Final Fantasy XV’s Holiday Pack and update content drops December 22 By Erren Van Duine on December 15, 2016 at 7:35 PM

Final Fantasy XV‘s first round of downloadable content is set to drop on December 22, Square Enix revealed today. Two types of content will be available with the Holiday Pack and Holiday Pack Plus – the latter available exclusively for Season Pass holders.

In addition to the Holiday Pack, fans can download a new update adding New Game Plus, and a photo frame feature for social media uploads. Both Holiday Packs will be distributed at the same time as these free updates.

New Game Plus will allow you to bring your clear data over to a new game. SNS photo framing will allow fans to attach photo frames when posting to social networks.


The Holiday Pack includes a number of optional items including accessories that make it easier to obtain items, items that eliminate stamina cost and tickets for a carnival set for late January. The Carnival Style outfit will also be available in January.

Holiday Pack Plus

A bunch of accessories helpful for playing FFXV and a pack of carnival tickets for the January event.
Accessories include:

  • Protect Ring
  • Command Booster (Only for Noctis)
  • Phantom Booster (Only for Noctis)
  • Instant Kill Victory Song
  • Battle Skill Victory Song
  • Key of Fortune
  • Stamina Anchor (Only for Noctis)
  • Carnival Style (Only for Noctis)
  • Photo Frame (Holiday Pack Limited Edition)
  • Limited Time Carnival Tickets+

Note the carnival tickets are the same ones includes with the free pack. Those who pick up the Plus pack will also be eligible for the Holiday Pack free version as well.

Holiday Pack (Free Version)

A bunch of accessories helpful for playing FFXV and a pack of carnival tickets for the January event.
Accessories include:

  • Level Stopper
  • Annihilation Victory Song
  • Mog Choco T-shirt (Only for Noctis)
  • Limited Time Carnival Tickets

And here’s a look at the costumes:

Carnival Style


Mog Choco T-shirt


Via: 4Gamer.

  • ElAbuelo69




  • Yuntu

    only the pro patch was aimed for december


  • theodor70941

    Take a chill pil. we already knew the ch13 patch wasn’t even close to finished. Oh and it’s your fault for not picking up all notes as they help you understand the story

  • AndreasZ

    Just please fix the frame pacing issues on both standard ps4 and ps4 pro high mode

  • stevenm281

    Those are mid to long term goals, calm the fuck down.

  • AndreasZ

    What is exactly the carnival set coming in January?

  • stevenm281

    no idea, but I’m intrigued.

  • AndreasZ

    Only the 60fps was supposed to be in December

  • Yuntu

    which would in theory fix frame pacing on the Pro … oh god please add vsync and fix that SE

  • Yuntu
  • MMX377

    Calm down and stop doubting.

  • AndreasZ

    I don’t think so because the 60fps mode will probably replace the light mode not high.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Last time I was told to stop doubting Stella was removed from the game alongside the Insomnia intro sequence, so no.

  • Yuntu

    yeah but even the light mode (which is indeed the 60fps variant) has slight frame pacing issues, which are a non-issue on the X1 because of vsnyc inclusion


    People still be like “Stella was removed” as if she wasn’t just Luna with a name change. I swear people cling to the most irrelevant things

  • •december


    Also, whaaaaaa..???
    New custom raiments? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • •december

    Multiple Jellybean +1

  • •december

    What ever happened to FFXV Brotherhood episode 6?

  • •december

    So, essentially an in-game carnival?
    Set in Altissia? Looks nice

  • Huzairy Rahmat

    At least please let us dive and swim across rivers and jump over fences along the highway with chocobo. How can we enjoy exploring this beautiful world of lucis if we cant even do that ? Swimming and taking short cuts is a must in an open world gaming. Its already a pain when we cannot climb over the mountains

  • •december

    Noctis could swim only when fighting Leviathan,
    because it was his princely duty and the demand was there?
    Chocobos can swim, and tbh Noctis can fly but then there would be
    no need for chocobos or Regalia Type-F. They’re kind of in-game triggered events

  • Leafar

    Boring costumes……would it kill them to have a costume pack with costumes from previous FF games….?

