Tracking down Final Fantasy XV’s fourth Timed Quest: Midgardsormr and Hvitrormr By Tony Garsow on March 21, 2017 at 12:09 AM

Final Fantasy XV‘s next Timed Quest is now available, and… Snakes… Why did if have to be snakes!? This one will have you up against three Lv. 54 Midgardsormr and two Lv. 78 Hvitrormr just east of the Rock of Ravatogh.

Update: Previous timed quests have typically spanned to the start of the next Timed Quest, but the latest (#4) has expired. Note that the date seen here denotes the start of the next quest, not the deadline of the current quest.

You can check out our go in the video below:

This encounter isn’t quite as tough as the marlboros nor the dread behemoth, but it can still catch off guard if you’re not careful. Luckily, both the Midgardsormr and Hvitrormr are vulnerable to the same things: swords, daggers, and ice. Brew up some potent Blizzard spells (I go with Freeze that has a Break Damage Limit modifier) and bring along your best daggers and swords that are not imbued with fire or light affinities — both types of serpents take reduced damage from these elements.

With so many of these guys, it’s rather easy to get tripped up in their coils, so you’ll want to dodge in and out of the fray when things get a little bit crowded. You’ll also want to watch them for an attack where they spray venom into the air to have it fall around them. If you’ve fought these guys elsewhere in the game, there isn’t too much here that’s new that’ll throw you off other than their sheer numbers.

Build your Armiger gauge quickly with dagger attacks and hurl some powerful Blizzard-type spells and you’ll have it down in no time.

How about you? Be sure to share your strategies in our comments below.


  • 20,000 EXP
  • 500 AP
  • 777,777 gil
  • Oracle Ascension Coin x5


If you’d like to check out the previous Timed Quests, check out our archive below:

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out more of our coverage this way.

  • NewestType

    Thanks for the info will tacklet this soon.

  • •december

    To Ravatogh
    Thanks for the hints every week it really helps.

  • Syul

    I couldn’t go after the Behemoth because my level was low in comparison, so knowing the levels of these monsters to hunt are below mine are a relief. Time to get these sweet rewards!

    * * *


    Also, I know this has nothing to do with the timed quest, buuut… I’ve read a supposed interview to Tabata when he recently went to Italy to collect a prize, and I REALLY REALLY hope it’s true…

    I’ve read the question/answer that was translated to English and the whole interview in Italian (I haven’t studied Italian but the good thing it’s similar to Spanish, which is my mother language), and I’m between hyped and uncertain. Can anyone confirm if this is true? Because if it is, there are some really interesting bits there… Like, VERY interesting ones, for example saying they want to do with Ardyn something like they’re doing with Gladio/Prompto/Ignis with their DLCs, and that they said they very likely would take into account an idea they threw at him about Luna’s point of view.

    Link to the English translated bit:


    Link to the Italian whole thing:


  • •december

    Yeah you translated it correctly.
    It’s good news. Just don’t expect it soon, we still have 3 Episode DLC to experience, the last Episode Ignis we don’t even know what month that will be released. There’s a lot of story/lore left to be revealed in Final Fantasy XV. Luckily we have these timed events and updates… Patience is key!

  • Syul

    The thing is, if the interview is true or not.

    I hope it is, I want to believe it, but I have the doubt itching because I haven’t seen it mentioned in any other pages that I know or something. Still, I don’t think anyone would fake an entire interview just to mess up with people… Buuut then again this could just be thinking way too innocently xDu

    I guess we’ll know with time… Patience, as you said, yup.

  • •december

    Tabata has had a million interviews, FFXV reached a wide audience.
    Why do you doubt it? Development is ongoing for FFXV, fact.
    A lot of what missed out being added into future Episode DLC? Believeable.
    Ambiguity is the only way FFXV Team/Tabata can not mislead the fans but keep us informed about the development process/opportunities.

    Just look at the FFXV Survey and Episode Duscae survey. They’re listening to feedback for a reason.

  • Mrhappy1227

    Hey just so you guys know, this quest is available until APRIL 26th, not March 26th, meaning this will be the last timed hunt for over a month. Cheers!

  • Syul

    Hum, thinking about it… I guess you’re right >_< I mean, why fake a full interview? Just to waste time risking the integrity of your website because wanting to troll some people? Sounds… Pretty weird, to say it in a finer manner.

