Square Enix achieves “record-high” financial results for FY 2017 By Wassim Deen on May 11, 2017 at 5:18 AM

Square Enix has released its financial results for fiscal year of 2017 (ended March 31, 2017) and it’s filled with promising numbers.

Here’s the gist:

Looking at the above table, the results show that Square Enix saw a whopping 20% increase in its net sales compared to last fiscal year, with operating income and ordinary income also seeing a 20.3% and 22.9% increase respectively.

The company claims the launch of blockbuster series titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4 version) were the driving forces for the favorable results as well as “strong” download sales of previously released catalogue titles which led to a notable increase of net sales and operating income in the area of console games.

Smartphone titles such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Kingdom Hearts Union χ also saw a strong performance.

As for the company’s MMORPGs (Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X), revenue has shown “steady performance”, but its net sales and operating income declined significantly compared to last fiscal year due to the absence of an expansion release.

Under the company’s “Consolidated Forecast” section, Square Enix described the console game market in North America and Europe as “competitive and oligopolistic” which is another way of saying it’s tough as nails and only the best of the best can reign supreme.

  • xMysticx

    22% increase cause of the shit lies told by tabata = scam ..

  • Darlenerplunkett

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  • Zero_mask

    i dont know what to feel about it, its profit success yes! but the game man… the game it self is totally not the game we hoping for. atlease give as a next installment worth our hard earn cash dimwit. misleading trailer, news and promises argh! Square aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh! I cant fall for the same trick i keep my expectation low for the remaining games in the list you are supposed to release on following year..

  • Pandarino

    I foresee a 20% increment of haters’ salt.

  • Noctis

    The thing is not everyone followed the game since 2006. So newcomers won`t notice a damn thing about the game being unfinished or whatever.

    And this is my folks is the real problem, people will never know the truth……

  • Invictus

    I bet consumers will be reluctant to pre-order upcoming SE games after the FFXV mayhem. Just my hunch though.

  • Third World Tristan

    Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall.

  • MasterLink

    You are absolutely right. Even many people who followed the game since the day it was announced think that retail version is not that different from Nomura’s version of the game.

  • xMysticx

    karma will get him
    you’d be laughing for long

  • Randy Marsh

    A small amount of hardcore jrpg fans, yes maybe. The average gaming consumers, unlikely.

  • Invictus

    The ones who didn’t follow the decade dev cycle haha

  • •december


  • •december

    ….just release Episode Prompto & go.

  • Alejandro Grønhaug

    I don’t think you know what a dev cycle is.

  • Invictus

    Please enlighten me about this. I might have my head placed on the wrong idea.

  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Geostigma you may to be entitled to financial compensation.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Agreed, i wont be replaying this game again until every morsel of dlc and update is done and released. I want the complete experience, but something in my gut tells me I’ll never get closure with this game. It feels like a shadow of something that could of been the best game in history. I wonder what could of been if nomura was still the director and it released when he said it was time.

  • Bobby/Godless

    Highly doubt it.

  • James

    The telling thing is that the MMO division has less revenue than before Heavensward released. Doesn’t seem like the expansion aided in player retention or growth.

  • Luke Watts

    you mean ‘let it’ go. yes, yes I agree

  • Yuntu

    This. Marketing is black magic and many people don´t give a shit – if they like what they see in advertising they are going to buy the game.

  • Yuntu

    That´s how it usually goes with MMOs, after the expansion – depending on reception – this might turn around. Especially with DQX also getting new content.

  • Stonespear

    It’s not as though HW crashed the game’s popularity and player-base, but the game also feels quieter and almost boring and formulaic at the moment. I know from experience that friends and I took a break as the patch cycle is the same thing each time with very little change or deviation. Many will be back to try Stormblood and it’ll be good, I’m sure. It will not pull in the same numbers as old, nor prompt the same level of interest. That’s just the way MMO’s go, though.

  • MajoraMan28

    If Nomura was director, the game would be an even more convoluted mess than it already is.

  • niwaar

    The only modern MMO that had routine retained expansion population growth across multiple expansions was WoW. Most games in the genre are cyclical with people buying and playing the expansion for some time and dropping off only to return with the next big patch or expansion. YoshiP has on multiple occasions spoken that he has designed XIV with that player retention cycle in mind.

    Yes the game has lost some of its subscriber base. The “Savage” Raids experiment failed to both appease the hardcore completely and alienated most of the middle, leaving the casual player shrugging. But there is an expansion in 6 weeks so those numbers will be much higher in next year’s earnings call.