  • Lahm

    Custom character creation isn’t guaranteed and it was in the long term plan. So don’t expect anything from that within a month.

  • Akira Yamato

    eyyyyyyyyy macareenaa!! too bad its only for noctis

  • kirtanloorii

    Everyone needs to stop telling this guy to calm down.

    Rage my friend! Raaaaaaaage! Fuck yeah!

  • TektosBasics

    There was never such a thing – it was just mistranslated is all. There is no Episode 6, but rather a bunch of bonus scenes for previous episodes.

    It comes with the Kingsglaive steelbook edition (NOT the FF15 Deluxe) that’s bundled with Brotherhood:

  • stevenm281

    it never came to be, its added scenes of Luna through watching the Brotherhood bluray, a total of 3min something.

  • 草薙 素子

    I just want to play more with Aranea and Iris. You know, the only female characters which actually got some decent time and exposition in the game.

    If the MMO style events are going to be a recurring thing, I hope they seek insight from Yoshi-P. FFXIV probably has the best story and art direction of any Square-Enix game this generation so far. … Which is something I never thought I’d say because it’s an mmo.

  • CallMeGod

    I wish they release a DLC that is called FF 15 Versus Reborn just like FFXIV A Realm Reborn, which is a complete overhaul since FF15 is complete garbage and just tarnish the whole series for me that I wish it just burn into ashes.

  • CallMeGod

    All those ppl telling you to calm down need to shut up and calm their ass down. Rage all you want because FF15 is complete shit. I can’t believe that before this game came out I was defending this piece of shit.

  • CallMeGod

    Sorry, but you clearly don’t know anything if you think that Luna was Stella with a name change. Fucking Tabata even mention himself that Luna is a completely character and has a different role to play which was to fucking be a dumb as character who show up in the game for a fucking moment and die like a bitch. Then they expect me to give a fucking shit about her and be sad that she die when I’m having be got a chance to be emotionally attach to her at all.

  • CallMeGod

    You need to calm you ass down and stop trying to defend this piece of shit game because it’s shit that’s why I ain’t going to calm down and tell you straight how it is.

  • CallMeGod

    How is it his fault for Square Enix and the developer for creating this piece of shit. They already know this game was rush and is just completely trash which is why they are releasing FREE STORY DLC to fix this piece of TRASH.

  • NewestType

    It’s only the first update…

  • TheKing

    Your opinion, and why are you here?

  • TheKing

    If its trash than why the mostly positive reviews?

  • jony

    Uh it’s not just his, pretty sure many in the FF community are pretty disgusted with the outcome of the final product, hell some E3 trailers look more interesting than the crap we ended up with. The game is not finished, face it, it lacks proper story and progression, many features just seem half assed, LVL limit, no party control, limited level design, so much more you could write a book. Just dont shit on someone for expressing legitimate concerns…

  • Breathless

    I could think of more useful improvements to Prompto’s camera alone than stupid frames…. like better quality picture export, for one. Let’s not even talk about all the rest of these things here. x_x

  • Randy Marsh



    Seriously, stop being ignorant to obvious.

  • Sedax

    LOL it doesn’t lack a proper story, if you couldn’t follow it then you’re not as smart as you think you are. The progression system? There’s nothing wrong with that. What exactly is half assed about a lvl limit? We knew from the onset that we wouldn’t have party control if you’re complaining about that now then you’re a bigger fool than i thought. Also “Callmegod” What a stupid name isn’t expressing legitimate concerns they’re just making a snarky post about how much they dislike this game. calling it garbage that tarnishses the series and that it should be burned is not a legitimate concern.

  • Anton Villarica Lagda

    So where’s the PS4 PRO patch? I wanna play this game in 60fps/1080p

  • Randy Marsh

    I don’t think you know what complete garbage is if you’re trying to compare FFXV to FFXIV 1.0, which I actually had the extreme displeasure of playing.

