Here’s what you should nab before Final Fantasy XV’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival ends By Tony Garsow on February 16, 2017 at 10:12 PM

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival in Final Fantasy XV is still going on, but not for much longer! This special event that transforms the city of Altissia into a moogle and chocobo-themed festival will end on February 20th, and if you’ve been planning to give it a go, it seems like this weekend will be a prime opportunity.

All you need to do to participate is to download the “Holiday Pack” DLC, which is free on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. However, those who have purchased Final Fantasy XV’s Season Pass will get an extra gift: a Festive Ensemble outfit via the “Holiday Pack+”.

In the video below, we document all of the attractions Noctis can participate in — and there are quite a few. During the carnival you’ll be able to earn Choco-Mog Medallions that can be spent on a variety of items you can carry over to your game file.

If you fancy yourself something of a completionist, know that there are several items that at the carnival that you may want to pick up before the event concludes, as they may not be available to pick up later.

We’ve documented them below, and have included how to get them. Take a look:


  • Choco-Mog Tee: You’ll be able to redeem this by downloading the Holiday Pack DLC (free) from either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. You won’t have to travel to the carnival to receive these gifts in-game, just load your main file to unlock them. However, it’s not certain if this item can be redeemed after the carnival ends.
  • Festive Ensemble: You’ll be able to redeem this by purchasing Final Fantasy XV’s Season Pass from either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, which entitles you to the “Holiday Pack+” DLC. You won’t have to travel to the carnival to receive these gifts in-game, just load your main file to unlock them. However, it’s not certain if this item can be redeemed after the carnival ends.

Auto Parts

  • Choco-Mog: This is a decal for the Regalia that features the logo of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Right in the item’s description it details that it is “available only” at the Carnival, so be sure to pick this up for 30 Choco-Mog Medallions at a prize counter.

Leisure Goods

  • Howling Gust: This is a fishing rod that you’ll get for participating in the carnival’s (you guessed it) fishing mini-game. Catch a fish with a tag and you’ll be able to redeem a prize corresponding to the letter on the tag. For this prize you’ll need to catch the Scorpion Grouper (caught at Gondola Marina); just a warning, this guy puts up quite a fight, so use the best rod and reel available to you. Stop by the Square Enix Café and eat some Kupoberry Cheesecake for a 25% reduction in line depletion.

    The Howling Gust rod boasts a defense rating of 110, which will pale in comparison to your best rod if you’ve spent quality time fishing in the main game — but hey, you have proof you got the best tagged fish.

  • Albireo Reel: Redeem this reel by catching a Pigeon Grouper with a “B” tag. I caught one at the San Elio Plaza. This reel’s attack rating is 245.
  • Poppeck: Tinselred Chocobo Lure: Redeem this lure by catching a Tide Grouper with a “C” tag at the Gondola Marina.
  • Mog Rank: Rubygold Moogle Lure: Redeem this lure by catching a Coral Allural Sea with a “D” tag at the San Elio Plaza.


  • Kupoberry Cheesecake: Visit the Square Enix Café and select this item from the menu to add it to Ignis’s recipe repertoire. This meal is pretty useful as it will decrease damage to your fishing line by 25%. Definitely nosh on this before you try the carnival’s fishing contest.
  • Golden Chocobo Tart: Visit the Square Enix Café and select this item from the menu to add it to Ignis’s recipe repertoire. This meal will slow down your chocobo’s stamina depletion by 25%. Naturally, this is a good snack before doing the chocobo racing mini-game.

Key Items

  • Choco-Mog Medallions: This is the currency used at the carnival, and for completionist’s sake we’ve included it in the list — be sure to save a few extra for a little memento of the grind.
  • Lodging Voucher: Redeem this at the prize counter for 50 medallions to unlock the Choco-Mog-O-Rama finale with Carbuncle.
  • Dream Egg: You’ll get this after completing the finale with Carbuncle. What’s inside the egg? Dreams? Worst omelette ever.
  • VIP Pass: Redeem this at the prize counter for 99 medallions. It’ll let you relive the Choco-Mog-O-Rama finale.
  • Seaside Scamper Trophy: Complete the Seaside Scamper chocobo racing course in less than 50 seconds. This one’s not too hard once you adjust to the controls, just learn to hug corners and to time your jumps through the balloon rings rather than get stuck on them.
  • Water Trotter Trophy: Complete the Water Trotter chocobo racing course (unlocked after Seaside Scamper) in less than 1 minute and 20 seconds. This will probably take you a few times to master, but hugging corners, timing jumps, and aiming for greens will help you nail this one. Check out the video above to see how we did it.
  • Runaway Chocochick: After you round up the 15 chocochicks lost in the carnival grounds during the “ODEKA ke Choco-chicks” quest, you’ll be able to find more in return for medallions. We’re not sure if you’ll be able to keep these after the carnival ends, but you might as well tuck a few away in your key items… for science. Just make sure to poke some air holes.

