Sora arrives in World of Final Fantasy as a free Champion summon DLC By Tony Garsow on January 11, 2017 at 11:53 AM

World of Final Fantasy is getting a new free DLC that will add Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series as a Champion. By collecting Champions, protagonists Reynn and Lann can deploy them in battle as powerful summons, under certain conditions. Over the course of the game, you’ll also collect characters from the Final Fantasy series that can be used as Champions — you can check out our compilation here.

Currently, this DLC is only out in Japan, but we’re expecting it to pop up in other regions in the run-up to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue‘s release.

Check out Square Enix’s preview below:

Additionally, Patch 1.02 has gone live, which adds a host of new features such as a theater mode and fixes for graphical problems on the PS4 Pro version. You can check out the list of updates we reported last month.

  • LTweetsU

    When Sora arrives in a final fantasy game before any sort of release confirmation for the actual main kh franchise

  • Justice V

    Fiiiinally with the pro fix. Had to basically abandon the game since I got my Pro.

  • Anton Villarica Lagda

    My only little gripe is that we cannot turn off the subtitles.. I hope Square Enix will incorporate losing the subtitles even as an option.

  • Randy Marsh

    Most important thing to note now out of everything here. There’s now a Disney trademark in a Final Fantasy game!

  • aquapyro

    Disney to buy Square for 2.3 Billion dollars. Making it the 7th aqquisition for the Walt Disney Co

  • Randy Marsh

    Ha! Well there wouldn’t be a difference in business practices when it comes to sequels, would practically be the same.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I played it on ps4 pro…what graphical problems do they mean? I didn’t notice a single bug or misplaced layer.

  • Justice V

    When it went from regular to pro it made it so the audio sync became horribly off as well as putting a blur filter on that would randomly blur everything in the background/foreground and would often have the characters who were speaking be completely out of focus. Think there were a couple other issues but mostly those two made it really hard to continue playing when it looked and performed so much better before the update.

  • Noctis

    This game for the Ps4 pro? For? lol for this game a vita is enough.

  • Jenniferwearhart

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  • How long is this game. I got a giftcard for amazon so maybe its time to try this. But don’t wanna go all-in if its just a short game full of cameo with no epic story of its own. Everywhere I go I see mixed reviews.

  • Justice V

    Think I’m around 40 hours right now, thought I was about to beat it but looks more like I just hit the 3rd quarter of the game. Granted I grind in games a lot, and this one gives you ample opportunity to grind in order to catch all the mirages.

  • Randy Marsh

    Honestly if you like the older Final Fantasy titles in gameplay mechanics and don’t mind the Tales-esque comedic banter from party members, you would most likely enjoy this game. Just don’t judge it based on the first three hours and the chibi style, the game gets more enjoyable after a while. If you didn’t like FFXV too much, you may be able to enjoy this game more. I will be the sour thumb out here and give you an honest opinion, but I would dare say that I had more fun with this than I did with FFXV.

  • I played the demo but couldn’t get into it. It seems less mature than Tales. Almost like a 4Kids anime. I like the games (sans the stacking) but I can’t only play a game if it has a story and characters that are cool or epic. The tale needs to be taken seriously. I don’t want to laugh as much as I want to be in awe of how dire the situation gets.

    Bottom line, Persona games making you catch monsters is Pokemon like but still has a dark deep story. That’s what I was hoping for this. A dire epic tale that just buried under shameless cameos, hyper high pitch voices, fourth wall breaking (a reason why I stop playing Disgaea games and shun Neptunia games), and monster collection with two leads that are just a John and a Jane of anime.

    I just want to know if I buy this game at the end I’ll say, this story had me on the edge of my seat. Even XV didn’t do that except with a few cool boss battles and actions scenes.

  • I wanna play in for the retro rpg battle system. but the stacking and lack of badass characters pisses me off.

  • Randy Marsh

    Then you might be a tough customer then. The game is MEANT to be a Final Fantasy game to get kids into the series, while the classic characters aim to get older fans wanting to play it. This game is meant to be a fun game for all ages, as opposed the angsty teen/ adult crowd expecting a serious story.

    However, If you don’t like Disgaea, then you possibly won’t be able to enjoy the story as much. I won’t lie, this game is more akin to the original Disgaea, a decent balance of fourth wall stuff, puns, comedy, and seriousness when it needs to be. I use the original Disgaea as the example, since the later games got this problem of Otaku culture and terrible fourth wall jokes overshadowing the game’s story, but I digress. However, I can say that the cameos aren’t shameless shoved in like per say the Tales of the World series of games, each character in the game fits well and don’t overshadow the main characters. Also fun to point out the reference in their in game story at times.

    Anyways, I can suggest it all I want, but if you’re not a fan of the lighthearted manzai type comedy, which honestly is in a lot of the core dialogue of the game, you may have a hard time getting into it. Personally I suggest for people to buy it.

  • Well I’ll decide after beating the demo.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Oh I see. I didn’t really notice those things, guess it’s just me then 😛

  • Justice V

    Yeah. Having a fast forward and repeat button helps a lot with the grinding too. Some of the mirages are pretty cool. My biggest gripe is none of the ff characters feel like themselves. More like random caricatures of them that don’t really feel anything like their originals. Kingdom Hearts usually does the same as do a lot of Japanese tokusatsu tv shows where they bring in old characters for an anthology type episode/series (Kamen Rider Decade for example).

  • I decided after the demo and a lot of mental internal debating I’d go with Gravity Rush 1 and 2. I’ll play FFs, Tales, ME, SMT, KH and add Gravity Rush to my usually RPG and action RPG list. I just could get into WoFF. If they do this again with no cameos and lots more dire story then I’ll try that. That’s what I hope DQ11 will be. Colorful but a deep story.

  • So how tf do you get him?

  • Justice V

    Story is ctually kinda dark in WoFF, surprisingly. It’s mostly the localization that really kills it with the weird speech quirks. But overall kinda feels like multiple ideas thrown together.

    Grav Rush 2 looks awesome and was way more fun than I was expecting. Heard the first one kinda stunk though especially in comparison, but that’s to be expected when jumping from Vita to PS4.

  • Only thing I didn’t like about GR1 was they were super typical about forcing conflict between Raven and Kat. Its like they wanted them to fight even tho a simple explanation would solve the conflict.