    Having hopes a bit more up, right now, after thinking a bit about it. Having a DLC with Ardyn sounds amazing, I love that character a ton, and having said DLC could imply knowing more about lore and probably finding out if Pitioss theory was right, although I have a lot of faith in that specific theory.

  • Jack

    Awesome. I like these timed quests. BUT. I also kinda really hate these time quests.

    Like the Dread Behemoth is awesome, and now it’s gone, and it might never ever come back. I’m kinda sorta hoping that, at some point in the future when they’re more or less done adding to the game, they’ll just patch in all these cool new boss monsters as extra level 10 hunts.

  • Jack

    Ardyn DLC actually would be pretty cool. Especially if it was his back story, and it explained who Izunia is. Ardyn would basically play the same way Noctis does I’m guessing, but his back story could take place up to 2000 years in the past and really flesh out the lore.

    It’s a shame that the ending is what it was, and I still can’t just flat out say what it was cause spoilers… I guess. BUT. It kind of feels like a waste, because the world seems pretty cool and interesting with all sorts of Lore. Do you know that the Astrals have sort of angelic messengers? At least 20 of them apparently. Never see a one, I think.

    I think though…. I just wanted more suits of armor in the game. When I really stop and think about it. I wanted to fight Glauca, and I wanted there to be more than one character who was similar to Glauca. I mean, this is a big evil empire, it would make sense for there to be more than one guy like Glauca, even if they’re all lesser in comparison. It would go a long way to make Nifleheim more intimidating. Also. Dragoons. I like Aranea, but I’m torn. I was looking forward to her as a boss… but that was kind of anti climactic. She’s really cool as a party member, so there’s mixed feelings. You don’t really want her as a boss when you can have her in your party. So… I want more Dragoons. A whole battalion of em. Guys in Armor. I didn’t realize I wanted it before, but, I do realize it. I wanted it. A bunch of guys like Glauca that are basically Judges, and a battalion of Dragoons.

    I also wish the side quest givers were more interesting and story based. Like, Iris, Cor, and Aranea are perfectly situated to give Story Based Side quests. But no… they don’t. I mean, they kinda sorta do, but not in the way of Dave and Sania; which is what I meant.

  • Jack

    Yeah that’s a strong theory.

  • I’ll get back into xv in the summer.

  • Syul

    And a such tragic one :/ I’m a sucker for dramatic stories so if it goes full real I’m going to jump in delight haha.

  • Vallen

    I’m having fun with these timed quests. Do we know for how long they’ll keep happening?

  • Syul

    Hummm… I want to avoid as much as I can posting spoilers on the open, so I’m tagging my whole post as a spoiler just in case xD I would appreciate if you could answer to my spoilers using the spoiler tag, the greyed text (if you don’t know how to put it I can show you), just as to not ruin anything to anyone that might came to the game later >.<

    Agreed that, if it was about the past, it would be amazing. Not only for backstory, but to see how the world looked back then. It could give us sooo much insight. Maybe that’s what the mysterious unannounced expansion is all about? I really hope we’ll know more about both things soon. My guess is that in E3 we’ll know what the expansion is about, but who knows.

    About the ending, well… I have a theory about that, though. It was strange that the Luna/Noctis scene was put at the end of everything, including all the credits. But then I thought… Why put the “push the car” part inside the credits, before that beautiful scene? And then I remembered that time can’t just be frozen but be turned back, like the structures in Steyliff that just came back to how they were after being broken… Maybe the story is somehow repeating? And another story would start with, again, the “push the car” scene, and maybe this time Luna and Noctis somehow wouldn’t have died and got to marry each other in the end…

    The fact that they showed a timeline table at the GDC in which they stablished that the Omen trailer and something (??) in the period of 10 years later are “alternative realities” can make this option even more viable, in my opinion.

    And yup, knew about the Messengers. Gentiana was one, as well as Pryna and Umbra, but I would have loved to see more of them. I also thought Cor was one of them back in the day. Would have been cool :/

    About the quest, well, agreed that what you said would have been interesting.

    But well, in general, let’s not sell the bear’s skin before we hunt it, we still have at least a year ahead of content xD Given the fact Square-Enix has asked for feedback using a pretty extensive survey, I wouldn’t be surprised if they added more quests in the end, or put them on later DLCs, for example.

  • gabrieuTG

    They could add those monsters in the WoR DLC if it ever happens!