A small aside: if you managed to inadvertently sell the Magnetron item which Cid uses to upgrade the Noiseblaster weapon, you can trade in in medallions for them during this event. Redeem yourself.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more of our news and features on the game, click here.

  • Andrew Brown

    How about we start talking about this story update? What are we gonna get out of it? That sounds more interesting than useless DLC that won’t fix the game.

  • Vallen

    Thanks, very useful. Hectic month, will try out the festival this weekend before it’s over.

  • xMysticx

    fix your shit then think about chobos and moogles ….
    fanservice to the bone

    pass pass pass

  • Luke Watts

    But do you honestly really care at this point? How would this make the experience any better? You’ve experience the story, and it was shit. Is a change really going to make anyone happy? Anything short of a ‘built from the ground up’ approach just isn’t enough… I would rather they accept the failure, quit trying to make improvements and just move the fuck on. All this wasted manpower on a failed game when they could be working on the upcoming stuff and ensure it’s success.

  • Eyoi

    I agree that the game is pretty bad but it’s far from a “failed game”. It’s the highest selling FF and fastest selling PS4 game.

  • Luke Watts

    yeah… you’re right.. failed game isn’t really the best way to describe it. But it was definitely a failure in my eyes. Find it so frustrating that people pay for DLC… It really needs to stop…

  • Breathless

    Yeah… “highest selling” this and “fastest selling” that. Sure.

    XIII was released in 2009/2010, to generally mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. XV’s own spiritual “prequel” started out way back in 2006; and when its actual release appeared on the horizon, they started to overhype it to all f××× with events and collaborations. With anticipation this high from the fanbase for the upcoming entry in one of gaming history’s most iconic series, it’s not at all difficult to nab the abovementioned “achievements”, and that’s the reason why I don’t think they really mean much in regards to the game being a failure or not. And on that front, there is a pretty clear divide in the community.

    It’s true that it’s ridiculous how many people are willing to throw more money at SE for DLCs, but even that, I think, accounts more for the fact that they feel a lot is missing from the base game, and they’re aware that a promise to pay for those is the surest way to get the profit-oriented business machine to listen and create those missing parts. Fans obviously want to love this current entry of the franchise (it does have a lot of potential), but its incomplete state is making that quite difficult.

    I would rather be interested in the number of returned/resold games and the percentage of (digital) sales that barely clocked in one story completion and just collect (digital) dust since, or perhaps have even been deleted from consoles…

  • Noctis

    How is this shit fitting with the narrative of the story. How I would like to smack some faces at square enix!

  • Bagfullofair

    I’m really curious about what’s inside the dream egg tho…Hu knows it’s connected to the story…*Fingers crossed*

  • Simonerstewart

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  • Nathan

    Well, I mean, work on this dlc was probably in the works before they knew people wouldn’t like the story, so you can’t really have the story update happen before this. I mean, I get where you’re coming from, but still

  • NoctLightCloud

    I think people get it already that you hate this game. Why venting under every XV-related post if you hate it that much?

  • Noctis

    because I followed this game for 10 years, and now i want to see Tabata fail

  • Adam Hedquist

    I was such a fan of Versus and even after it became XV I still was bc the trailers showed me that the game still had some of that Versus spirit and a story I would love.

    Stopped playing at ch. 9 and I know what comes after and it’s not worth my time. I can’t find any motivation to finish the game now. Mostly bc of the story that was poorly told and too much was missing or cut out. I didn’t care for any of the characters bc they didn’t show me enough for me to care.

    Sidequest was bad and boring. If they had more variety and had more story behind them , were more attached to the main plot and the lore it would’ve been better.

    Hunts is fun, but it’s bs that I can only take one at the time.

    The combat is the best part of the game. It’s really fun, thou it can be much better with a bunch of improvments. I have a long list for that.

