Here’s a taste of Dragon Quest XI’s PS4-exclusive features By Wazi the pa on June 23, 2017 at 10:29 PM

Once again, Square Enix has updated the official website to Dragon Quest XI’s official Japanese website to share even more details about the upcoming RPG. For this set, we’re treated with information and screenshots detailing the list of features exclusive to the game’s PS4 version.

Catch all of it down below:

A Dramatic & Beautiful Adventure

From notable story-based cutscenes and diverse townscapes, to dungeons of various environmental designs and expansive fields, everything is vividly express to provide players a gratifying adventure.


—The setting of this grand adventure is Lotozetasia, a world that spreads as far as the eye can see!

—Your trusty horse will play a crucial role in traveling this expansive world.

—Players can even knock back monsters while horse riding!

Character expressions

—Facial expressions and actions are fully depicted.


—Push your way through the stickiest of spider webs.

—Crouch and crawl through holes.

—Freely utilise various actions.

A Painstakingly Detailed World

—Intricate townscapes.

—Enormous statues that preach above the clouds.

—Magical & mysterious caves.

—A luxurious casino to earn some quick gold.

—Devilish lava.

—Breathtaking, shining springs.

A Diverse Ecosystem of Monsters and Creatures

—Monsters, such as the kind shown above, will form herds.

—Encounter suspicious prayers.

—Discover creatures that are… Gathered for class?

Battle Styles

Free Movement Battles

Move the character and viewpoint at your own will and grasp the opportunity to sneak behind enemies!

Auto Camera Battles

Alternatively, players can switch to a more traditional combat style where in-game scenes are full of presence and the play of offense and defense act as major strategic approaches.

Exploration Element: The Bowgun Adventure

—A character in a certain town will invite the player to take part in the Bowgun Adventure.

—With the bowgun, you can shoot at targets that are scattered all around the world.

—Be observant as targets can be found in various locations.

Magic Slots

The “Magic Slot” feature enables players to enjoy gorgeous scenes and mysterious events.

—Embark on an adventure with Rocket, the Slime and fight monsters to gain items.

—There are opportunities for defeated monsters to get up and become your allies!

—If you end up with a row of 7s, a bonus game will commence!

—At the end of every bonus game, players will battle against a powerful boss.

—The Magic Slots are full of mysteries.

Alternatively, players can also enjoy other casino games such as traditional slots and poker.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29 in Japan, with its Nintendo Switch version currently in development.

  • Not sure casino’s where that hi-tech back in medieval times.

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  • Lord Shiru

    Regarding “Free Movement Battles” :

    [Move the character and viewpoint at your own will and grasp the opportunity to sneak behind enemies!]

    So now there is some benefits at using it ? Or it’s still like before (nothing special… only for aesthetic purpose ?)

    The graphics are still top notch 🙂 !

  • NoctLightCloud

    This game looks absolutely amazing!!

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  • Michael Martin

    Ps4 exclusive? Or is this all gonna be on the switch as well??

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    “exclusive features” not exclusive game.
    its on the title

  • Michael Martin

    I should have said “Ps4 exclusive features? Or is this all gonna be on the switch as well?”
    This is nothing exclusive is its on the switch since all I see is the difference between console and handheld

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    Its PS4 exclusive features, nothing more nothing less.
    its the same as exclusive Dlcs.

  • KingObscura

    if Android 17 and Trunks had a kid it would come out looking like this handsome fella.. lol