  • Chlodovech

    Agreed. See what’s happening with KH3 for example.

    Many fans absolutely workship Nomura’s work but as a director, in my opinion, he is just straight up shitty at the job. He can’t do it, at least not for big budget projects such as numbered FF games. Tabata did an insanely amazing job with his dev team when he took over FFXV. He built it up from zero and had to think things through all over again and if Square had given him more time I bet the game would be totally different in an even better sense than what Nomura firstly envisioned back in 2006. It’s sad that in the end they pushed the game around so much that he had to make such big cuts just to have it released.

  • CallMeGod

    Lol, Tabata had all the pieces to make a finish game, but instead he butcher it into his own version and made a half-ass incomplete rush game that don’t even fucking even make sense and hardly took any fucking effort to beat the game. I beat the fucking game using the same fucking weapons and skills without any challenge at all. That’s how fucking garbage the game was after chapter 9 and literally just went down hill after.

  • Shaun Abdilla

    Not surprising at all. Lack on innovation and the disaster that end-game was, made Heavensword a failure when it comes player retention, and now numbers are showing.

  • Jesiah Grant

    At least it would be a complete game, those who cant keep up with the story of kingdom heart are just hipsters.

  • Noctis

    He built it up from zero and had to think things through all over again and if Square had given him more time I bet the game would be totally different in an even better sense than what Nomura firstly envisioned back in 2006

    He had to build up from zero? This one sentence my dear made me laugh……he had the complete story that was finished back in 2010. and lets not talk about the gameplay mechanics, that he also completely changed

    But no he changed Noctis Regis cut out Luna made a movie made minigiames cut story for later dlc…..Remade the story and then said it was a mess on purpose. What are you talking dude?

  • Mochi

    A dev cycle is the name we use for the activities in a development project of any kind. The activities may vary from one model to another and have different names, but in general they can be summed up as follows.
    1 Planning stage: Budget planning, prototyping/drafting (barebones version of the product), meetings, recruitment.
    2 Work stage: Coding/development, research.
    3 Test stage: Testing of the product, customer feedback and fixing.
    4 Release stage: Risk assesment and planning for avoidance and/or error mitigation. Assesment of costs and product utility. Release of new version.

    THEN back to the top again. It is called a dev cycle because it is CYCLICAL.
    Normally each stage has a deadline, it can be a few weeks, or several months. And not always is it released to the public, normally the “release” becomes the new prototype when we reach the planning stage again. The reason we use dev cycles is precisely to avoid wasting time on long drawn out projects, and to promote work efficiency and also to “refine” the development project over many cycles of development.
    FFXV was in development over 3-4 years. The six years before that went to hell, the entire thing was scrapped and rebuilt from scratch, so it’s more accurate to say that it was in development for 3-4 years rather than 10 years. The only thing that remains from 13VS is Noctis’ ability to summon sword.

  • D.3ND

    After the end of 3.5 MSQ, most of the most player base decide take a good hiatus until StormBlood since the majority finish gearing or completed their Relic. So it wont be surprising when StormBlood goes live in June 16.

  • Justice V


  • Justice V

    Depending what the next titles are I’ll probably still pre-order them.

  • MajoraMan28

    I can keep up with the story, albeit, it still is far from good storytelling.
    FFVII had an excellent storytelling, until the expanded universe appeared, with Nomura being the main head behind the writing of the expanded universe.
    FFXV isn’t complete because they had 3 years to revive Nomura’s dead project, so they decided to keep part of the story that was, ironically, a product of Nomura’s own story. The story was critcized for its inconsistencies, specially towards the end. And you can see even in terms of gameplay and design how the game is different when comparing the Tabata take (the first half of the game) with the more linear and story oriented focus. I’m not defending Tabata here, in fact I know he isn’t the best director out there, but you can see from interviews that in terms of plot they tried their best to keep the original vision from Nomura as intact as possible. They changed a few things, sure, but the main story isn’t that different.

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    When I looked at these trailers I also thought the same, these cities of FFXII are better than those of FFXV. The only imposing and beautiful city is Insomnia, but they removed it from the game practically, that of the final does not count, it is in ruins, and it is night, nothing of that beautiful city that we saw in the first trailers of FFXV. It’s unfortunate what they did with FFXV, I can not settle. Not to mention the FFXV plot that spoiled him, I’ve never seen a game with such a badly told story, producers should be ashamed of what they did with this game, and reboot it, or even launch a continuation that would try to redeem everything they did with This game.