    However, last week I thought of this dlc and was like ”oh ye, it’ll end soon. Might as well try it out and then finish the game finally”

    Played it for 15 min. Walked aorund exploring Altissia and did one quest and then I was like ”No….I can’t do this…..It’s too da*n silly!”

    Just the fact that they wasted time and resources on this completely destroyed all motivation I had…the little that was left.

  • Bagfullofair

    I agree the 10 years thing, I’ve been waiting for 10 years, me and my friends were very hyped about it back then, It was since I was a high school student where I got the whole time to spend on video game.

    As an adult, we can’t really do that anymore, my friends also have left video game because we’ve got more responsibilities now. Really don’t want to waste our time on this game now because of several reasons, that is very saad actually…

    But we can’t really blame all that on Tabata, they (Nomura and team) dumped the whole thing to him during the last minutes in the making. They got target, they got due date, they got the whole crazy careful marketing strategy going on and they handed the whole thing to Tabata who knows very little about the project and only got 3 years to make it happen. I actually feel bad for him…

  • Noctis

    He had everything finished. But he didn`t like noctis in the beginning so he began to make changes.

    So Yes I don`t want him to touch any other game! If he makes his own game fine, I won`t support him

  • •december

    Thanks for this run-down! Gonna have an Chocobo Carnival run-down over the weekend, cause you never know what may come of us of them in the future loool

  • •december

    Shocking. Dear FFXV Nova Crystallis commenters, get your head out of your assholes. The updates are coming, if you want them done right they need time. Stuff like this is only to pass the time until the team is ready to announce them, quit complaining about versus XIII, you’re a nuisance. Be patient or just move on entirely you’re input is not welcome.

  • Michael Stinger

    I played every FF game since FF7 and I never understood why people liked the old Versus Trailers so much. Seemed very uninteresting to me. I had no interest in FF15 cause I thought I’d dislike the game as much as I disliked Versus. But I was wrong. Luckily they change A LOT. And now I really love FF15. Best FF game since FF10 imho.

  • Noctis

    This comment is retarded

  • •december

    How? You only have haters and trolls upvoting your comments, FFXV has many.

  • King Zeus

    Haters live less.

  • King Zeus

    You’re not quite familiar with Final Fantasy, or you just don’t get it, do you?

  • Adam Hedquist

    Well, good for you. I’m not suprised at all. It’s simple, Opinions differs. I’m glad u like it. Wish I did too!

    The E3 trailer from 2013, well both of them made me so extremely hyped for XV and I was sooo happy that they saw something special and great in Versus that they made into XV. I thought that in this way they will bring Versus to it’s fullest potential. The re-reveal trailer is one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen and the story seemed so epic.

    Now it turned out that they cut and changed so much it all became dogs*it… IMO OFC. Kingsglaive was horrible too bc of changes of the original opening and lack luster characters and the focus was on the wrong characters.

    A movie was a neat idea but it became required of us to see it. My friend hasn’t seen the movie or brotherhood and doesn’t care at all about anything. Heck ‘ve seen it all and even I don’t care about almost anything.

    This fella made a better job than SE and put them all to shame. The story and the characters are still bad but he did a great job with what he got.


    I think FF13 is the biggest s*it stain in SE history but the story in that game was actually better told than XV’s.

    want XV to be great, but sadly it can’t now. I am however looking
    forward to a pc version with good mod support, that way it could be
    great gameplay wise.

  • gunjydna93

    I hope my requests in the survey gets realized. PvP baby

  • Noctis

    No worries i know what they did with FF13 lightning….well seems like they do they same shit for 15.

  • Noctis

    how do you know those are haters and trolls lol?

  • NHSS17

    For the fishing I only get items that suck… I will try to follows these indications

  • •december

    I hope you also never forget Versus XIII is FFXV.
    Versus XIII, a non-finalised concept, became FFXV.
    Everything that worked went into FFXV.
    Keep living in the past. The facts remain facts.

  • Liam Mountain

    I have….

  • Liam Mountain

    rather petty aren’t you lol.

  • Liam Mountain

    People can do what they wish their own money It should not bother you in the slightest , DLC is part of gaming now. DLC kinda already existed back in the ps1 days , take Resident Evil 2 for an example the original game had no Extreme Battle mode so Capcom then re-released the game as RE2-Dual shock edition with added Extras such as the extreme battle mode so we had to buy the game again if we wanted to play this little extras , same goes for Kingdom hearts and the Final mix editions back then and FFX-international ,Only now we can download these Extras.