  • Qew

    You come across as an idiot on most of your rants. Clear up your sentences a bit if you want to be taken seriously. I know you’ll flair up on hearing this, so I’ll not be engaging on this any further. But goddamn, your structure is so poor (not limited to this post) that you come across as incompetent.

  • Roberto Midence

    I ask myself the same thing…. I think mostly because of its open world. It seems to be the highest priority for modern western rpg gamers and they nailed that alright, but at the cost of story and character development, among many, many other baffling decisions.

  • Jono Charles Davey

    Prepare for butthurt people to say “You’re entitled to your opinion, but fuck off and shut up”

  • Jono Charles Davey

    To be honest with you, it’s refreshing that other people have these complaints too, and that it’s not just me. I feel that any DLC or update to fix the problem is too late, I’ve already completed it now, I know the story from enough Google searches, and if I wasn’t such a completion I’d have put it down by now and start playing Overwatch that arrived in the post last week.

  • Qew

    Like this one that I’m going to fix for you.
    … I’m not going to calm down, I’ll tell it to you straight.

  • Qew

    I’m not saying whether I think it’s trash or not. I’m just here to comment on the abundance of positive reviews.
    If you look at the digital preorder reviews, there were many that were made before the game even released, all but a few joksters put a 5/5.
    The hype for the game release and people finally getting another Final Fantasy game is what a majority of the reviews were about.
    Also, the fandom is pretty hardcore, for someone to express that they disliked it, and they mention valid issues, they get attacked. For this you see those on that side attack back when/where they can.

    TLDR: The reviews were bloated with 5 stars before it came out. Realistic reviewers get suppressed.

  • Randy Marsh

    There’s a difference between having an opinion and typing the most idiotic things without thinking.

  • Breathless

    There is a line between “telling straight how it is” and just seething in blind rage with your mouth foaming – frankly, that latter one is the mental image I’m getting from your posts. Yes, you hate it, yes, your opinion is that the entire game’s an outrageous pos. We all know that by now. No need to keep parroting it, especially in that way, under every piece of news even remotely related to XV, AND in every reply anyone might post to your comments.

  • ezetarget

    omfg stfu you fagget, how much more are you gonna rage ? People liked this game, if you didn’t it’s your fucking problem. Stupid fucking cunt, ask for a refund of the game, or no better, of your life.

  • jony

    Unless you want people to constantly keep rehashing the same concerns that have been floating around the internet and end up with walls of text noone will read, the OP didnt need to specify. Everyone knows by now what the game lacks. Stop trying to find some silver lining in this mess of a 10+ production…If you really cant see how chopped up this game got from what was shown, youre a bigger fool than I thought.

    Also shiting on someone for their name is just….Ughhhhhhh man you are just so lost. Keep buying DLC in hopes of getting a finished game man, one day, just maybe youll get what you shoulda from the get go.

    This is no FF game, by any standard. It’s clearly incomplete.

  • DarioRiddel

    So many people bitching about the game in this article’s comments, and yet no one is reveling in the fact that Noct is wearing a f*cking sombrero.

    I am wearing this outfit from now on.

  • Breathless

    I’m still trying to process that image and decide whether to revel in it or facepalm at it tbh. xD

  • Codes McGodes

    Strongly agree with this. FFXIV has the best story since FFX.

  • Codes McGodes

    Mostly positive is a bit subjective. From what I’ve seen, everyone seems to be saying the same thing. The open world gameplay is excellent, the road trip theme is lots of fun, the main party is fairly likable, but the story is complete and utter trash. Game reviewers aren’t harping as much on the story because a) their job is more centered around whether or not a game is fun, which it is, b) unless a story is nauseatingly bad, they’re probably not gonna harp on it too much because they want to keep in favor with companies, and c) they probably didn’t even play the whole game which means they only played the best part: the first half. FF13 also had mostly positive reviews from game journalists, so professional reviews are generally much more positive than average player reviews anyway. And average players again, don’t seem to hate the game in general, they just hate the story.