  • Tonyarsanchez

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  • Jesiah Grant

    I reckon if squre didn’t put so much resources into kingsglaive and never made the movie and a kings story and implemented it into ffxv, we’d have a better game overall. Having noctis escape Insomia would of been far more interesting I think.

  • NewestType

    Good job square!

  • xMysticx

    for lying ?
    you cant be serious….

  • Chlodovech

    No. What are you talking about?

    In 2010 Nomura said the scenario of the story was finished (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2010/06/final-fantasy-versus-xiii-scenario-and-designs-complete/) but scenarios aren’t stories. They’re point-form synopsis of the major beats moments, the CliffsNotes containing the most important events in the story that will be told. Hell, depending on the translation, Nomura mostly likely said the script was completed, not even the damn scenario. Ferrari himself said that the story kept changing every three months.

    There was never a concrete and cohesive story.

    There were cues that VersusXIII/XV would originally be a multi-part series but when it was decided that XV would be a stand-alone game, Tabata and Saori Itamuro said on several occasions that the team had to work on putting everything they could into a single game since it was all scattered. Thus, the plot and pace would naturally need to be changed in order to fit this 1-game requirement.

    So yes, Tabata had to build everything from zero. And why?

    Because Nomura is an artist, not a writer. Period.

    Like any artist he has tons ideas, some that are the most creative in the industry, but he can’t figure how to put them together to make sense out of them. He could draw as many concept pictures he wanted for Versus and FFXV he wanted and say “this is the story!” but he has to have the help of someone to fill in the blank spaces or else he would be the only one to enjoy his games. Doesn’t help when the guy is always changing his mind and vision too.

    By the end of the day we fans knew jackshit about FFv13. All Nomura gave us from 2006 to 2013 were bread crumbles: a bunch of flashy and pointless CGI action scenes with a generic “anime boy meets girl!” scene that for some unkown reason had everybody saying how that game would be “so freaking cool!”

    “But no he changed Noctis Regis cut out Stella.”

    So what?

    Noctis and Regis ended up way more interesting than they previously were in Versus and Stella was nothing. All she did was say a few things and point a sword towards Noctis. That was it. That was all we had about Stella. I don’t know what or where fans saw that made her be the oh so amazing character. Fans need to stop whining about her.

    “made a movie made minigiames cut story for later dlc”

    Yes, and that is more than Nomura did for the game.

    In the end FFXV still has plenty of Nomura to it (a realistic setting, how as the player go deeper into the game the setting will adapt to a more fantasy esqué, the road trip, action oriented battle system, etc,) but the execution was different and I am glad for that because in the way I see it, while Nomura makes concepts Tabata makes games.

    My whole point is: you or anyone else can’t say that Tabata changed Nomura’s vision when that is far from the truth.

    However you do have a sound point and I completely agree about Tabata’s excuse of making the story unbalanced to fit Noctis’ perspective.

    In The Last of Us we see everything from Joel’s perspective and not in one moment the story is unbalanced. In FFX we only have Tidus perspective in order to know about the characters, Spira, the cultures and beliefs, etc, and it is one of the best numbered FF games in the franchise.

    The issue with FFXV’s story was a matter of time and the development hell it sadly went through. He gave us that excuse but any person, gamer or not, who can add 1 plus 1 can say that the issue was a lack of time to finish it and properly execute the game to fully integrate important and key moments into the narrative.

    As an user in Gamesfaq said, “… a big, Japanese company like SE would never allow one of their directors to admit such a thing,especially about such a high-profile game. That would imply there was mismanagement of time and resources and God forbid that they appear like they don’t have their ish together!!! Tabata knew his team didn’t have the time needed (the delay in September) and now WE GAMERS know it as well, but SE executives would never let that be published.”

    God forbid indeed.

    During those 10 years a lot of things changed in Square Enix too, even the CEO himself, so things were bound to change in this FFXV. This is actually what I blame the most for the game to not have reached the level it could. It unjustly got caught up in the middle of too many chaotic happenings within the company for a proper development be put into it. Nevertheless, many people within SE, even Nomura himself, said that they truly believed XV could surpass the success VII had (which I also believe), but because of their own terrible incompetence we got the ghost of what could be one their most successful projects to date.

    So maybe I should rephrase myself: I don’t really blame Nomura for what happened, I blame Square Enix itself.

  • •december

    no i mean release episode prompto and go about your business

  • •december

    Almost half way through May where’s Episode Prompto?
    No news at all?