  • Tony Garsow

    Hi! Thanks for pointing that out. Should be reflected above.

  • •december

    April 26th? A whole month? We got Dread Behemoth for a week.
    What makes these pythons so special? Lol

  • bitman

    Not the timed quest. The update, remember? Episode Gladio and the 1.06 update. They want people to experience it as much as possible before continuing with the quests.

  • Jack

    OH Snap. That’s really something to think about. I actually think it’s a stronger theory than the whole “Noctis went to the Astral Plane” Thing. I’ve never used spoiler tags on disqus so I’d have to look up how, But I’m not sure if Gentiana is one of the messengers as in the beings known as “The messengers” due to her being well… who she is. Where I looked it up it described the messengers as 20 seperate other beings apart from The Six, who act on behalf of The Six. This makes Gentiana a bit confusing. Where I looked it up, it said Gentiana was more or less the counter part to Luna so I’m not really sure if She’s also a messenger, or if she inhabited the body of a messenger? It’s confusing. Didn’t know about Pryna and Umbra though, that makes sense actually.

    I didn’t take this survey, didn’t even know about it. Wish I did. I would’ve asked for more Armored people.

  • •december

    Sorry for sounding dumb but that still doesn’t make sense to me why we didn’t get Behemoth for longer instead. They’re not stopping the timed quest for Episode Gladio and 1.06 they’re just letting it continue. Episode Gladio isn’t timed… unless it is?

  • Heavensevidence

    Maybe it’s because Behemoth is so special they only game it 1 week. I it kinda make sense if a rare boss doesn’t show up as often.

  • Syul

    If you want to know, here you have the answer ^^


    The thing is, it seems she really is a Messenger. The boys commented about it when they were doing Ramuh’s mission, and she appears in a Cosmogony illustration as winged, with both Pryna and Umbra winged as well (and other Messengers).

    About the 20, well, they were 24, but since Ifrit was a “traitor”, I guess they just let out his 4 Messengers. When it comes to being Gentiana the counterpart of Luna, it’s because Oracles bring the gods messages/will to the mortals, and Messengers do that but from mortals to gods.

    And talking about Shiva/Gentiana… It could be that the gods can inhabit their Messenger’s bodies in some cases (in case this was what happens… Maybe the Messengers’ personalities would be erased if this happened, or maybe not? Or maybe they just let the gods personality be the surface one and they just are “behind” for as much time as the thing goes?).

  • Jack

    I get what you’re saying, and thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it. I feel like my head’s not been screwed on lately and I’m happy to get some more info. I actually just found the ultimania translation site so I’ll check that out. I think I probably just misremembered 24 as 20 honestly. Not sure. BUT. You have to admit, Shiva being one of the six and being Gentiana who is a messenger is pretty confusing. Like, I get she can silmultaniously be more than one person in more than once place, since we found out that Shiva’s gigantic dead body is a version of her that awoke AFTER she already started living with Luna according to the timeline. So she was both at once, I think… Unless one was actually Shiva and the other was Gentiana… idk man, it’s confusing. I mean her summon is a bunch of multiple bodies so she’s existing in multiple places at once and I’ve seen it implied in other theories that all the Astrals can do this. I just can’t help but feel that some of the lore was approached with a “I hope nobody overthinks this stuff” kind of attitude. There’s some inconsistencies. Still kind of unhappy with the dark souls style of story telling, where the story is in the world and not in the actual story. I wanted more of what I’m used to with FF and SE in general. Like more suits of armor…. But I digress. One thing that gets me is where the astrals came from. One of the places I read after talking to you last night, which I can’t seem to find now… Said that they were created by mysterious beings, were tied to the creation of Eos and became gods themselves. This was something I found really interesting. Also thanks for the spoiler tags link.

  • Syul

    No problems, I’m happy that it was useful!

    Ultimania gives some nice details~ And yes, the theme of Shiva/Gentiana is pretty much confusing, and I hope they would have explained it better ^^U I hope they’ll somehow explain this a bit in the future… But about that, I don’t have too much faith. About other things, however, I do.

    “Dark Souls” type of story telling isn’t bad, but the thing is, crucial/important info should be easy to be found out simply because its importance, or just plainly put in the main story in a way or another.

    About the gods thing you mention at the end, I think I recall a bit having heard something like that in a video, or read about it, but I think chances are that it was probably old lore they replaced, and that the gods we have now are just gods themselves and not something they turned into.

