Mobile MMORPG Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire announced By Erren Van Duine on March 31, 2017 at 2:56 PM

Remember that partnership between Square Enix and mobile game developer Machine Zone? Well it’s still happening and the results of their collaboration have been made clear today. A soft launch spotted in New Zealand confirms Final Fantasy XV: A New Empireis the real deal.

According to the game’s product page, you’ll be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in this free-to-play MMORPG. Characters such as Noctis and Cindy are available and you’ll build up your Empire and train your troops to win real-time battles. Think Game of War with a Final Fantasy skin.

Plans for the rest of the world have yet to be announced. Final Fantasy XV proper is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Randy Marsh

    Like wow, this sounds dumb and that is coming from me of all people. So instead of trying to make a real MMO like Agito on the phone, we instead get Game of War+Revenant Wings with FFXV characters?

    I’m having trouble seeing this surviving after a few months, similar to JMV. Considering the last strategy game SE put for mobile phones crashed and burned, I’m kind of leaning this will happen again. I hate to condemn the game before it gets out, but I doubt this idea will go anywhere, sounds like a bad idea.

  • LTweetsU

    Slap the final fantasy label on a reskin a shit tier game lol

  • Casper
  • James Stine

    This petition is a huge waste of time. SE doesn’t need to listen to your petitions, nor are the voices of 2,500 people enough to develop an entirely new game with a large budget. Unless you want to fund it yourself, you’re wasting your time.

  • ElAbuelo69

    First the stupid Daddy of Light FFXIV bs, now this PoS? Generic AF.

    SE you done goofed.

    Call me nostalgia glasses all you want but FF has become a joke since 13. Even ARR which is decent, it’s an enhanced WoW clone with no real personality of its own, just a bunch of shit from other FF titles….AND WoW. STOP WESTERNIZING YOUR GAMES YOU DUMBNUTS.

    WoW was cool, but make your own thing.

    Mobile games can be cool, but make your own thing.

    Urgh, I give up.

    This is the last straw for me.

    Luckily, Persona5 comes out next week, which is miles better than FFXIII, FFXIII-2, LR, FFXIV ARR, and XV ALL combined.

    An actual competent and original game.

  • Ray Muñoz

    No. No. NO NO NO NO NO!

  • Hansuke

    April fools?

  • ElAbuelo69

    You wish.

    SE mocks us with an Aprils Fools tactics game, something we actually want, and instead releases shit NOBODY asked for.

  • Some Random Guy

    SE is only selling us out because FF fans will actually buy this shit.

  • gfhyn540

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  • tokotamer

    To be fair, when it comes to MMO design, “making their own thing” resulted in1.0.

  • Randy Marsh

    “This is the last straw for me.”

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, but if it does I’ll have a shiny band aid for you when you come back in. People who tend to say “This is the last straw for me!” never truly mean it and come back whenever a new FF game is announced. Just like a bloody puppy that runs home scared after they runaway from the house.

    Also the mention of comparing FFXIV:ARR to Persona 5 is extremely bizarre, they’re not even the same damn genre. Why don’t you compare Destiny to Breath of the Wild next?

    I would like to mention that Father of Light was announced way before this, you bloody imbecile. Why are people even making a big deal about this? Square has always been a media sellout ever since the late 90s, its called being a damn company. Sorry that your childhood nostalgia blinds you from seeing this, but Square has always been guilty of this crap since the days of Sakaguchi. I have zero idea why people have temper tantrums over this nowadays.

  • ElAbuelo69

    “I have zero idea why people have temper tantrums over this nowadays.”

    Because at least their mainline titles were a high caliber of quality.

    And the people know it, just look at how many views the FF7:re trailer has.

    The thirst is real.

    And you are right, I will come back for FF7:re and maybe FFXVI if it looks promising.

    But I’m not buying every game they release now just for having the FF brand. I know it sounds stupid in the first place, but I was like that. And announcements like this made me wake up and realize…nah, not anymore.

    I might not be Day1 for FFXVI, things like that. Less fanboyism. I guess that’s good. So in a way, this was good.

  • Jintae

    “Characters such as Noctis and Cindy are available and you’ll build up
    your Empire and train your troops to win real-time battles. Think Game of War with a Final Fantasy skin.”

    that Luna art on top looks like she’s made from plastic..