    The one thing the game really fucked up is the story, and most players agree with that. And, you also have to keep in mind that the worst part of the story isn’t even until Chapter 9 onward. Up until that point the story is certainly lacking, but not necessarily bad. Ch9+ is where the real tripe begins and many people who’ve submitted their reviews haven’t even gotten that far yet (only about a quarter of the PS4 playerbase has reached that point so far).

  • Noctis

    what is this bullshit? Are trying to fool us?So Tabata wanted to do a tragedy story and now he is wearing a f*ucking sombrero? hahahahaha

    This company is getting more and more ridiculous. Instead of spamming us with dlc nonsense give us some story updates….alternate ending…

    Or just remake this mistake and make Versus!

  • Codes McGodes

    I think it’s the opposite. I think Tabata was given a tragic story (from Nomura) and he didn’t want it to be tragic. Hence the fun roadtrip with the broskis in amidst all of the tragedy.

  • Noctis

    exactly thanks for this comment

  • Noctis
  • Noctis


  • Codes McGodes

    That won’t happen. FF14 was a massive failure on every level: Story, Gameplay, Economy, Maps, Graphics, etc. And it was exceptionally costly given its MMO nature. Rebooting it was a necessity unless they wanted to cancel it entirely. FF15, by and large, is still successful on many counts. The world is beautiful, the gameplay is fun, the open-worldness is a tremendous success. It’s one major shortcoming is its story, which is a big problem. But not enough of one to redo the whole game from scratch.

    Best we can hope for is a sufficient amount of patched story content to make the story better. Best case scenario in regards to Versus (and this will almost definitely never happen), Square-Enix releases a completely unrelated game down the line (for arguments sake, let’s say Final Fantasy XIX) with brand new characters in a brand new world that is built off of the original concepts from Versus. Everything other than the signing ceremony at least, since that is now present in Kingsglaive and couldn’t be used a second time.

  • Umar

    God….the complaining is insufferable…..
    Anyway…..yaay for level stopping.

  • Glad

    The outfits don’t matter. It’s additional clothing, that’s it.

  • James Stine

    Nomura wanted a road trip game.

  • Noctis

    Yeah but then give us some nice clothing (Like Versus outfits)

    What is this nonsense?

  • James Stine

    It’s Holiday gear, I thought that was obvious.

  • drjay425

    Thank you. Story was an insult to fans following the past 10 years faithfully

  • Noctis


  • drjay425

    Agreed there was no character development to care at all about any of the events. FF Versus 13 story seemed much more deeper. The outcome seemed rushed storywise

  • Noctis
  • Wrench

    Firstly, change.org is nearly useless. Secondly, no.

  • Wrench


  • Wrench

    No fun allowed!

  • JeySigma

    Finally someone asking the REAL questions..

    not this fabulously nonsensical costume dlc shit

  • Noctis

    ok…do what you want

  • Ryuke

    The name “Holiday Pack” implies a fun, holiday themed DLC. I was able to work that out just by reading the name back when it was announced, so I for one was certainly not expecting all the stuff folks in here are yelling about wanting.

    This is a fun, interim piece of DLC before the Gladio / Ignis / Prompto packs are released, so I’m fine with this and will have fun with it, as intended. Happy Holidays, and all that!

  • tony1kenobi

    wheres my 60fps 🙁

  • Invictus

    Not bad. I just don’t want to play on new game plus without the story pacing fix for chapter 13. I guess it might take a while.

  • Noctis

    No its a serious world dude. Tu comprende amigo?

  • Ryuke

    Yeah I’m planning on doing the same. I’ll wait until the patches to the story are done then I’ll hit up new game plus. By that time the game will feel fresh again as I will have had some time out in between 🙂

  • Invictus

    Holla back at ya. Still got lots of dungeons and super bosses I’ve yet to finish too. I guess I’m gonna put the game down for a while till they sort out holes in the latter part. lol

  • King Zeus

    It’s Japan.

