Antique Carnevale character trailer details “Elena” By Wassim Deen on July 8, 2017 at 1:08 AM

As scheduled, Square Enix has gone live with the second trailer for their newly announced title Antique Carnevale.

Voiced by Yukari Tamura, Elena is the embodiment of the summons beast Ifrit. She guides and leads the fire people as a summoner who protects the fire mountains of “Ignicia.” Her heart is filled with passion, and it is said that once you earn her trust, she will protect you until the very end. Elena’s appearance imitates that of a beast in order to understand both herself and the fire people.

View the trailer below:

Square Enix will be releasing additional information of Antique Carnevale on July 18. Platform(s) for the title have yet to be announced.

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  • If square wants to tread new territory fine. But dont waste time doing a huge story for a story phoney game. Phone games are played on the go and rarely to people marvel over and discuss their stories. If this is gonna be.something along sidw FF DQ and KH make it reflect that.

  • NoctLightCloud

    The artwork is super pretty!