  • 2me

    For Fujoshi

  • Luke Watts

    This is just… so… disappointing.
    It’s just embarrassing at this point.

  • dreamowd

    I tried to download it, but they removed it from the app store.

  • 2me

    I think reboot can sell as much as XV did at least and I don’t think current budget is an issue.

    The issue in my opinion is future partnership with Sony because if they make VersusXIII/15 as they visioned then they have to release on PC and I think Sony won’t like main numbering heading to PC without console concerned. Though I think KH and WOFF are games that has meaning in partnership with Sony

  • Randy Marsh

    I don’t think you understand how companies work.

    Final Fantasy XV was not seen by the masses as a public failure compare to something like FFXIV 1.0 were a reboot was needed to fix their reputation. However, the company does hear the complaints of fans, hence why you guys are getting these patches to fix the game. So why in God’s green earth would they want to purposely damage their reputation by wanting to shoot themselves in the foot like that with a Versus reboot?

    It is not an issue of a budget going into this game, but if they can indeed make this budget back. There’s minimal demand for this idiotic Versus Reboot. If there’s not enough demand, there’s not point in making something people will not want, making it a waste of time and assets. I’m sure you can understand basic high school taught economics.

    Honestly people need to move if they hated FFXV, this moronic Versus petition crap is going to get them no where, well except maybe become one of the many jokes of the FF community. Which I mean, props if that is your life goal (not referring to you, the constant people spamming the petition).

  • Wazi the pa


  • Casper

    Whose to say it’s a reboot it’s an AU sequel man not a reboot big difference, also FFXIV was remade from the ground up like almost no assets were used, Versus XV lots of assets will be used to cut down the cost.

    Also the demand is there, if Square released a trailer about Versus at E3 2017 people would jump for joy.

    Those that like these characters will pick it up
    Those that like Versus will pick it up
    Those that like XV will pick it up

  • Casper

    Whose to say it’s just 2,500 people, that want Versus?
    You have people that watch the older trailers and wish they were playing that game, they can ride a hype train twice if they did this.

  • Yuntu

    I wanna point out the studio behind this game. Their game´s are insanely popular and this is adding the FF IP on top of that. This isn´t SE doing a game, they are just allowing someone else to use their IP unlike Brave Exvius for example which had SE most likely having more input.

    The goal of this game is for Machine Zones to reach the japanese audience, their games are usually in the top 20 there but they wanna go higher and the FF IP is probably the best thing outside of DQ they could get for that.

    This shit has the potential to make more money than XV itself. I´m not even joking.

  • Yuntu

    XIV was remade because that game almost killed the company. SE has no reason to invest in a Versus XV currently as DQ11, VIIR and KH3 are coming up and XV was in no way a financial failure. On top of that this fiscal year will probably be their biggest year ever in terms of revenue.

  • Yuntu

    SE isn´t developing this though.

  • Casper

    Good since FFXV wasn’t a financial failure than after they are done all of those games, they can make Versus XV and make even more money off of Final Fantasy Versus XIII like XV did.

  • Yuntu

    No new game with the same number ever sold more than its predecessor. There is no base for the claim Versus would change that.

  • Randy Marsh

    All I can say to your reply is this, have fun wishing and never receiving. You clearly are uneducated in basic things, so I believe we have no reason to try to persuade a thick headed bull. I bid you adieu.

  • Casper

    Thing is though those games had quality issues, especially the lightning dogshit. Luckily Final Fantasy Versus XV isn’t XV-2 so it could help, if it’s a better game than Final Fantasy XV which if they have a good writer(Nojima), and a good director(Nomura), and a lack of developmental issues they could make a better game, and if it’s a better game, then you know what’s going to happen? Hint Hint: It should outsell or sell close to Final Fantasy XV, especially considering it contains all the characters you know and love and more. ie. Umbra’s human form

    Oh and let me add something if Versus is the game that people wanted that makes things even better.

    Also if Square was so worried about sequels then the 7 Remake wouldn’t be a multi-part series now would it.
    XV is the second fastest if not the fastest selling in the series, same characters, but in a better game would do wonders.

  • Yuntu

    FF7 is episodic because they dont wanna take 10 years again. Oh and its fucking FF7. That game is in its own league in terms of popularity within the franchise.

    But please keep living in that delusion Versus XV will happen.

