Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Closed Beta detailed By James Stine on July 26, 2017 at 9:54 AM

Information about Final Fantasy XV‘s multiplayer expansion Comrades was just published online detailing a closed beta that will be happening in August.

In order to participate in the beta, you need to have purchased the Season Pass. In addition a membership for either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live is also required in order to participate in the beta. The beta will begin on August 2nd and end on August 8th.

You will be able to create up to 8 avatars in the beta, all who which will be able to be customized to a limited degree while in this beta phase. There will only be a test version base camp to start at which will put you through a tutorial.

Players will have access to katanas, clubs, daggers, and shuriken weapons. There are also “Royal Sigils” which can be obtained. There are 3 quests which can be tested which reward Meteorshards which will have a purpose in the final game.

Each player can get one ingredient towards a meal to share with the party afterwards. As well as cooking meals, you can chat with your party members via preset chat messages as well as voice chat.

For full information about limitations of the beta and what to expect from the full release, check out the official site here.

  • Invictus

    Hmmmmmmmmmm… FFIV anyone?

  • Krijn van Alten

    Ok, get this done quickly and then start with the full production of XVI. We are already busy with this uninteresting FFXV ‘universe’ for far to long now.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Don’t know how I feel about this, Square should of put all there eggs into the single player experience. I’d accept a 4 player mode if we were controlling the chocobros but it seems like we will be making our own non canon character. We already have FF14, I have no interest in this if it doesn’t expand upon the lore of FFXV.

  • Randy Marsh

    As much as this looks interesting somewhat, I already have a FF online game I care about more.

  • Adam Hedquist

    You can play as Noctis and friends too, so that’s good…However, I don’t think this dlc was a smart move of them. The smarter option would’ve been putting all their time and effort on making the single player story better told.

  • stevenm281

    Damn it, why does it have to happen during my vacation 🙁

    Guess I’ll wait for the official release in September.

  • Vallen

    I don’t like to judge before I play, but from what is shown, the avatars look very generic. I really hope they update the character creation to be at least somewhat like FFXIV :/

  • Vallen

    FF XVI won’t happen until early 2020s at best lol

  • Krijn van Alten


  • Vallen

    -They will milk XV until the end of 2018 probably
    -They have a priority with FFVIIR after KHIII is out
    -These games take lots of time to make, and SE is horrible at time management

  • Krijn van Alten

    Nothing of these things is proof, just your thoughts. With proof I mean: a concrete company document of some sort.

  • stevenm281

    most likely Lestallum, as lore wise, its mentioned that Lestallum is the last bastion where lights prevent demons from getting in the city during World of Ruin. Citizens from Gralea, Tenebrae, Altissia, and etc., travel to Lestallum to take refuge.

  • Krijn van Alten

    -They will milk XV until the end of 2018 probably
    -They have a priority with FFVIIR after KHIII is out
    -These games take lots of time to make, and SE is horrible at time management

    Maybe, but for all those true point count: they have 12 different divisions who all work most of the time on multiple games, so all these arguments from you proof nothing at all.

  • Vallen

    That would make sense too. It could be “canon” if your avatar is a soldier fighting off invading demons during the 10-year timeskip, defending Lestallum.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Not too enthusiastic Invictus, think about your heart!

  • Vallen

    There is no “proof”, you’re right. However, I can guarantee you that FF XVI won’t be out until early 2020 at best. If you don’t believe me, take a screenshot or something and refer to it later on. There is no way they’ll push it out within the remainder of this decade considering how many other AAA titles they got under development

  • Stonespear

    Hey, smartass – you know he is right. Stop being contrary for the sake of being contrary. You do it a lot on here and it makes you look like a moron.

  • Krijn van Alten

    To give you a better understanding of the business model, here a interesting infograph someone on Reddit made some months ago:


    -What you see here is a couple of things. First, there are 5 divisions (number 1 till 5) who have the main focus on FF/KH, with 5 focusing on XI/XIV and 4 on Dissidia. Division one is now VIIR, 2 is XV and 3 is III

    -But, what we also see is that all of them also have other things they are busy with. Division 1 has a Motomuo Toriyama project on TBA, Division 2 had a new IP on TBA and Division 1&3 together cocreating a game called Flame & Blaze for 2017. Which proofs my point that indeed, despite the fact that VIIR/XV/III might have their main attention, they have other games in the works at the same time.

    -And sure, I have no actual proof for what the future of XV will be, but I think that you are wrong with your endlessly milking idea. First, thanks through it’s long development time, the game already cost SE more that the average game, so I rather think they focus on new games with normal development time then spending too much money on this one. Second, I hope that they have learned for XIII, in which the sequels (in particular LR) where pretty bad received. So instead of doing a sequel treatment, I think that they will continue with this DLC approach. But they cost less time to make, so I don’t think they need the full XV team for that.

    -If what I say is correct, then there is, or short will be some room within the XV team to start on something new, for example XVI. Or they already started it, and it’s that Motomuo Toriyama project Division 1 is already working on.