  • Casper


    If we got XIII-2 then you know what I want Nomura’s Versus XV.

    2021 Man or 2020, I don’t care as long as it happens.

  • Jesiah Grant

    The movie and mini games were so unnecessary and wasted resources, makes sense why we had so little CGI cutscenes, the whole kingsglaive plot should of been for noctis and how he escapes insomnia. Like it was originally envisioned. That scene where Nyx gives Luna that pin from a throwaway character just made me so annoyed and the nerve to throw in that masterpiece of a song Somnus in the scene just made me compare it to when noctis met stella when it was versus. Plus wasn’t somnus + noctis’ constant sleeping supposed to originally have a huge role. But for some reason instead Noctis’ favorite hobby is fishing? Like where in the kingdom of insomnia could he even fish o_O its like a city.

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    I would have preferred that FFXV had been another game than trying to modify what was left of FF Versus XIII. The problem was not that they changed everything, but did show a trailer in 2013 on E3, already with the name of FF XV, and have changed all that, they did not warn that they would cut what they showed in that trailer. I hated having made this movie and created Nyx. I expected to see scenes of those battles in Insomnia with Noctis and his friends. For in the head of those who saw the first trailers was recorded in memory all those epic combats against the empire, we projected as it would be, we wondered how much potential this game would have, to be something bigger than what we experienced in FF’s golden age, PS1. And it did not happen, they gave us a game that wants to be a western, open world RPG. They did not value the history, they preferred to hide it and to focus the game in the trip of Noctis and its friendly. Noa was cool, it’s hard to accept what they did, just because they showed one thing and gave us another, and they did not tell us they were going to do it. Even after Tabata took over, they continued to show scenes that were cut a few months before the game was released: Noctis on Father’s lap, Luna CG scenes, dog scenes and guards, Noctis diurnal scenes on Insomnia

  • NewestType

    I mean fot the profits.

  • NewestType

    Those luck bastards…
    im on my 3rd relic with my “free time”

  • NewestType

    TECHNICALLY, since it was injected via the lifestream, I would consider it a pre-existing condition. So i would not be supreised if that “Financial Compensation” is for certain employees only…

  • NewestType

    Ypou doubt HE will? damn thats like a quarter after never.

  • NewestType

    Actually lol
    its the flip of that.

    FFXV brought in many new users to the series, and Final Fantasy as a brand has never made so much money. The people who have no associaion to the series are the ones buying these titles going forward. Not the old jrpg fans.

  • NewestType

    So much this.
    the common consumer doesnt give a shit about Stella. STELLA!

  • NewestType


    It would be an equally convoluded mess that people use to tear down Nomura. It could practically be the same game released and people would still love to hate Nomura from that.

  • NewestType

    TBH. Ive never been a hipster. But i didnt know the whole story until i bought a 3ds.

  • NewestType

    This isnt true at all. the story was re-written long before that. if you want facts on the timeline them watch the GDC for XV. You’re free to say they are lying, of course, because most things lited their including the timeline contradict most of your thought.

  • NewestType

    20% only?

    thats a good day

  • NewestType

    You people are bitter.

  • xMysticx

    lol, from ffxv ?
    nah time will come and you will see what is like to see a true FF .. XV was just retarded version

  • xMysticx

    which means he got it buy lying …

  • Noctis

    post of #Merciless

    Actually, not only is Hajime Tabata the only person in company history
    to release an unfinished FF, but made Nomura, Ferrari and others I won’t
    mention hate him for assuring the story will “stay absolutely
    untouched, I respect your vision fully” — lying, and forcing key team
    member to cut entire areas, sequences, and gameplay that took over a
    year to make, all cut at the last second. The truth is XV (which was
    still Versus at heart) was killed by Tabata
    after the final delay at the huge FFXV unveiling, because he could not
    deal with the amount of story help he needed to fit the scenes together
    to make the story work without the guidance of Nomura, myself, and
    someone else. He KILLED THE GAME OUT OF SPITE. And now he is quietly
    facing the consequences, being only allowed to “fix FFXV, no matter how
    long it takes” with Type-1 CANCELED, and being removed from ANY FURTHER
    FF games. You do not believe this, but he is hated by some of the
    highest people in the whole company because of what he did to Versus at
    the last minute OUT OF SPITE and WORRY OF FAILING. SOON, he WILL be
    exposed, and everyone WILL CHANGE THEIR TUNE. (This i already known in
    Square. Idiots who praise Tabata are only failing for press statements
    trying spin a disaster in a positive light.) Don’t worry, when it is
    safe to speak without reprisal, I, along with other HUGE names, will all
    launch in synchronicity, and it will be the biggest scandal since
    Kojima. Possibly bigger. Even Jose (Joe) and others know the truth of
    what is about to happen.You think Stella was the only important
    BLOWN. SHE WAS NOTHING compared to what was cut by him, and while they
    answer once and for all, do you know why “Omen” looks so chopped up and
    weird? It was many different crucial story scenes all cut together to
    look like one movie, especially when Versatile activates the Crystal
    Jammer and cuts Noctis off from his power when he attempts to invade a
    very important Magitek research facility to save a character you DON’T
    EVEN KNOW ABOUT. There is so much you will learn soon.

