Ariana Grande’s “Touch It” remixed for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius By Erren Van Duine on January 5, 2017 at 11:50 AM

Square Enix has shared new information on its upcoming collaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and American actress and singer Ariana Grande following a reveal on social media several days ago. The collaboration, featuring Ariana’s hit song “Touch It”, will be arranged for the game and can be heard in a new video.

Further details on the collaboration and limited-time in-game event will be announced toward the middle of January.

Additionally, Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has passed nine million downloads outside of Japan. To celebrate this special milestone, for a limited time, players will receive a significant boost in daily log-in bonuses.

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  • DFenrir7777

    This is actually not at all as weird as people are making it out to be. This happens all the time with Japanese pop stars. We in the west are just getting a taste of it now so it seems much stranger than it is but it’s no different that Utada Hikaru or Ayumi Hamasaki contributing to a jrpg

  • Ullbert

    Way more fitting than that horrible Xxx and the machine, which was in XV.

  • What about Touch It syncs up with FF games?

  • NotCarolKaye

    Brave Exvius uses touch screen controls. It makes perfect sense.

  • But what does this soung have to do with FFs?

  • Jesus Christ

    LOL. For reals, for a sec, I was like Touch what? Like her box? LOLOLOL. I’m not nasty I swear.

  • NotCarolKaye

    Oh man, she’s totally talking about her box. There’s no question.

  • DFenrir7777

    I don’t know enough about the game to know if it has any significance to whatever the story of Brave Exvius is, but a lot of pop songs in jrpg’s or even anime have nothing to do with the story, it’s just something to make the product seem more relevant. I’m not too pressed by it and don’t see a point in reading into it at all. If anything it brings in press and potential new fans.

  • I’m not sure. Some anime you can tell from the lyrics that some words sync up with the show. I mean Garo has a theme song intro with the character’s armor sung as the chorus. Even in KH games I felt like those intros were the emotions behind why Sora cared so much about Kairi. Or vice versa.

  • LOL OMG. You sir, are a rascal.

  • Justice V

    Yeah most Ariana songs are pretty dirty. So she’s definitely singing a sexual song here, but can easily be interpreted differently. Similar to how Hikari was interpreted for Kingdom Hearts but was more of a relationship song before the game came out. (simple and clean just sucks lyrically though).

  • Justice V

    I’d ask the same of Hikari, Passions, Why, 1000 no Kotoba, My hands, Kimi ga Iru Kara, Stand by Me (probably the most fitting of all even if it’s one of my least favorite heh), etc. They rarely are written for the games, but have little bits here or there that kinda fit and are remixed/arranged to sound like they fit somewhat. Sometimes they work better than others.

  • SNK

    Ariana Grande as a CHARACTER in a Final Fantasy is more fitting than a song that plays for a very short time in Final Fantasy XV? Please, you just want to hate XV.

  • DFenrir7777

    Well With KH2, both the English and Japanese songs were made for that game, but the first KH game featured Utada Hikaru just to say we have the biggest jpop star ever singing the theme song in our game. It’s always a mixed bag. Some Japanese games and anime have theme songs that are very focused on the actual story line or characters and some just want a big name attached to their property. SE does this a lot on both ends. This is just a western version of it. I’m not a huge fan of Ariana Grande, but she’s a big American pop star which looks good in the US and looks good in Japan as well.

  • Jesus Christ

    Can I touch “it”, NotCarolKaye? And by “it” I mean your hair and by hair I mean pubic… nvm
    Look, I can’t help it I blame Tony Garsow for starting this nasty trend with that other headline. It’s his fault. Tony you hear me? LOL You nasty!

  • Jesus Christ

    Yeah I would have prefer complicated and dirty lyrically, but that’s just my opinion.

  • stevenm281

    the worst part is that Florence wrote an incredible track for FF15, Too Much is Never Enough, and Square Enix didn’t even use it for the ending/credits, and its much better than Stand by Me.

  • Okay. Your music taste must be something else but you just called one of the most talented singers in our times ‘horrible’. That’s…. Wow.

  • Hoping Too Much is Never Enough and I Will Be get patched into the game with a patch or a DLC.

  • It would be the best if her character repeatedly say ‘Touch it!’

  • NotCarolKaye

    Oh, don’t blame him for this depravity.

    As far as the pubes go, I suppose I could toss some in an envelope and mail them to you. I’ve been needing a trim anyway.

    You know, I think we might be straying off topic.

  • Jesus Christ

    I apologize. Let’s move on. Sorry Tony. Sorry NotCarolKaye.

  • Adrian

    You’re all wrong. Florence and the machine in FFXV was terrible and stupid and so is this.

  • As long as it’s not an BDSM song like the “chains and whips” song by Rhianna.

  • If this works with FFs fine. But sometimes just the feel of a song can help a game. Like I didn’t like Tales of Zestiria that much but the intro song was inspirational.

  • Justice V

    Yeah it’s always hit or miss with me. ‘Why’ in Crisis Core seemed so outta place when just listening to the song after they announced it was the ‘theme’, but then when it actually hit in the final scene it was pretty great. Conversely Leona Lewis’ song in XIII just made me want to skip the cutscene or turn off the volume at least. It completely took me out and ruined the finale with the sound and lyrics. Stand by Me didn’t have any impact good or bad, just kinda boredom since I’ve heard that song so many times since I was like 5.

    Will have to see how Touch It is actually used in the game before I can say it works or not or just makes me start seeing Ariana instead of the game.

  • Caelum XIII

    i think a series that constantly brings amazing and high-quality soundtracks have a pass to include pop songs that may insult close-minded people.

  • Yuntu

    So “Stand by Me” which 100% fits the game and is only heard for a short time (maybe a bit more than a minute) is less fitting then some random collaboration with a celeb? Okay.

  • Stonespear

    Why did you feel the need to insult people who think this collaboration is an odd choice? Being skeptical is not close-mindedness.

  • Yeah Why worked with Zack’s death but I’d never listen to it outside of that scene. Not my style. Leona Lewis’ song seemed forced. Stand by Me reminded me of Stephen King movies and stuff from the 80s and 90s. But was terrible for an FF.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I’m fine with most pop music, luckily. I wonder how this one will turn out. Not that I’d play that mobile game anyways. I remember the only song I ever truly disliked was Jecht’s theme, I dislike that heavy metal-like screaming. With songs, it’s really a hit or miss.

  • Stonespear

    You and I seem to be in the minority re: Jecht’s theme. It sounded like something some teenagers recorded in their garage with homemade microphones.

  • Ullbert

    I was referring to the actual songs, not the circumstances of them being included in the games.

  • Ullbert

    That’s probably not it, because I loved XV.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Ikr! Ironically, all gamers that I know in person are into heavy metal/rock music, so many seem to like this OST. I’m more on the pop/ballad side which they often find too ‘generic’ (although heavy metal/rock songs all sound they same too) or ‘boring’ (ballads). It really is just a matter of taste. :’)

  • Yuntu

    No. You literally said “way more fitting” … so yeah …

  • Ullbert

    Yeah, I’m sure you know better what I meant than I do myself.
    Thank you for correcting me.

  • Cryptid

    Too bad her career never took off in America…

  • Yuntu

    No problem. Maybe you should make yourself clearer and such things wont come up again :3

  • •december

    I forgot about these!
    Heard Stand by Me twice in the game, not the other ones.
    It’s likely that they’re probably part of Episode DLC?
    But if not, definitely a future patch.

  • These songs are so breathtaking.