  • You’re lying to yourself! I’m disappointed with FFXV as well, but you can’t blame just Tabata for it! And NO, he didn’t get everything finished! By the contrary, he had to ship FFXV in 3 years working with a different console and a in-progress engine knowing the once main market for FF (Japan) has shrunk drastically, so they had to include a lot of western game elements to make it sell enough copies worldwide.

  • Noctis

    Not Lying he changed the characters and story……thats it

  • Yes he did, but we don’t know (and probably never will) how much of the story, gameplay, assets, etc were complete when Versus became XV. Also, the problem with FFXV is they WAY the story was told and not the story itself, so maybe even if they kept Versus story intact, it could end up poorly told as well.

  • Noctis

    Doesn`t explain the useless death Noctis had

  • Shinobuden

    “I know what comes after and it’s not worth my time” stopped reading after this.

    Don’t get me wrong, you’re entitled to your opinion and all that, but it’s very hard to take someone seriously when they share their opinion of a game yet openly admit they didn’t even complete it. Sure, you can say you looked up what came next but you don’t always get the full picture from doing that, and as such you’re not really providing an informed opinion on the game.

    To each their own though. Maybe I’m the odd one out for thinking this way.

  • Yuntu

    I 100% guarantee you that the number isn´t high for returned copies. People always bring up that argument on a divisive game and it never amounts to much, even a game like NMS (which was, let´s be real, even bigger than XV in that regard) didn´t have crazy refunds. I really doubt XV has any of these statistic be lower than the average, as many games have low completion rates (sadly).

    And that XV outperforms XIII is very remarkable considering … well XIII happened and the japanese market dropped 50% in sales (for the franchise).

  • Stonespear

    You’re not the odd one out at all, don’t think that way. Completely reasonable.

  • Ulises

    This is a place of free discusion, people have the right to comment whatever they want about the game even if that doesn’t satisfy your needs of praising everything that’s FFXV-related. You are a troll on your own way, you just can’t stand other people opinions when they say something negative about your so loved FFXV, you have made this kind of trolling-post before every single time you don’t like what people is saying in the comments section, I told you already that’s trolling but you just don’t seem to get it. There will always be both negative and positive comments, you are kind of naive if you expect to see only one side of the coin. Look by now it’s pretty clear that you are the biggest FFXV fanboy around while Noctis is the biggest FFXV-hater and FFXIII versus-obsessed guy so you two might do all of us a favor and just ignore each other, you are not stop loving and he will not stop hating, get over it you two.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Well… when you don’t have any idea of how much I’ve
    actually looked up and have seen with my own eyes. I will not suddenly think the story is awsome or better told just bc I’m controlling the character myself.

    And now you think you’re better than me even though you don’t know how much I actually know. That’s odd. But to each their
    own, right?

  • •december

    Trolls cause disruption; I’m doing the opposite.
    Nice try though. Just because I have 0% tolerance for trolls doesn’t make me one; even a nursery school kid could tell the difference!

  • Stonespear

    His point is that you can’t completely judge the game without playing all of it.

    Also don’t be so fucking pathetic. He was completely respectful and nothing he said was condescending. Grow up.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Saying that he ”stopped reading after this” isn’t respectful at all.

    You should chill. I’ve never said that I’m completely judging the game

    His point is clear. I can still have an opinion of the over all story so his comment was kinda useless to me.

    Also you are flagged.

  • Randy Marsh

    All the fan raging and arguing caused by Tony’s walkthrough on the side content. Did I miss something in the article that caused all this massive chaos?

  • Adam Hedquist

    It’s not always that easy tho….

    I’ve been called a troll for sharing my opinion on the game. Even though people don’t always say it to me I’m still being treated as a lowlife.

    Even tho I’m not bashing the bad parts without explaining why and even adding the things I do like and what I think they should do to improve the game people here have recenly become more and more hostile towards people who have negative opinions and that’s a big shame.

    Nova crystallis has always been a site where the comment section has been pretty much very friendly. The extremes on both oppisite sides usually barked at each other at other forums such as gamefaqs.

    But now more and more extremes on both sides are beginning to show up here and are turning this good site into a mess and are attacking people that doesn’t have a opinion they agree on. Such a shame.

  • •december


  • Adam Hedquist

    Oh I’m sorry, what do you mean?

    Is my comment Laughable?