    -Also, another point: the last FF almost all where already in development before they predecessors where released. both X and XI were in development for the IX release, XII started development before X-2, XIII before XII, and the original XIV before XIII. So, why not a XVI development before the release of XV?

    -and last: it’s FF 30th birthday. And so far we have not seen much exited about it yet. for te 25th birthday they gave us the original Dissidia. Now this year they showed of course the PS4 version of the new Dissidia, but this is just the port of an arcade game which is already out for more then a year, so I don’t really count that as a birthday game. But what could be more suitable then to show the first XVI footage on this birthday? My guess is for 18 december, the date when the original I came out in Japan 30 years ago.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Only proof makes people right, not thoughts, speculation, knowledge of the past, a crystal globe or anything similar.

  • Serj_Angelo

    Looks interesting
    There seem to be more traditional spells involved both offensive and protective.
    Hoping that the gameplay’s going to be different from the main game in action aspect with more unique way to fight and all

  • alef321

    lmao, let me just play FFXII zodiac age, call me when square-enix make a new actual FINAL FANTASY.

  • Lord Shiru

    Wait wait wait… They finally implemented the spells from Kingsglaive ? (Sith Lightning / Protect)
    It’s better than I expected !

  • eternaleon

    Looks pretty cool.

  • Syul

    Me and my friends are excited to play this, all the more after reading the details in the web :3

    I foresee a high probability of us killing each other accidentally with magic, which is going to be quite funny xDDD

    What interests me more right now are the things that maybe can add some lore, like these objects (?) that you use to summon the power of your ancestors (which sounds a bit weird but since we don’t know much I guess it’s time to wait and see), and the stories of the missions (it’s nice to see that not only there are missions to play with people but also solo missions).

    I also like that you can earn more things to custom the characters by doing missions and buying things at the bases, because having only 4 garments as shown in that screenshot would have been kinda sad xD And, oh, if they would add chocobos (and chocobo races), it would be sooo lovely~

    Lastly, I’m going to say I’m relieved they’re doing a beta before launching it, less bugs for the final version, and I hope they’ll take into account the feedback >_<

  • Jaylen Lightbourn-Levine

    Please tell me that we can change genders and race cause I’m bored already with looking at this thing

  • stevenm281

    OMG! Please tell me its coming to the main game as well for Noctis to use!

  • Dod

    I guess we can expect a “Zombie” mode in a few months…

  • Dod

    Thank you for this enlightening reply.


    Oh god, please tell me we don’t have to play as a dude. I can’t stand being forced to play as dudes in games where you can make your own avatar. I’m a girl & I’d like to play as one whenever possible, dammit! Deliver the goods, Square lol

  • Mayumi Kato

    who said it’s September?

  • stevenm281

    well, FF15 has a major update with DLC from the season pass every three months: March (Gladiolus), June (Prompto), September (???), December (Ignis).

    Its quite easy to guess that September is Comrades now that they are beta testing it next week.

  • Julianer

    Hi. Nothing of the beta version will be transferred to the main game, right? (items, weapons etc.)

  • Vallen

    Nope, I don’t even think this will be officially out before Ignis DLC, still looks like much work is needed)

  • Vallen

    If you look at the background of that camp photo, there is a girl in the tent. I think you can make a female avatar.

  • Artemis Polara

    Well I’m a bit glad it seems we’re going to be members of the Kingsglaive. Hopefully they give these powers to Noctis and co though. They’re sorely needed (variety plz)

  • Vallen

    If you guys look at that Camp Photo with the tents, one tent has the Kingsglaive Logo: https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/2/20/Kingsglaive_Symbol_Art.png/revision/latest?cb=20160831220456

    I think you really might be playing as a Kingsglaive member.

  • Artemis Polara

    Do you think we might get the cloaking power that Libertus used briefly?

  • Cesar Melo

    That’s probably just an NPC

  • CallMeGod

    Can I finally play the complete edition of FF15 and not this expansion pack for FF14 because it’s garbage already.

  • Prompto is adorable~ <3

    …For those complaining about the avatars/supposedly not being able to play as the boys from the main game, please read the source first, as this sentence is right there in big letters on the ‘Comrades’ homepage, LOL: *”Updates will allow you to also play as Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis”* 😛 🙂

  • Randy Marsh


  • Carlos René Celano

    “My guess is for 18 december, the date when the original I came out in Japan 30 years ago.”

    I really really hope so.

  • Codes McGodes

    Square Enix doesn’t believe in women.

  • Codes McGodes

    Fanbase: “The only major flaw with FFXV is the story. If you finished it I think it would be perfect.”
    Square-Enix: “Combat multiplayer???”
    Fanbase: “No, literally just the story.”
    Square-Enix: “Offroad Monster Truck???”
    Fanbase: “No! The story! Please fix the story!”
    Square-Enix: “Moogle Carnival?????”
    Fanbase: “STORY!!”
    Square-Enix: “Sombrero Costume????? Power Rangers???????? We dun get wut u wan????”