  • Casper

    >But please keep living in that delusion Versus XV will happen.
    When did I say it will happen never said it would happen, I just don’t discount the possibility like you do. It’s not hard to fathom. I think it’s possible, not that it will it could very well not happen, but it could very well happen.

    Also FF7 didn’t need to episodic, people just wanted the same game, but with better graphics and animations.Oh and voice acting.

    They are adding new story to the FF7 Remake that’s why it’s episodic.

  • Yuntu


  • Eyoi


  • Diego Pinheiro

    It will be free Some Asshole Guy. Read the article.

  • PvP4FFXV

    Fuck, SquareSoft would’ve never done this shit.

  • 2me

    I am not sure why XV didn’t hurt SQ’s reputation. I love SQ and spent lots of years and money but I put hold on every SQ games that I was going to buy. I read reviews and I don’t think I am the only one who disappointed. Minority doesn’t mean they are wrong. As long as their opinions are reasonable then their opinions are reasonable.

    Demand is not must-required in order to success. No one asked iphone and see how Apple became. I am not sure whether it is really minimal like petition shows.

    Developers probably understand people’s anxieties since they know there are huge difference between their advertisements and their actual game.

  • This is beyond disrespectful to whatever little dignity FFXV ever had left. Who ever seriously thought this was ok needs to be let go from the company immediately.

  • Codes McGodes

    The same people that thought this was okay are the same people that developed Cup Noodles DLC for a mainstream Final Fantasy.

  • They’re obviously trying to get the Game of War fans into FFXV. In that sense, I’m all for this, but personally, I wouldn’t play a “Game of War with a Final Fantasy skin.” Yikes.

    I had hoped for a Chaos Rings type of game. Oh well.

  • Endymion Nathanael Rose

    this is seriously disgusting

  • Eyoi

    He never said they were.

  • Alejandro Grønhaug


  • Jintae

    It was posted yesterday though.
    “March 31, 2017 at 2:56 PM”

  • Yuntu

    He said they released this which is untrue. Well maybe I shouldve said they didnt release this? Either way SE probably doesnt have much to do with this outside of allowing IP usage and collecting money lol

  • Noreneelafever

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  • Sarah

    You do realize that March 31st in America is April 1st in Japan right?

  • xMysticx

    lol your posts cracking me up ” it was no failure at all ”
    as if people didnt pick the trash up because the trailers


  • Miqote

    Well said

  • Caliburn

    Nice try Square.

  • Caliburn

    It’s april 1st. Calm down.

  • David Thornhill

    For those who think this is isn’t legit because of today’s date, I got bad news for you…

    It’s real. It was announced in November.

  • David Thornhill

    It’s real, Caliburn. Unfortunately.

  • Endymion Nathanael Rose

    yes, that’s what i have come to understand aswell…that is is in fact not a joke.

    this is legit crazy. and i need a bucket.

  • David Thornhill
  • Danarhaun

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  • •december

    I feel uncomfortable, but nice artwork.
    At this moment in time I have so many questions regarding FFXV by itself, I don’t understand why on Earth there are so many mini-games and spin-offs already which do not do a thing in helping to explain the plot from the actual game we were given.

  • Justice V

    I’ll most likely play it just like I play every marvel/dc/square/fire-emblem/pokemon/power rangers/etc mobile games, but like almost all of them I will likely not play past a week. Mobius is the best of the bunch so far because for the most part it’s it’s own thing and you’re not stuck just summoning characters from other games (although you still have episodes jumping to old FF games).

  • ✪ ITALOpkg ✪ ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Luna has more screens on this mobile game than in the actual game itself.

  • Fx Zar

    LMFAO, what a clearly biased Atlus dick-rider. And before you assume anything, I’m playing Persona 5 right now and am really enjoying it but P5 alone being better than all the FFs you mentioned /combined/? Haha…sorry, but nope. That was a stupidly childish comment you made, too. Grow up, and please for the love of god, ditch the kiddish ”Game is better than number of x games combined” comments, for future reference.

    And please, tell me how Persona 5 is as original as you say it is, when it borrowed almost everything from previous games in the series?

    FFXIV has evolved a LOT from 1.0, you dumbass. Its combat system is also getting revamped in Stormblood. Shit on FFXIV all you want but it’s the second-most popular MMORPG behind WoW in terms of active subs and total subs, and expect those numbers to only rise when the Stormblood expansion pack releases.