put into them. I’m also playing XIV (my first and only MOORPG) since 2014, it’s just epic.
    I’m definitely(!) gonna play VII on my PSP after finishing XV and World of Final Fantasy. Now I’m on my way to get the new PS Pro just for all the amazing Square Enix games that are coming out, including XII Zodiac Age, KH3, and Dissidia PS4. What a nice time to be a FF fan!☆

  • NoctLightCloud

    In Dissidia PS4 too? Awesome news!! (Btw why did you write “Dissidia RPG”? Will it have rpg elements?)


    Sorry, I had notifications off. I’m kinda blanking on what they showed because I was so nervous. They were recording our reactions the entire time and there were like 10 people standing on the other side of the camera looking at me, and bright lights everywhere!

    I do remember that there was music we haven’t heard yet, and most of the scenes weren’t really that imperative. It was just conversations between the guys and a lot of new gameplay, as far as I can remember. It was probably around 3 minutes long but with how nervous I was it felt like 20 minutes LOL

    But Square staff was really nice~ Kaori Takasue and Mat Kishimoto specifically were really sincere and friendly and helped me through my nervousness. And we got free stuff, some of those pixel t-shirts and lanyards and the Uncovered calendar (I went to Uncovered but I took one anyways just to have a 2nd lol).


    I just skimmed through it because I’m scared that if I see myself I’ll die of a heart attack, but it doesn’t look like I’m in it LOL A lot of people aren’t in it though. Oh well 😛 The experience was fun enough~

  • I meant the the Dissidia RPG, the one with the Opera name. I didn’t mean the arcade Dissidia.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Oh I see^^

  • Pedro Castella

    My first Final Fantasy was VIII, I bought it a few months after it came out because my friends all spoke to highly of VII. I fell in love with the game within minutes, the opening cinematic was beautiful, the music was amazing and the summons were nothing short of amazing. My favourite memory of FFVIII was the ultima weapon, after defeating Bhamut you had to go down into the darkness without a save point and it took forever. I remember I couldn’t turn the PS2 off so I turned the tv off and went to bed but I don’t know if I actually slept anything at all with the excitement of what awaited me at the bottom of that stairwell.

  • XenoSilvano

    are you the heavy set blond chick?