  • Soldier Blue

    Is this what they promised to reveal at gamescom? God, I hope not.

  • NoctLightCloud

    If they added Gentiana, Luna, Aranea, Ravus and the likes to this expansion, then I’d be much more excited :’)

  • Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    Ain’t that the truth. That said, from a gameplay perspective this does look pretty good, if anything, to have more diverse spells carry over into main game.

  • Syul

    Well, they’ve shown this way before Gamescom, and they talked plural about the announcements, so don’t worry, they’ll show more :3

  • Stonespear

    Because they are unable to fix it. That’s really what it must boil down to.

  • Stonespear

    That is far more interesting and has a far deeper story.

  • Syafiq Khaidir


  • Mehmed

    You may have to wait for 1,5 maybe?

  • Krijn van Alten

    I so hope they will announce XVI this year, I really need something new after the disappointment which is XV.

  • Casper

    They can’t fix the story that much they gutted it from a 3 part trilogy to a 1 part game with dozens of spin-off that shouldn’t have happened honestly.

    The very best one can hope for is that this game gets remade or they make sorta like a XV-2 using the original 3 part scenario that actually fleshing things out properly.

    Apart from that honestly this story is going to be hard to repair also why are they focusing on the combat multiplayer will enough players be around to even bother with it, same with the VR fishing nonsense, all this multiplayer crap, the dlc episodes

    You know what would have been great

    A 3 part trilogy but in between each part they have an expansion similar to requiem of the goddess something that teases the next entry but doesn’t detract from that entries story.

    So FFXV Part 1 –> FFXV Part 1 expansion —> FFXV Part 2 —> FFXV Part 2 expansion —> FFXV Part 3.

  • Dod

    That’s pretty much it yeah.

  • Syul

    GUYS, did anyone see the 2 new achievement/trophies for FFXV that appeared in the Xbox achievement web??



    Gonna put my opinions on this under spoiler tagging because spoilers of hell xD

    It’s for an “unknown DLC”, which means it’s not even for the online…

    The 1st achievement/trophy description is kinda interesting, in my opinion it hints to either a Cor or Ardyn DLC… I mean, who else would you relate that kind of gameplay too?

    And oh damn, the name of the 2nd achivement/trophy… “Love turned tragedy”.

    Now it’s when they confirm Pitioss theory and you play as Ifrit vs Leviathan and I die of pure hype and delight xDDD It could hint to Noctis and Luna but right now I can’t wrap my mind as to how a DLC would fit about them…

    BUT… what if it’s about Ardyn…? I mean, I’ve investigated about the past and contrasted things and the jealous King would have to be someone of his own family (I believe it could have probably been a son to be honest), it could be referred as to the love of a familiar turned into something as twisted as Ardyn’s tragedy (because, hell, Ardyn absorbed Daemons, but it was totally uncalled for said King to ALSO fuck up Ardyn even more by demonizing him, ostrazicing him and locking him —that last thing is confirmed, read it on some pages of an official guide translated to French—).

  • Vallen

    I think that these trophies do pertain to the online multiplayer, it’s “unknown” because I don’t think it’ll officially launch for the public until mid Fall.

  • Syul

    If it is… I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think that if it was for the online it’s a little amount of achievements/trophies for it (I mean, just the Gladiolus and Prompto DLCs have 7 each one for example).

    What’s weird is how the achievements/trophies appeared, out of the blue, with no explanation or something D: Maybe it was accidental?

    I hope we’ll get to know more about these achievements/trophies soon Dx (And here I’m hoping it’ll have something to do with Ardyn because I’m a sucker for Trashy Hobo Lord haha x_D)

  • Bobby/Godless

    Depends. Is it Gamescom yet?

  • Soldier Blue

    Woo, so edgy

  • •december

    Pretty sure they’re all part of this, but they wanna test the grounds with a beta version first

  • •december

    I’ll give the closed beta a go!
    If in the future we’re getting to play as Cor Leonis or Ravus or Gentiana, then count me in.

  • noci

    One of them is for a new side mission, not that long but it has a nice level 99 bossfight(you might recognize the boss if you’ve played older FF games) to use the reintroduced chain system again.

  • noci

    Considering 2 images show actual magic, I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced proper magic in the main game as well.(please square I need my ultima and white magic)

  • noci

    Character creation will be limited so we might not be able to in the beta but in the actual dlc they’d be stupid not to give the option, plenty of FF fans are girls after all.

  • Syul

    Saw it in the end, thanks for the message by the way :3

    It was a nice battle and a nice little story, so far I liked it a lot. I would have loved it a ton if it was related to any of the things I said instead haha, but still, it was nice~ The chain system is funny, all the more because I hadn’t been able to play Duscae back then.

    In my case, I have played some old FFs, but since I did it years ago and my memory is a derpy little thing, if I fought her I probably just forgot xD