Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s story continues from the PSP game By Erren Van Duine on June 13, 2017 at 10:59 PM

This week’s Weekly Famitsu issue has the latest scoop on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the long-awaited new Dissidia Final Fantasy game due out for PlayStation 4 worldwide next year.

Although most of the information in the article has been already covered before, the magazine also has an interview with Director Takeo Kujiraoka and Producer Ichiro Hazama which delves further into the storyline and feature aspects. Hachima has provided a detailed summary of the interview, which we have translated below.

NT, The PlayStation 4 version, is based on the Arcade version while adding more depth to the world setting and storyline. There will not be a mode dedicated for storyline though as versus battle is the main aspect of the game. However, as players go through multiple battles, the story will be unveiled naturally.

The story in NT happens a long time after the battle in the original PSP game. It will explain why conflicts among deities are happening in the Arcade version even though the story should have been completely finished in the previous title. As the story is a continuation from the PSP game, the characters will have a reunion rather than a meeting for the first time.

Although the characters lost their memories of their respective titles when coming to this world in the PSP game, they regain those memories up to the end of their stories here in NT, as well as retaining their memories from the PSP game, thus making them fully confident. Some characters will have costumes that are different from the Arcade version in story, for example FFVII‘s Cloud, which is based on the events in Advent Children.

When NT gets released for PS4, it will have every playable character, stage and EX skills that are available in the Arcade version at that time. However it does not mean that they will be ignoring the Arcade version after that, as future updates will be coming first to Arcade, and only after some amount of time those updates will be brought over to NT.

The main focus of NT will be in the Battle mode, but the development team will add features that can make the game more enjoyable to players who are not too good at versus, such as selectable difficulty when fighting CPU enemies, or rules that feel like party games that are exclusive to the PS4 version.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is due out for PlayStation 4 worldwide simultaneously in early 2018.

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  • Wait, can you clarify if this refers to Dissidia 012 or Dissidia? Because there’s two games, but the last installment (Dissidia 012) happened BEFORE the first Dissidia game.

  • Krijn van Alten

    There you have your answer: it’s after the ‘normal’ Dissidia game.

  • Jesse Smith

    “The story in NT happens a long time after the battle in the original PSP game.”

  • Art

    Dissidia 012 contains the original Dissidia storyline aswell. 012 tells the story of the 12th cycle of the gods war, and then there’s the 13th and final cycle. Both stories are contained in 012

  • As nature intended. All that memory lose and retcon and shit was stupid the first time. Better not do it again if they want me to buy it. I’m not siting thru it.

  • NoctLightCloud

    “Some characters will have costumes that are different from the Arcade version in story, for example FFVII‘s Cloud, which is based on the events in Advent Children.”
    Wait, does that mean there will be no costume selection? Even Super Smash Cloud had more than 1 costume, come on!!:O

  • Whoa what?

  • One Eco

    WHAT? This is an actual sequel?!
    Now I really need to know Spiritus and Materia in all of this. And what new world are we playing on in the story-mode? Because in 012 it was confirmed that the “World B” started to die after Chaos was destroyed and Cosmos died with it…

  • Daniel Fernandes

    They meant that in the story of the game, we’ll have the Cloud from AC rather than the Cloud from the original VII. It’s the same thing as putting the Yuna from X-2 rather than the Yuna from X. But we’ll have alternate costumes. And I’m not telling that Yuna will be based on her X-2 appearance in NT; just used as an example (and sorry for any broken english)

  • NoctLightCloud

    Oh I see^^ thanks for the explanation~ (and your English is fine, don’t worry :D)

  • Iker Urien

    In fact Yuna won’t be a character on this Dissidia. Not yet, at least. The selectable characters so far by now are all main characters from FFI-XIV most villains from FFI-IX, Kain from FFIV, Ace from FFType-0 and Ramza from FFTactics. Noctis (FFXV) has also been confirmed for the game, but he has not been included yet. That means no Jecht, no Gabranth, no Tifa, no Prishe, no Gilgamesh, no Cloud of Darkness and some other characters from Dissidia 012 Duodecim, and of course no Yuna. But I suppose, they will include some of them before the game launches and others after launch as dlc or updates.

  • One Eco

    All the veterans from 012 are confirmed to reappear (except Feral Chaos)

  • Daniel Fernandes

    Thanks (^_^)

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  • Justice V

    Even if it was a sequel after 012 by saying it happens a long time after tells you it’s after Dissidia 1, considering Dissidia 1 took place like the day after 012 ended, or at least the next time they all woke up. So a long time after would logically mean after that.