  • noctcaelum

    i don’t really care that much, but that carnival style costume looks stupid as hell. they look like costumes prompto would want to wear but not noctis tbh. though after looking at the moogle choco one for a looong time, they’re kinda cute but are still costumes that prompto would definitely want to wear not noct.

  • Codes McGodes

    Well, that may be, but I doubt his original intention was for it to be as lighthearted as FFXV ended up being. The little we saw of Nomura’s vision in Versus’ days seemed much darker. But this is all speculation. There’s no way of really knowing how much of the game was Nomura’s and how much was Tabata’s.

  • Chad Thompson

    Cry more people jeeze lol it’s a free dlc for the holidays, also for the noob saying ugh why no serious costumes n whatnot, you must be new here xD this is final fantasy, derp.

  • Codes McGodes

    I don’t think developers really take character personas into account when creating alternate costumes for them. Lest we forget some of the dumb ass shit Lightning wore in Lightning Returns.

  • noctcaelum

    they should’ve at least made one for all 4 of them. would be hilarious to see the 4 bros all walking in those costumes lmao.

  • Noctis


  • King Zeus

    Opinions everywhere.

  • Anthony San Juan

    Don’t read the comments. They are cancerous.

  • I haven’t played this game yet. I was supposed to in about a month but I don’t know if I want to anymore, after everything I’ve read about it. I followed through it for 10 years, watched every live-stream, read every article and convinced myself that this was going to be awesome. Now I read all the comments and the reviews and it’s just sad… I’m losing faith in Square Enix’s ability to create games at all. They tried to please everyone with this and in the end no one was happy! They should’ve stayed true to Nomura’s vision, not try to cater to westerners! FF is a JAPANESE RPG, it should act as just that! I want to see how Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF VII Remake play out, but I’m really not sure about the future of this franchise OR this company at this point! It’s a good thing they’ve got XIV!

  • Dominik Lengyel

    Please answer this will go through PSN or free sale ?

  • Ryuke

    Holiday pack is free, Holiday Pack Plus is for the season pass holders, as the article says.

  • Dominik Lengyel

    thank you i wasn´t sure.

  • Jono Charles Davey

    I doubt that’s what happened to be honest, even though it’s a little unlikely anyone could hate the game that much.

  • Jono Charles Davey

    I want to play with Aranea and Iris too. That’s my Final Fantasy.

  • Boronkee

    if you read reviews you probably know that the game isn’t garbage, it has his highs and his lows.
    Most of the reviews i read said that story is pretty rushed, and “told in a bad manner”; a lot of things happen off screen and some characters that they wanted us to believe were core to the story, are not to so important after all.
    But that doesn’t mean the game is bad.
    I’m 100 hours into the game and the gameplay is one of the funniest thing i tried in the last years; it is easy to learn and hard to master; it is pretty easy early on, but asks you some strategy if you want to beat the hardest bosses.

    One of the my only regrets is that they had to make it come out at the end of 2016, they decided it when they switched directors and they couldn’t delay it more.
    So to hype gamers they shown a lot of contents early in the development cycle, but didn’t managed to make these things fit into the final game because their lack of time.

    I wouldn’t have mind to wait another year for it to come out and be at its fullest, but i’m still happy with how it turned out.

  • Why wasn’t there a shop selling clothes in game? Why are these ugly clothes the next ones put out?

  • Still these aren’t really fitting into the game at all. These seem forced and out of place. Especially with the games story so tossed together and separated by dlcs.

  • Ulises

    They are just what people think of the game…

  • Cullen Oleary

    I’v only played 8 hours of FFVII. And this is the first FF game i’v played the whole story. I have to say that after playing FFVX with no experience of FF, this might be one of the best games i’v played in the past 5 years. Fuck IGN’s review they are retarded, this should have got a 9.5 in my opinion. Maybe I like it so much because I wish I was a part of their crew. Get this game you won’t regret it. And staying on a hype train is a toxic thing to do nowadays if you hadn’t noticed. A lot of bad comments here because the majority are playing the game and enjoying it insread of posting on this game. As a newcomer loving this game and will definitely be going back to play the others.