  • •december

    Why is there even a discussion about other websites lol?? What’s laughable is that I was talking about how Versus XIII fan boys need to Be patient or just move on…You’re not even one of the fanboys, i’m on your side yet here we are discussing umm? Something i don’t even know what lol

  • Adam Hedquist

    Well, I mentioned another website as an example, doesn’t mean I meant for us to focus on that.

    I know that we are on the same side even though some of our opinions differs, however now I’m just sharing my thoughts with you in a friendly discussion

  • •december

    I was late to Nova crystallis i think i only started using this website when FFXV still had ATR pre-launch looool about 2015

  • Luke Watts

    Remastered FULL games are great. personally, I’m about to buy KH1&2 for the third time. But no, DLC is different. As long as people keep creating a market for this shit, it’s going to get worse.. so much worse that 99% of people on here have no idea. FF15 should have been a serious wake up call. They took potentially huge character progression stories and removed them for DLC. If you’re telling me the overall experience of FF15 wasn’t DRASTICALLY worsened because those rubbish plot points, then sorry, there’s just no point talking about it. The game was shit because of 100 other reasons as well – but this was a big one.

  • Somnus92

    The chaos on this article has to do with the aftereffect of the most recent controversial FFXV news. Personally, I thought Tony’s walkthrough was helpful and informative even though I’m not playing XV atm.

  • Randy Marsh

    Are people still going on about the Tabata interview? Cry me a river, people need to move on with their lives and complain about video game shortcomings in real life to their friends like I do. My lord…

    Also yes the guide was helpful, was able to finally do the damn thing after I quit it. However, the costumes still suck monkey butt a bit, in my opinion I mean.

  • Shinobuden

    Well, then it’s your own fault for not detailing how much you’ve seen, isn’t it? The point isn’t whether you’ll think the story is better or anything like that by finishing the game, but rather how credible it makes your opinion. Why do you think reviewers play games from start to finish even if they don’t particularly like a game? So they can provide an informed opinion on the game. No one takes a reviewer who doesn’t finish a game seriously. In fact, they’re frowned upon. If you’re going to review a game, whether you’re a professional or not, then at least finish the game if you want people to take you seriously.

    Um, what? Exactly what part of my comment even remotely hinted I feel like I’m better than you? Seems to me like you’re just upset I didn’t read the rest of your comment. And again, if you had actually detailed what you do know maybe I wouldn’t have dismissed your comment as uninformed. That’s on you, not me.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Well yes. You did offend me, by not taking me seriously and assume that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not a reviewer either so I don’t owe you an explanation nor do I have to tell you anything. You decided to dismiss me, that IS on you.

    If you don’t take me seriously, that is disrespectful no matter how much you disagree with me.

    ”That and there are many people out there who would have been far less courteous than I was.”

    Yes, and it is those kind of people you shouldn’t take seriously. Like Stonespear here. His comment towards me was totally uncalled for and doesn’t belong in a civilized discussion.

    Look, I’m always stating my opinions good or bad and even if we disagree with each other.. I still want the discussion to have a friendly tone. Apology accepted.

  • Shinobuden

    But if you don’t even let me know what you do know how am I supposed to take you seriously? Answer this. Because you didn’t, and still haven’t, given me a reason to think otherwise.
    No, you’re not a reviewer, but you did provide a review of the game. Like I said, you don’t always get the full picture from looking things up online, so how are people supposed to know you know everything you claim to know if you won’t even provide that information? You can’t expect people to just blindly trust your words on the internet of all places. That</strong is on you.
    Yes, dismissing your original comment is on me. But I stand by that you didn’t give me, and still haven’t, a reason to think otherwise. That is also on you.

    By not telling me what you do know and calling me disrespectful for not taking you seriously you’re being just as disrespectful as you’re claiming I am, and you’re also being a hypocrite to top it off.

    It’s very difficult to tell what “tone” people have over text on the internet, but I can assure you that nothing I type is ever typed with animosity or hostility. I’m sitting here completely straight faced and typing in a calm manner. So even if it might seem like I’m trying to be aggressive or something I’m really not. Thank you for accepting my apology.

  • Adam Hedquist

    You have apologized but yet You keep going on and acting like I must to tell you. But like I said I don’t owe you anything, so no, I’m not disrespectful. If I don’t feel the need to tell you, then that is just something you have to accept.

    Don’t come to me saying that you don’t take me seriously bc that seems kinda aggressive and not friendly at all and that doesn’t make me feel like sharing more of my thoughts and y I think the way I do.