  • Randy Marsh

    Exactly. Is that not what I said lol?

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    I’m one of those who think that the movie Kingslaive should never have been made, he spoiled the game of FFXV. Much of the plot content was removed from the game to be introduced in the film, including the epic battles against the empire. This is unacceptable, they took the soul out of the game and turned it into a western, open world RPG game. The impression I have when playing FFXV, I said and I repeat, is the impression of being playing a SPIN-OFF of what would be the true FFXV. The game does not have key scenes to introduce the characters, many characters like Cor, Aranea, Iris look like generic characters, the CG scene shown in many trailers with Cor Leonis and Noctis has been cut. It seemed like a western RPG game with generic characters. Lost all that magic that only JRPGs have.

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    Who wrote that, is a square-enix insider?

  • Serj_Angelo

    This is an interesting read, especially the Verstael jammer part which was mentioned by someone in the official forums way before the game came out (apparently from some closed media presentation), however one part that to me doesn’t add up is “but he is hated by some of the highest people in the whole company”.

    Who? I’m sure Matsuda and Hashimoto are more than satisfied considering how good it sold, plus they were all overseeing the project.
    I’m not sure Tabata made all the changes out of spite either. Does he lack a proper vision and capabilities as a director? Sure. But without knowing the whole story behind Versus and it’s development, I don’t believe that he intentionally made the game just slightly above mediocre and not great.

  • Hey we’re trying to run a business here! lol

  • xXDibbs

    Yeah…..Just like Red Dead Redemption /s

  • xXDibbs

    This reads as a really bad conspiracy theory……………

    Few things.

    Reality, there are a limited amount of resources that can be invested in a project.

    Time constraints, resource limitations and hardware restrictions.

    Look it was a very ambitious project, it was something that sounded amazing on paper but the concept was far too ahead of its time.

    The technology needed to make it happen in the amount of time provided (3 years) and the limited resources allocated to it just isn’t possible.

    Lets just break it down a bit shall we?

    Lets assume that KingsGlaive covered 25% of the games total story, and that FFXV broke even at 5 million and was missing 50% of its planned content.

    So lets assume that making 25% of FFXV would cost 300 million over the course of 3 years.

    Kings Glaive was made alongside the base game so that was there already.

    But lets say that it had to be released as a single game with now movie or other side stuff.

    We are looking at 300 million for Kings Glaive, another 300 million for the base game, and another 600 million for the cut 50% that was removed from the base game and you have a very daunting thing.

    You would need 4x the human capital and 4x the budget to make it happen, but then there were other problems as well.

    Lets say that 25% would take a single BD disc, then in order to get this working you would need each physical copy of FFXV to contain multiple discs in order to be possible and this would decrease their profit margin.

    So all in all we are talking about north of 20 million sales day one just to break even, and would cost around 1.2 billion USD if not more.

    If we look at what is going on then we see that FFXV will peak at 8 million sales, which would be about 420 million out of a needed 1.2 billion. That would have either forced SE to file for Bankruptcy or severely damage the company.

    Thats the reality of it all, we are also seeing gaming transition to a more service like format.

    Is it ideal? NOPE!!!!

    Could it be avoided? NOPE!!!!!

    I wish people would just take some time to look at the big picture and then actually provide feedback that would help the developers make a better game, but your post is anything but that.

    You sound like you work at SE? If so then put your money where your mouth is and take a lone from a bank and have it made on your dime and then lets see what you would do with the same restrictions applied to you.

    Get a lone of about 1.2 billion and get it done in 3 years, put yourself in the shoes of those who you are attacking.

    FFXV regardless of what you think of it, has introduced a lot of new blood into the JRPG fanbase and that will only bring more JRPG’s which is a win for the genre.

    Don’t like FFXV? Fine, but it did bring new blood to the genre and making it more lucrative to make JRPG’s.