  • hlarge4

    All these babies. Im loving this salt.

    Square, keep doing what your doing. You won me over.

    Make all the zany stuff you want. Don’t listen to all the QQ, these babies will buy anything, anyway

  • Somnus92

    I can’t wait to wear a sombrero.

  • hlarge4

    It was fine. Buthe you’ve got a meme avatar… so, you know. Yeah

  • hlarge4

    Versus is too emo. I’m glad this is fun.

    We don’t need OMG SO EDGE

  • hlarge4

    Did we play different games?

  • hlarge4


  • hlarge4

    Ps4 No patch.

    But seriously, it’s not as important as content, even silly content. Graphics <literally everything else

  • hlarge4

    Nope. I love my fun road trip. Would have been a total pass for that leather Emo versus non sense.

  • hlarge4

    Really! I most have missed the meeting

  • hlarge4

    I was the opposite. I thought it looked shit. Played it and now it’s in my top 3 for the year.

  • Average Afro

    Why should there be. Ugly is subjective. Being able to run around in a sombrero is going to be hilarious. Stop complaining about additional content.

  • Average Afro

    Up you go.

  • Average Afro

    The people complaining continuously about this game are the ones who set their expectations too high based on almost no information.

  • Average Afro

    This is pathetic.

  • Average Afro

    This all looks really cool. Some neat additions to the game. Bring on NG+

  • Ulises

    OMFG!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, this is to much, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, for me FINAL FANTASY XV IS A 10 YEARS JOKE!!!! IT’S SO FUNNY IT ENDED THIS WAY!!!! ENJOY!!!!

  • hlarge4

    The jokes on me. I completely dismissed it. Scoffed at everything I saw. Played it, and now it’s in my top 3 for the year. I’ve put over 25 hours in and I’m only on Chapter 3.

    Lesson learned, don’t judge till you actually play it.

    Otherwise, it’s just talking out the back end.

  • Ryuke

    The same ones who say Versus XIII was so dark and edgy and Stella was the best character ever. Yawn.

  • Jeremy .H

    Missing out on a great game

  • Daniel Masterson

    holy shit that is some lazy ass trolling.

  • Thomas

    Guys. Plz. This is the series that put cloud in a dress, a jester in a villain role, giant chickens in the mount role, turned the moon into a monster spawner, made a dress up game as a sequel, made tidus laugh, and all other sorts of silly things. Noct in a sombrero or a silly hoody is not that over the top for a silly free dlc. Make like the winter and chill. At least it’s not yet another cloud outfit.

  • Sedax

    uh yeah i’m not “looking for a silver lining” i don’t need to do that since i actually enjoy the game. Not sure why you bring up OP either i was replying to you and your list on non-issues.

  • Random Person NL

    Holy shit that is one sad poll, petition or whatever the hell it is. Go cry in a corner because it didnt turn out to cater to your every whim. What are you? 12?

  • Random Person NL

    It is not, you think it is complete shit. Which is an opinion you’re allowed to have, but dont spew it out like they’re facts.

  • No one can stop you from saying what you think, can they? So I can say my piece too.

  • theodor70941

    You’re right, it’s not his fault for Square’s game design choise regarding how they made it into a hallway. But you can’t really say it’s not his fault for mission or ignoring notes with important plot information hided in notes. Yes Square could’ve made the design chose to place them in cut scenes but I think that would ruin the setting they were going for with ch 13. And no their not making a free patch because it’s incomplete, their making it for people who missed the story that’s already there in the game in notes and such and also because people felt ch 13 to be boring

  • DairyQueen_DQ

    I still wanted to see nomura vision of final fantasy versus 13. That looks even more badass. I would give the game 7 out of 10. I’ve played all final fantasy main titles but I would still recommend getting 15.