    My opinions of the game isn’t exactly directed towards you and I don’t need to share anything more and I have every right not to give a full review everytime I share an opinion if I don’t want to. That isn’t disrespectful towards you at all.

    Well, we’re getting nowhere with each other and we’re seeing things very differently so I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Stonespear

    This is similar to dealing with my three year old Nephew. Responds by flinging spaghetti and soiling himself.

  • Shinobuden

    I never said you MUST tell me. I simply asked how I’m supposed to take you seriously when you won’t give me the information I need to take you seriously. But interpret it however you want, I guess. You’re good at that.
    By calling me disrespectful for not taking you seriously when you’re not willing to take me seriously yourself…then yes, you’re being disrespectful. And a hypocrite. But alright, I’ll accept that.

    I made it very clear that I mean no hostility or aggressiveness with anything I say. You’re too sensitive and are acting like a child. You weren’t going to share anything anyway, judging by your attitude, so you saying this is extremely redundant.

    Then don’t expect people to take you seriously when you’re not willing to take them seriously yourself. When you expect people to take you seriously without giving them a reason to and then call them disrespectful, then you are being disrespectful yourself. And, like I said above, a hypocrite.

    I agree. This is very pointless, and has been a waste of my time.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Would you pls stop.

  • Jesiah Grant

    When petty side quest characters have more scenes and voiced dialogue then most main characters you know something ain’t right. Ive sank over 100 hours into this game, got platinum, done all side quests and hunts. I really want all these DLC’s and patches to make this game great, to me its a good game but man this could be something potentially incredible if we wait..

  • Monicasisbell

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  • Monicasisbell

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  • MegamMix

    Thanks Do much! Just got the water trotter trophy! Thanks for the video too!

  • Third World Tristan

    Tabata will fail. The fanboys are strong only on the internet because they have too much spare time in their easy lives. Just wait and see how this game loses actual players in the coming months, and how its idiotic multiplayer component dies in agony.

  • Third World Tristan

    We ca and should blame Tabata for how bad this game is because he directed it like one of his crappy mobile games. It’s entirely his fault.

  • Third World Tristan

    Yes, we can. The team was talented, but Tabta misdirected the game. I guarantee that a better director would have made a better game with the same team.

  • Third World Tristan

    A one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy the season pass at a lower price, probably. Or some idiotic noodle costume.

  • Third World Tristan

    Tabata saw how much SE is actually willing to pay for the updates to FFXV and he immediately back-pedalled on his “story expansion” promises. This game will be forever bad.

  • Third World Tristan

    It’s the first FF to have a worldwide release. It didn’t sell any better when you take that into account. Just that everybody bought it at the same time.

  • Third World Tristan

    You’re a smart guy. I wish more people were like you because it would put so much pressure on Square Enix that they would have to start making good games again.

  • Ulises

    You cause disruption every single time you post comments like “the trolls are getting butthurt” or “scroll down to see retard comments” you offend people just because you can’t stand their opinion when it’s not the same as yours. That is exactly what makes you a troll, doesn’t matter how much you deny it, the facts remain facts but I guess you can’t tell the difference.

  • King Zeus

    Move on.

  • •december

    Nice try, thanks for the effort. But no.
    Now, if we could just get back on topic that would be spectacular

  • Ulises

    Whatever, you are just denying it but won’t give any valid argument to support what you are saying, just like Noctis. If that makes you feel better it’s ok you are not a troll… just a fanboy.

  • Casper

    Hahaha when Tabata said XV is no longer Versus XIII that should tell you something.

    XV is not Versus, in fact it’s a game that takes things from Versus strips some of it’s interesting elements, and replaces it with disappointment instead of building upon what was well received. So No one will forget Versus. especially after that hype 2011 and 2013 Trailer.

    Fuck that.

  • Casper

    I ain’t forgetting Versus either, I’m probably not going to buy another Square game after the VII Remake, and KH3. If they don’t bring back Versus, bring back the stuff from the 2011, and 2013 Trailers. as well as that trilogy for Versus XIII, that was poorly condensed for FFXV.

  • •december

    Tl; dr 🙂
    I mean everything I said, based on the situation.
    You’re not the first to try and quote me and flop. Never give up!

  • Ulises

    Childish answer from a childish fanboy (kind of expected), whatever, trying to put some sense in you is like trying to fix FFXV, worthless at this point…

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  • Hitoshi Oshiro

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