Final Fantasy XV adds “Cup Noodle Headgear” bonus DLC By Erren Van Duine on February 15, 2017 at 10:15 AM

If you ever wanted a reason to buy a bunch of Cup Noodle at a premium price, Square Enix and Nissin have a deal for you. Those who pick up the special Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection will gain access to exclusive downloadable content for Final Fantasy XV.

Players will receive the in-game item “Cup Noodle Headgear” (pictured above) sometime this Summer. Square Enix notes those who buy the Boss Collection will get early access to this piece of content, so it’s likely it’ll appear later individually.

The Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection is exclusive to Japan and priced at 6,084 yen (around $52 USD). Each set includes 15 individual Cup Noodles each emblazoned with a boss from the mainline Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Andrew Brown

    This game is a straight joke lol

  • Joao Victor

    Just stop! This game it’s starting to look ridiculous 🙁

  • Shinobuden

    This actually made me laugh out loud. Might go back to the game for an hour or two this summer just to fight the Zu with this on Noct’s head. With the epic music that plays when you fight the Zu it should be good.

  • stevenm281

    FF15 is turning into a joke…

  • Phantom Sword


  • Phantom Sword

    This is some silly optional stuff but people will still complain and the old “they should work on the story instead of this!?!?!?!?!?” even though this was already done months ago and they’re just releasing it now, and they are doing the story DLC stuff.

  • Some Random Guy

    Why work on the story when its bad?
    I want new enemies, new weapons and new fields.
    Oh yeah, this is a fucking joke too. I cant recall any other company whoring themselves so blatantly

  • Breathless

    Sad truth is sad.

  • SNK


  • Ryuke

    Well the costume part of the gear menu is completely under-utilised as it is. Might as well just fill it with crap, right?

  • fish8100

    Hilarious XD.

  • alef321

    laugh it out, it’s better than crying.

  • Horizonx

    Didn’t they understand that this game was so special for fanbase? Now only they delivered half-baked product with full price, now they are just shat over it with this silly stuff.

  • DairyQueen_DQ

    What’s the point of buying the season pass if this isn’t even included?

  • NoctLightCloud

    This on Noct’s head looks beyond stupid, sorry… I am getting the weird feeling that they see XV as a joke, or some kind of “experiment” game maybe? Can we get the Versus13-costumes?

  • Morgan

    If I facepalm any harder, I’m going to break my hand.
    I’ll be over here playing FF6 and 9. Let me know when your actually release some story DLC for XV.

  • Morgan

    Lol. Pretty much. It’s like they can’t comprehend that people might want to look nice when they play? Some silly consumes are fine but I would like some actual attractive ones too.

    I was hoping this behemoth jacket one would get released in the States:


  • Morgan

    Yep. Little do they realize, that if they had just made this game normally and not turned it into an story experiment, they would’ve had a classic on their hands that would’ve possibly been the best.

  • Phantom Sword

    But the story isn’t bad. And they are adding in new enemies, weapons and areas in the DLC episodes. Noone said shit when MGSV did joke outfits like this like the Chicken head.

  • xMysticx

    man idk idk i dont even wanna any cringe anymore
    this is fucking sad or wait hilarious ? i dont even laugh or cry ?
    is it what xv fandom wants all that crap ?

    i’ll go clean my eyes because of this

  • Phantom Sword

    Cry more over some optional silly DLC that was already done months ago.

  • xMysticx

    i care less about dlcs im not a fan of it dlc are great when it expands and shit when they try to fixing shit using them

  • you have got to be ####### kidding, they are doing this on purpose, they are whoring the #### out of this game

  • they are releasing garbage that no-one wants nor needs

    running around Eos with cup noodle atop your head

  • It was a joke to begin with

  • Phantom Sword

    They are releasing the story episode DLC for Gladio, Ignis and Prompto which are coming later this year. This noodle hat was already done back when the game was released because this was used in commercials back then. Them releasing this now is literally not taking away anything from the story DLC they are making.

  • Phantom Sword

    You’re a joke.

  • Phantom Sword

    Tell that to the people crying about this silly helmet they never have to use.

  • stevenm281

    Who buy a season pass for such lame items?

    Season Passes are for story expansions.

  • xMysticx

    you are so defensive to the point its ridiculous

  • Invictus

    Okay. What can I say? Nier is almost out guys! Horizon Zero Dawn is almost out too! lol

  • gabrieuTG

    The story is great but the STORYTELLING was lame

  • Regal Judge of Wings

    I honestly hope with all my heart that Square gives all resources to Nomura to finish his games. I can’t wait for people to be blown away by the brilliance of KH3 and FFVIIR.

  • Yuntu

    Versus has no legacy. And this is just some fun little thing … like – we aren´t allowed to have fun? People act all super serious when this is anything but serious.

  • Luke Watts

    So disgusting. The biggest sell outs in the gaming world today.