    – Gameplay mechanics is great
    – Beautiful scenery as usual/open world
    – Lot’s of great daemons to fight and side quest
    – I prefer the main villain more than noctis
    – Japanese voices is obviously better than english
    – Chocobo!!!
    – Listening to other final fantasy songs on car and on foot

    – Storyline wasn’t as great as previous final fantasy
    – Fight scene with the summon and last boss isn’t that great (when you float in the air)
    – Needs more magic (I miss ultima, flare)
    – Can’t use other summon anytime you want
    – Only able to do first person shooting with one gun called “cerberus”

    Off topic:
    Cloud is the worse final fantasy character ever in the series. I don’t want to post the reason why he’s the worse because it might spoil ff7 and crisis core storyline for those who didn’t play it.

  • Artemis Polara

    Wooooow… This comment section has become putrid… Angry people bitching, people bitching at them. People trying to drive alternate opinions away. People trying really hard to be heard… Just wow… I think people need to chill out a bit.
    By the way I’m amused by this DLC and am totally sporting that sombrero on Noctis as I do my next playthrough 😀

    Also to those who hate the game:
    Face it, you’re in the minority here. You’re just being vocal as hell but that doesn’t mean there’s a bunch of you. Also that “Reboot Versus” is a sad idea and will never mean anything.

    To those defending the game:
    Chill out, just ignore the trolls and haters. Encourage legitimate criticism to what we have and how to improve it. Let’s actually have a healthy dialogue please?

  • Gabriel Tolentino

    You are right people always bitch about something in games these days i am a hardcore fan of the final fantasy franchise and i really love final fantasy 15 i cannot wait for new game plus mode i want to repeat the journey all over again cheers good comment by you

  • Benejamin Thill

    Finished in 25 hours. Can’t even pick myself up for the grind to get to lvl70+. Completed side missions too. Pretty disappointed coming from a ff fan (I have 7 ff tattoos, it has been my life) and very disappointed in the way it has been ‘open world’. It’s not open world, I can’t fly my airship anywhere and you can basically travel everywhere 10 hours in. Was hoping for a 40+ story but turned into what looks like a 60 hour completion. Looking forward to dlc but the 10 year wait has really made me upset. ;(

  • RavenR

    Firstly, the story was told through the film, anime and concluded by the game. The Dlc’s are separate content and has little to no relevance to the main story.

    Secondly, it’s quite clear you have little experience with FF games. The costumes have always been this way, silly and out of place. Cloud was put in a dress, come on. Need I remind you despite of FFXV western take, its a JRPG.

  • RavenR

    Go back to western games.

  • RavenR

    Lol, you people call yourselves FF fans while complaining about how ridiculous the costumes are? Gtfo. You shouldn’t be playing this game.

    The amount of salt in these comments, I might get a stroke.

  • •december

    They turned ‘Versus XIII’ into a main installment title,
    so the stakes were incredibly high to get this right.
    But in doing so they scrapped a lot of gripping/interesting/edgy
    parts of the story, look at the Dawn trailers in comparison to XV.

  • •december

    Flare is in the game, it’s not that great.
    Flare was the Limit Break of the Elemancy Fire magic spells.

  • I have played FF6, 7, 8, 9, 10, !0-2, 12, 14, Type-0, LR, 13-2, 13, Crisis Core, and now this.
    I know how things are. I’m just tired of how things. It seems like be it a JRPG or WRPG they both let me down just as much as the other genres. The whole reason I play RPGs is for story just as much as gameplay. I have NEVER liked silly clothes DLCs which is why never get them in Tales or Legend of Heroes games. I get ones that fit the characters IMO. No school uniforms, no beach wear, no clothes of past heroes in the game series, and mascot costumes. All I’d be okay with is street clothes, their default clothes, alternate colors to their default clothes, and that’s it. Just because someone does like something don’t assume that makes them “new”. I’ve been with Square since Chrono Cross.