    Don’t like Tabata? He made Type 0 and Crisis Core, those were his games. FFXV wasn’t his so you can’t put this on him.

    Why do I even bother writing these replies? Its like talking to a wall in all honesty.

    Just move on already the game has been out for about 7 months so find something better to do with your time already.

  • xXDibbs

    So you’ve never seen or heard of Ride to hell Retribution?


    Just try to say that FFXV’s story is worse then Ride to hell Retribution, I dare you.

  • xXDibbs

    Square isn’t a person, its a company with a large amount of employees so this is a win for all of them because it means that they get to keep there jobs and continue making interesting games.

  • xMysticx

    why thank you for pointing out my mistake
    also i miss spelled by for buy lol

    i meant they as a company but my phone miss spelled it
    are you sure they ALL gonna get to keep their job …?

    well time will tell

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    If they knew that it would not be possible to produce the game because they did not have the technology and money to do so, why did they fool everyone with that incredible and incredible trailer that was shown at E3 2013?
    It’s hard to continue believing in the promises of Square-enix, if we see any trailer of FF XVI, FF Remakes or any other that makes us jaw-dropping and out of the reality is good to be cautious, can not get more excited, Now we are vaccinated against illusions and deceit. My expectations for E3 are not encouraging, I do not want to be deluded with game trailers that will not happen as they want to show.

  • xXDibbs

    I’m pretty sure a large majority of them will keep their jobs as its a business in the end and maintaining talented people is part of running a successful company.

  • daveguitar

    you really are annoying.. wow…

  • Noctis

    and you are unnecessary to this community

  • Noctis

    don`t tell me what to do! go back into your hole

  • Noctis

    You sound like you work at SE? If so then put your money where your mouth is and take a lone from a bank and have it made on your dime and then lets see what you would do with the same restrictions applied to you.


    If your read my first sentence its says it`s a post of merciless not me….pay attention

  • Games Das

    There is only one reason – Nier Automata and not Final Fantasy XV.

  • xMysticx

    hold to your statement then
    we will see and time will tell if your statement is right or not

  • xXDibbs

    if their financials are any indication then we already know the answer ^^

  • xMysticx

    that’s applied to you not me 😀

  • Noctis

    Of course for now they they will keep the job, cuz they lied so much to us. next game we will see.

  • xXDibbs

    Never said it applies to anyone other then me ^_^

  • Average Afro

    Huh, cool. Another comment that has nothing to do with the article.

  • xMysticx

    then we have nothing to argue about
    dont you agree 🙂

  • xXDibbs

    Who’s arguing?

  • xMysticx

    not me i guess

  • xXDibbs

    I’m just having a discussion, oh the irony.

  • xMysticx

    irony ? its not an irony …
    im just having fun talking with you not fighting thats all

  • xXDibbs

    The irony is confusing a discussion with an argument is all, since those two are complete opposites

  • xMysticx

    im not confusing it at all 1st i had an argument with another
    you jumped in it seeking just a discussion
    correct ? that what we are doing

  • xXDibbs

    oh yeah, true dat

  • NoctLightCloud

    Don’t tell me you haven’t played XII yet? XII’s story is worse than XV, no joke.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Yes!!! Exactly this!

  • NoctLightCloud

    Ikr! I agree so much with you, Jesiah…

  • NoctLightCloud

    I’ll refer to this article for once.
    – I can’t wait for DQXI for PS4, guys, I’m so buying it!!
    – Also, Stormblood anyone? Heavensward has amazed me so much, it was just my style (dragons, castles, and snow in a FF!!).
    – I’m not sure what to think of NieR Automata, the demo wasn’t my cup of tea. (Thank god for demos!)
    – DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS is my personal GotY 2016. The demo got me hooked. I’ve never spent so many nights on any video game before, ever. It’s absolutely brilliant and addicting.
    – World of Final Fantasy was very sweet (Japanese dub). As a KH- &FF-fan, I loved it. The secret dungeons are quite hardcore though.
    – KH 2.8 A Fragmentary Passage – oh those feels. Those beautiful graphics. (I’m KH-biased, yes.)
    – XV was good (especially the music, Japanese dub & beautiful graphics that I’ve never seen before).

    So, apart from DQXI, XV DLCs and Stormblood, probably the only other PS4 game I’ll get is Resident Evil 7, for I loved its Lets Plays on Youtube.