  • Jon Idoncair

    the entire game is a fucking ad for coleman camp equipment, some mobile game something knights and this cup noodles bullshit, smh

    even listening to the radio at some diners will hear an ad, there’s even billboards in the game with them too

    ads have always been in games since 2000s onward but never this in your face about it geez

  • Luke Watts

    But no though. That’s not what people here are upset about, or at least, not what I’m upset about… If the hat where a little moogle hat, or chibi chocobo, or even some packaged food item within the world itself, born of that universe, sure, that’s fucking hilarious – I love stupid shit like that. But that’s what the problem is. The problem is, that I’m wondering around Eos, barely immersed in the world due a list of reasons I care not to divulge again, and then I get CUP NOODLE in my face, and I’m reminded, oh that’s right, this is just a shitty game, made by shitty people, who lost their passion for artistic and original creation years ago and now need to resort to cheap marketing gimmicks to satisfy their insatiable corporate greed. It takes away from the experience, and Final Fantasy ‘FANTASY’ was once all about the immersive experience.

    And now this?

    Sorry, but it’s just disgusting..

  • JohnVuojo
  • Randy Marsh

    Can I just get FF Cameo costumes? You know, like Scamco does with the Tales series? I just want that, not a headpiece that my buddies at community college would do as a prank.

  • DairyQueen_DQ

    what’s next in-game playable final fantasy 15 where noctis plays himself on a television?

  • Artemis Polara

    Is this a prank? Cause this is hilarious.
    No, I get this is real. Definitely stupid

  • The concept of versus has a 7 year legacy and without it we would not have the Final fantasy XV we have today with its world and characters despite that legacy being spat on. I get that this is having “fun” but it’s really not. This is something more that has the do with business. The moogle shirt and Mexican outfit is fun. Giving people the versus XIII costume or some throwback final fantasy costumes is catering to the fans wishes and request.
    52 for a God damn cup noodle head piece is not many people’s idea of fun as we can see here. People aren’t that blind.

  • Which should have already been in the game *cough cough*

  • You didn’t have to pay for the chicken hat. It just shows you played on easy mode. This isn’t a easy mode hat. It’s a costly joke that went too far.

  • Yuntu

    Ehm … thats the normal price for importing cup noodles though. And I dont see how having cross promotion is “spitting” on anything.

    Well I simply disagree with that sentiment regarding this. This is a dumb little thing, nothing more. If people wanna waste their lives being upset about such things instead of actual problems with the game, be my guest.

  • Eyoi

    Selling an exclusive only in Japan when literally 80% of your sales are from the west. Once again, fuck you Square and your shitty DLC and AD infested game.

  • Some Random Guy

    Why do people keep saying that
    If that was the case, the game could be fixed with little trading cards like in Destiny, but since the lore doesn’t exist THERE IS NO STORY TO TELL

    Extra Cutscenes wont fix shit

  • Jesiah Grant

    Piss on this, give us the Behemoth Jacket already…

  • xMysticx

    kight meant that cup noodles is not fit here and SE is just doing business tactic and whoring on characters we knew since VSXIII before you tell me VSXIII has no legacy answer me : where did noctis and co come from if it has no legacy

    people is throwing mud to VSXIII to much that they give no fucks anymore
    blind xv fandom is killing me with cringe

  • Some Random Guy

    The game feels like Platinum demo 3.0

  • •december

    Guys, it’s Japan exclusive only. Lighten up.
    1. it’s not coming to the west
    2. in the East its totally punk to have cute ridiculous things like this, its seen as rebellious and cool/different

  • Luke Watts

    But this is a problem with the game.. It’s a fucking HUGE problem with the game. It takes away from the overall experience and subversiveness, which to me, is FAR more important than a couple of bugs and issues with combat etc. It’s right up there with shitty dialogue, shitty script, poor character development, poor story etc which this game wasn’t short of either…

    I’m not talking about the cup noodle hat.. I will likely never see it again after this post falls off the front page, I’m talking about the whole cup noodle fiasco in general. The damage was done to the game on day one.

    And this isn’t about Versus vs 15, they where both going to be dogshit, just a different breed of dog..

  • Luke Watts


  • Fallenblood

    stupid dlc

  • I’m trying to be really cautious here but…..

  • Maryccurry

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  • Ryuke

    Yeah. While this is stupid it doesn’t offend me or get me upset over it. But it does highlight that the costume feature, as the moment, is completely pointless. One costume all through the game, or two if you got the Deluxe / Collectors edition or preordered, whatever the requirement was. And then one new costume after you beat the story.

    The costumes should have been like the classic music you can buy, available in each in-game store and different ones in different locations, so by the time you hit the linear half of the game you’ve got about 10-12 costumes. If that was the case then I’d have absolutely no problem with stupid joke items like this being added. Feels like they are prioritising this stuff over the actual meat of the game.

