Here’s the first 20 minutes of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition By Wassim Deen on September 2, 2017 at 1:53 AM

The folks over at IGN has put up a gameplay video of the surprisingly-announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, set to release later this year for iOS, Android and Windows 10 smartphone devices.

The video below treats viewers with the first 20 minutes of the mobile title, which features an identical (aside from its chibi aesthetic) retelling of the main scenario events in Final Fantasy XV compared to its PC and console counterparts, as well as a look at the game’s simplified combat system.

Check it out:

  • Kyle

    I think their mission here was to put something out that makes FFXV look like a masterpiece. Who intends to invest time into this?

  • Lord Shiru

    OLDER NOCTIS <3 !! The models reminds me off FFIII & FFIV on the NDS.
    The game is really like the original FFXV. The Ascension Grid is even here !

    Actually they should have tried to translate the battle system into something more classic (turn by turn with ATB like FFRK).
    That would have been interesting !!

    Looks like the Switch version could be based on this but with more upgraded controls, better UI and commands tied to the JoyCon controls. They could also try to put a shortcut system for the magic spells (like KH or Comrades BETA).

  • D. Maki

    From IGN has said this game is literally ALL of FFXV from beginning to end. There is nothing they missed in making this version.

  • Make it stop.

  • Soldier Blue

    Just look at this magnificent POS!

  • •december

    So that’s why they left out so much from the main game.
    Because Japanese love handhelds.
    Pretty shitty idea tbh!

  • •december

    It had a lot going for it.
    But they left out crucial plot points to make more money out of it,
    hence why Episode Ignis is out in December.
    There’s a lot of story and meaning behind FFXV, they just wanted to make money out of it instead of giving it to us from the beginning

  • •december

    If this was originally meant to be a game title
    for mobiles/handhelds then I would’ve accepted the game we got given on home console

  • •december

    Map on the handheld looks better than the main game Map

  • Games Das

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