  • NoctLightCloud

    XV had the best chobobo design of any FF imo. Yes, Chocobos are very important, lol. I still love Noctis, the Regalia, the Platinum demo (so much Nomura-style), the overall world, Kingsglaive, and Prompto’s Japanese voice actor who happens to speak German too (since he has lived in Germany until his 12th birthday or so). I’ve spent over 100hrs with XV, and loved some dungeons and monsters, but I couldn’t fully enjoy it due to the constant feeling of “something is missing?”, “where is Insomnia?”, the death of the protagonist (an absolute(!) no-go for me! WHY?), almost no smexy Aranea, Gentiana or Luna (or heck ANY female character except for the boring sister), rarely any dog scenes (I liked those dogs a lot), no cat exploring mode(? come on :P), and the fact that I’ve supported the idea of Versus XIII since 2008 and wanted to explore Shibuya aka Insomnia while riding a chocobo so badly and see that famous badass Insomnia CGI cutscene in full 4K resolution on my PS4 Pro. Now THAT would’ve been epic!

  • NoctLightCloud

    What’s the current sales for NieR Automata anyways?

  • Jesiah Grant

    Money spent on advertising/ making the ios games, anime and movie really could of been used for the development of the game. Hell the movie has better CGI then the game does for its cutscenes. That’s not right and to have so many throwaway characters was a disappointment. Luna is a completely different character who doesn’t want to rely on magic to save her WHAT? shes the frickin oracle, magic is her jam. The plot of the lucci in FFXV is given to kingsglaive and theres no dialogue of the kings of old talking to Noctis. I was waiting for that once Noctis put on the ring that he would be transported to where the lucci are and at least talk to his father -_- also why was ultros in kingslgaive? give us that boss in ffxv

  • Games Das

    Check the sales on Nova Crystallis and also see its review.The Cost to Performance Ratio for Nier Automata far surpasses Final Fantasy XV.

  • Dhanang Wibowo

    Nay.. I don’t think NieR even already surpass 1m unit mark when this financial report prepared. FFXV should be released in 2016, or SE can’t write positive result in this financial report.

  • Dhanang Wibowo

    Yeah, don’t like the movie too.. I don’t understand the need to introduce the glaives. They are hardly mentioned or relevant with the final game. But the movie is made not because the team wanted to, but because the game had to be released on 2016, or else SE had to report decline in this financial report and that won’t be reviewed very good by the investors/shareholders.

  • Dhanang Wibowo

    You’re really clueless, aren’t you?

    Instead of killing Nomura work, what Tabata has done was CLEANING UP HIS MESS. Just how many years it took Nomura to finish VersusXIII?? Even E32013 footage was just FAKE gameplay – it was just a mere animation with fake HUD made on top of the Ebony engine (which was the prototype of current Luminous engine). If Nomura already had any playable engine back in E3 2013, it won’t take Tabata 3 years to finish the game.

    Nomura also planned to release XV on several installments – like the way he planned for VII Remake. But when the management shoved the project to Tabata, they wanted all XV story to be cramped into a single installment. Tabata hardly had anything usable left by Nomura to begin with.

    Just compare the trailer from E3 2013 (when Nomura was still in charge) and from TGS 2014 (when the project was already given to Tabata).. Just watch the GAMEPLAY, it was totally different. Because what Nomura showed back in 2013 was just FAKE idealistic utopian gameplay. Just research Tabata interview around the date of TGS 2014 and see how many news claiming that E3 2013 was fake and Tabata having hard times to answer those questions and cover it up. Tabata had to build everything from scratch. His team was the one who materialized Nomura action based gameplay vision.

    Yet since 2013, Tabata also had been set deadline for FFXV to be in the end of 2016. WHY? Because in that year Square Enix DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER AAA GAME to be released. SE had planned their game releases pretty well and have positive financial reports with steady growth in sales and profits from 2013 to 2015. But in 2016, they do not have any other potentially million copies game planned to be released. If FFXV wasn’t released in 2016, then on the report you read above they HAVE TO report DECLINE in both sales & profits. And that wouldn’t be received nicely by investors / shareholders.

    Practically Tabata team were cleaning up the mess that Nomura had made from 2006, lol. God knows what year XV will be released if Nomura was still in charge.

  • Dhanang Wibowo

    Yeah Nomura’s E3 2013 trailer was just a fake gameplay. Tabata had to materialize anything Nomura had shown in the past from scratch.

  • Dhanang Wibowo

    According to the one who leaked the game in 4chan, he’s saying that Tabata was doing magic to release FFXV in 2016. Tabata practically did everything he can in three years that Nomura hardly did anything usable in 6 years. If someone to blame with the condition of FFXV, Nomura should be the first person to take responsibility.