  • Hasuki


  • Bagfullofair

    Talking about adding fuel to the quintcast firaga~

  • •december


  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree! On top of that, if SE would’ve given them more time, the second part of the game would’ve been significantly better, and the game would’ve felt complete at least. I am not mad at Tabata and his team (I actually pity them for the little time they had), I am mad at the SE managers and marketing “experts” who make very questionable decisions. I have Japanese friends and I’ve lived in Japan, and the majority of people there do not have such a weird taste to find this even funny. It’s just weird.
    The carneval costumes were cool, but this is just a disgrace for the character of Noctis, a PRINCE!!:’D

  • People aren’t “I hope” mad about just the cup hat. After all it is just a little DLC item that people dont have to get. There’s collectively other things about the game to be mad about and I’m sure that’s what’s also triggering people. Including Tabatas interview from the other which has slightly more comments than there are days in a year so I could only imagine the rage in that comment section.

  • Yuntu

    I hope so too. Because it would be just dumb.

  • Casper

    The story was sparse already should’ve been in the game.

  • Ulises


  • Bagfullofair

    With all those characters and concepts, they could’ve created a masterpiece…
    But then they deep fried the story, then they burn it…
    They’ve done better job than how to basic….

  • Noctis

    they made so much effort to show us pictures of food and less effort in story lol

  • Jesus Christ

    Someone kill it. Kill it with fire.

    “$52 USD” This is why I despise you. This DLC and the rest of future DLC should be free for all of the years of nonsense and BS you put your fans through. When the game was released, it wasn’t even finished with all of that stuff people had to pry open. Embarrassing.

  • Bagfullofair

    Jesus, go to Tabata, he needs your enlightenment…

  • gabrieuTG

    Of course there is. You should make a little research about it

  • Some Random Guy

    Yeah, I’m an encyclopaedia on this shit.
    I can give you a pretty big list of contradictions/unexplained stuff that will probably contradict/break other stuff if it was ever to get explained…

  • Some Random Guy

    I mean *Spoilers* Here’s some to get you started.

    Lets start with…
    What is the crystal.

    Where did it come from?
    Is there more of them (it was clear in the versus trailers, but in FFXV, no mention of other nations having them)
    Where did the crystal in Insomnia at the end of the game suddenly appear from if the empire took it? (Did Ardyn take it back to Insomnia?)
    Why do crystals exist in FFXV?

    What sort of plane does Eos exist on? Is it a planet within a universe or does it just exist within “a plane”
    Where did the Astrals come from?
    Meteors, where do they come from? (since again, is it a planet or is it a plane)

    Why cant young regis warp? (why does he just run with luna and Noct instead of warping to them?)
    If young regis cant warp, how can Noctis can?
    Young regis cant warp, but old regis can grant others the power to warp, just not himself?
    What happens to a weapon when it isn’t summoned? Where is it kept?

    How come kingsglaive is about getting the ring of the Lucii
    But when luna returns to Tenebrae, no one asks her about it?

    Why was the empire attacking lucis?
    Why doesn’t the empire use crowns of control in FFXV but they use them in Kingsglaive?
    Why doesn’t the empire use daemons against the party
    Where is Glauca/Drautos in FFXV?

    Why did Ravus take Regis’s sword back to Nifelheim and why was it being kept in a basement?
    Why is it never explained in FFXV what happened to Ravus’s arm

  • Invictus

    Next DLC: Noctis wearing a deadpool mask

  • Vallen

    ughhh -_-

  • Stonespear

    It’s just not fun to me. Not making a fuss, it’s just stupid.

  • Yuntu

    And whats wrong with stupid? :p

  • Stonespear

    Like everything certain stupid things have a market. This isn’t my market.

  • xMysticx

    right? we have enough problems in this game to address …and with that survey we got the trollish replay that they dont care about an element that made FF great

    sad now FF all about ads and marketing ……………..
    its normal if you see people triggered even me i tell you ……….

  • Carlos Dominguez

    this is lame , all we need its just it ported to PC whit mods support , so modders con fix this game.

  • Ulises


  • Tabata is in so much denial that Jesus can’t even reach him lmao

  • Bagfullofair

    This Jesus is full of rage tho, lol…
    Tabata made Jesus angry…

  • gunjydna93

    Sooo happy they’re planning mod support. Hopefully I’ll be able to change Force Stealer’s size with it.

  • John Fabian


  • Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    I don’t even want this disgrace of a DLC, instead give me actually worthwile, like a hard mode so that new game plus won’t just be a useless steamrolling of enemies.

  • Jesus Christ

    You’re more lenient than I!

  • Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    Well of course man, you’re Jesus!

  • Jesus Christ

    wait what? No, I’m not more lenient, you are.

  • Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    No u

  • xMysticx

    you got me dead XDDDDD
    thanks for the laugh