  • Benejamin Thill

    Ok so, the game takes place in 1/4 of what the overall map suggests. Will there be a second release to go exploring throughout the land or will we never see that area?

  • •december

    It’s likely we will,
    the only news atm is “update patch”
    which isn’t related to any previously announced Episode DLC.
    They want to give Chapter 13 a complete rehaul…

  • drjay425


  • Ulises

    Yeah, maybe they will release something like “chapter Tenebrae” or something like that in the future. Maybe chapter “FFXV-2” you just have faith ok?

  • ChromeS

    The costumes are ridiculous, the only one that you shouldn’t be complaining about is the Mog T-Shirt as it is free, so who cares, but the carnival is disappointing as it is from the holiday plus set. Lol but I could careless about the costumes. I just feel sad that the story is pathetic, they got everything else pretty good except the storyline in which is very disappointing to someone who was looking for a good story from a JRPG.

    @artemispolara:disqus I don’t think people necessarily hate the game, its just that they’re upset and so they’re using social media as a source to vent their anger, mainly because many of the complaints are about the storyline as well as many of the cut out portions of the game.

    The game is nice, but I feel that striving for an actual open world took out the storyline simply because the open-world design is too big. 3 years of actual development was not enough for the game. But hey, at least they are pouring their resources to flesh out the storyline and hopefully make it the best FF.

    And so yes thanks to these “haters” (and I mean actual people who had real things to say and vent about, complaining about the costume is entirely a different thing) SE decided to flesh out the game’s story, add some cut scenes, and hopefully in the future add more content.

    As of now, I see this game as a way to draw in new customers and gamers into the franchise, nothing more and nothing less. So we’ll be getting a lot of people complaining about the game as well as enjoying the game.

    Merry Christmas to you all, hopefully the game’s experience improves as the year goes by or perhaps you’ll move on to a game that you will come to like more.

  • Danny D

    Funny, came out right now, not Dec. 22nd

  • Camuy

    Over 200 hours and cannot stop playing. Best FF ever! And they will release even more free stuff. Was waiting for a great FF after IX and it finally made the greatest comeback!

  • Sloan

    Ffx was 100x better hands down. This looks cool but im already bored… the combat in this game literally requires no strategy.. 200 hrs jeez you must really enjoy the stale combat

  • popo123

    Flare is in the game, with Freeze and Electron. There is also a magic called Alterna which looks like Ultima.

  • Rickey Lee

    Or you could not be a dick and just let the guy enjoy his damn game it’s his opinion, let him have at least that damn.

  • Sloan

    Its his opinion. This is the internetz. I have my opinion. Honestly would not have said anything if he had not said “Best FF ever”. But i just strongly disagree with that. I probably shouldnt have been such a dick and i apologize. I just wish they would made a great turnbased game… if they want the action combat they should have make it more legit like dark souls

  • disqus_uy7bx8Hmhl

    Exactly. I love & enjoy every Final Fantasy game there is. Sure, might be PARTS of it I don’t like but all in all, I don’t set high bloody standards and just try to enjoy what was given to me. So many complain about FF13 set, yeah so, it had issues that could have been better. Yeah so what? Still a fun game with beautiful Dev when it came to the environment. Most “Fans” or “Gamers” don’t understand that everyone cannot be pleased, and games, as well as books, music and movies, have to evolve to meet new expectations, goals, and the new generations. But no, fuckers have to bitch that someone just gave them 50$ but could have given them 1000$. Enjoy what you got. Don’t like it? Don’t play it. Was a large reason “renting” games was always a better option before buying lol.

  • This camyu guy is in kool aid or just haven’t played other ones. Def not best FF for me at least.

  • Ditto. I might have a few screws loose since I can’t understand why anyone’s even bitching. It’s an entirely different game than its predecessors and it’s AMAZING. There’s absolutely no reason to compare. Play the other titles if you’re all so hung up on them. Leave this baby alone.