  • Jack

    See man, these inconsistencies are killing me. I agree with what you said about Dark Souls too. Though it seems you edited what you said as the email and the page show two different things. But basically Dark souls story is in the architecture and the environment and a bunch of little Easter eggs that kinda inform you about the world. There’s no story proper, just a bunch of stuff like that. Then youtubers go and make super extensive fan theories, and the most popular ones basically become the official lore in the fan community. More or less. Sound familiar?

    Having a whole bunch of lore and Easter eggs in the background is awesome, makes the world more immersive and makes it feel more authentic. But, the needed story information should be in the story. I’m definitely super unsatisfied with the story telling. I fell in love with FF for the stories, I’ve actually never really liked Turn Based but I’ve still played all the classics for their story and loved them. So. I’m bummed. Bummed about that and the suits of armor thing. Super bummed.

  • Syul

    Yeah, I edited it because I wasn’t really sure though (and because I tend to edit a lot, blame it on perfectionism in what I want to say) xD I didn’t know all of the “Dark Souls” story was like that, I thought it had more of “yes-or-yes told” story.

    True, definitely doesn’t fit much Final Fantasy to have everything with that kind of storytelling. And I totally agree with you: the needed, the important information and details, should always be on the story. Now, if they want to put little things or data that isn’t really that important like things you can discover, good xD

    The thing is, if they had done certain things to tell the story better (for example if you want to keep coherence with whole “main story told from Noctis’ eyes” don’t put a scene totally outside of his view) and explained other, it would have been cool. Good thing is it seems the DLC are going to be perspectives from other characters, which I celebrate. All the more if the Ardyn DLC happens. I’m truly excited about that, I love that beautiful tragic bastard xD

    In all honesty, I kinda have faith. I’m sure with time we’ll have more details of the story out, be it on DLC or whatever (maybe more transmedia?), all the more given the fact that Square-Enix did that survey.

    In my opinion, I think the lack of details, between other things, was because of rushing. I mean, they had already said “September” to then switch it to November, and I think Tabata would have probably preferred to delay it a bit more to flesh it out more, but… Well, I don’t think corporatives would have liked that, or the thought of having people complaining with another delay on a game that had already taken so much time to make, so I think they just stick to Tabata’s neck like “dude just do it for November” and they just put in Tabata’s mouth the words about “THAT perspective” mentioned earlier as an excuse. But well… This is just my speculation xD

    As I said in another post, it’s true that the game lacked things from release, but it’s true too that they’re trying to compensate by adding… Which is not optimal, but it’s something good and that I’m happy to see.

    Aaand reading you talk about armors just made me remember about something I had nearly forgot entirely: the Magitek Suit. I’m kinda excited about how it will look like, since they got complaints that it look a lot like “Power Rangers” xD

    P.D.: if you find out I’ve written something in a weird manner, forgive me, I’m still not truly familiar with some expressions and may have written something wrong because of a confusion.

  • Jack

    Oh no worries about your speech pattern. I have mild aspergers so… Same boat. I kinda wanted to be a power ranger.

    But! I was thinking more about that alternate timeline theory. And I like it a lot. It also plays perfectly into the rumored world of versus Dlc. I know the world of versus dlc is supposed to be set inside the crystal. But it would be amazing if it was an alternate retelling of the game via the timeline theory.

  • Jack

    Also I’m on a tablet so I can’t edit. But the story from noctis perspective pissed me off. Because I thought about Tidus. FFX really was from his perspective. Aside from flashbacks and such, I remember as basically the entire game was just his perspective. X was amazing. On par with IV all day, but it shows that the story telling quality of XV was just executed very poorly

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  • Ya don’t say.

  • Syul

    I can only say: true.

  • Syul

    I’m glad there’s nothing to worry about, haha. Sometimes I dwell too much on it.

    In my opinion, Square-Enix’s unannounced expansion is just bound to be something big. Apart from the 2 things you said, I have other guesses:Dreams Realm, Dark World or even Omen Timeline (because it’s specified it is an Alternate Reality in the timeline chart they showed at GDC). Every option appeals to me in a way or another, but, well, anything can happen. I just hope it’s something cool.

  • •december

    Malboros were not special, we got them for a week
    Lol, also we got Cactuars for two weeks, that was great though…