  • Serj_Angelo

    That’s a bad logic there
    First of all, we don’t know exactly has been done on Versus by Nomura up to the point it went into full production. What we do know is that his team was constantly dragged to fixing XIV and making XIII trilogy (because Crystal Tools could not be used for Versus anymore they wanted to squeeze out as much from XIII as possible).

    I don’t hate on Tabata, but the whole “only 3 years” argument is getting old. Witcher 3 was also made in 3 years on a brand new engine and a dev team of similiar size. If something is to blame with the condition of FFXV is the dev team’s ambitions without knowing how to realize them properly.

  • Dhanang Wibowo

    That’s the first leak, he (or other leaker) made another thread after that, but unfortunately it got deleted by now. What I can find is someone who copy-pasted his answers to this neogaf forum: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1323493

    About Tabata:
    ‘I liked him and he’s an excellent professional. He gets job done at very difficult circumstances. The engine didn’t adapt well to consoles and had limitations. I’m proud to have worked on the game but I think the company should have given it more development time..’

    About development time:
    ‘The game has had barely 3 years of actual development time.’

    And from your link (to get hints why Nomura left and what Tabata faced when he’s given the project):
    ‘Because of said Nomura trilogy hopes and because Square would rather have him on KH3 and FF7 remake. With Nomura it would have been good, but would have taken WAY MORE TIME just to get PART 1 OUT, like an EXTRA 2 YEARS.’

    So with Nomura, PART 1 of FFXV will be released in 2018.

    Then the management asked Tabata to compress that planned trilogy storyline into one single game – hence Kingsglaive & Brotherhood were made.

    And then we can look to what he said about E3 2013 footage to get hints what Nomura left for Tabata team (this from your link too):
    ‘E3 2013 was a proof of concept based on Noruma’s version of what the game would have been and nothing more.’

    Okay, I was overly sarcastic when I said that Nomura didn’t give Tabata anything usable. Ofc characters model, places design, etc are already there – including some basic animations like Aranea’s dragoon attack.

    But just as the leaker said, E3 2013 footage was a mere vision. And I dare say that none of that footage was playable – just look at that Noctis jumping to the aircraft, crawling & climbing over it, then jumping to crumbling building, swimming around raging Leviathan, etc – none of those mechanics exist in the final game.

    Tabata team were the one who materialized those Nomura’s vision into a real playable gameplay. Just check news around TGS 2014, you’ll find some reporters asked Tabata whether E3 2013 footage was just a fake gameplay – since the one that Tabata showed on TGS 2014 was completely different.

    And just for trivia, if you liked to know what the (might-be) actual story of VsXIII: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2im021c.jpg

  • NoctLightCloud

    Ikr! I agree so much with you, Jesiah. The more I read about XV, the more it feels like someone had prepared an awesome story, but then another team with much less talent came and overhauled the whole thing. This is so, SO sad, guys…

  • Jesiah Grant

    Yeah, I made this my final fantasy game. I was one of those kids back in the day who would repeatedly watch the versus 13 trailer on his ipod nano… I had very high expectations. I really hope the FF7 Remake is better >< I really want to have a blast with FF.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Yes, Casper, YES!!!☆

  • NoctLightCloud

    Jesiah, I was also one of those kids!^^ I recorded the trailer & Somnus Nemoris on my old phone with shitty resolution only to watch it over & over again. (Man, do I so much NOT wish those times back when it comes to technology) I was shipping Noctis & Stella so hard.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Man the way they treated somnus in FFXV was not how I pictured it would be used. It supposed to relate to how noctis is always sleeping and such. They completely scrapped that concept and shoe hored it into the menu theme and final area theme. Menu theme should fo been the classic FF menu theme like with every game :/

  • NoctLightCloud

    Ikr! I agree again. The title music should have been any other OST except Somnus. “Noctis” is a wonderful piece and is very suitable as a title screen music imo, as well as “Luna” or “Song of the Dawn”. Alternatively, the classic FF menu would’ve brought a tear or two to those on the more nostalgic side :’) but we haven’t seen a classis FF theme in titled menus for years…except for the MMO XIV ARR & Heavensward. Those versions are amazing.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Oh really I had no idea that the classic tune hadn’t been used for ages. Last FF before XV for me was Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] and that menu theme was incredible. Hoping it returns in Dissidia NT. Its going to feel a little strange not having Chaos and Cosmos as central figures in this game.