Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai Cloud and Barret revealed in full detail By Erren Van Duine on December 13, 2016 at 8:56 AM

UPDATE: Square Enix has opened North American pre-orders for both figures, priced at $149.99 each. Cloud and Barret can be purchased directly from the official online store.

Square Enix has revealed a set of new promotional images detailing upcoming products for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Starting next year, fans can get their hands on two Play Arts Kai figures from the game – Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace.

Pre-orders for these figures have opened today, with Cloud looking at an April release and Barret a month later in May. List price puts the pair at 15,984 yen, however, they can currently be had for about 11,300 yen across certain retailers.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Man Cloud would look mint next to my Noctis XD

  • ◎הÎsu

    Cloud and Blade lookin pretty damn cool.

  • Jintae

    I want Sephiroth and Zack :c

  • NoctLightCloud

    Amazing! Cloud looks like a true soldier with this design, more muscular 😉

  • Invictus

    Man, just imaging what Tifa and Aerith would look like in Play Arts Kai. 🙂

  • gabrieuTG

    I’m working out to become as buff as Cloud

  • •december


  • Daniel

    Guess Cloud did work out as well since the two trailers :v

  • XenoSilvano

    holy #### look at Barret!

  • JLV

    When I heard people say that Lightning is literally FemCloud, I brushed it off and convinced myself that they were just joking. I was wrong.

  • gabrieuTG

    Mako Protein

  • Soldier Blue

    This redesigned cloud is badass by definition! It seems they jacked him up a bit, compared to his build in the trailer.