Ultimecia joins the cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade By Tony Garsow on September 5, 2017 at 8:29 AM

The latest character to join the cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade is Ultimecia, a villain from Final Fantasy VIII. Similar to her previous iterations in the Dissidia series, Ultimecia uses conjured projectiles to assail her opponents.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the console version of the game that will likely included Ultimecia, will release on January 30th, 2018.

  • One Eco

    This was totally unexpected since FFVIII has no stage yet!
    And, OMG she is a fucking beast, she got 9999 bravery in less than 30 seconds in the demonstration they showed in the stream!

  • arcnate

    not really they seem to be bringing back everyone from the psp games

  • One Eco

    I was referring to the order.
    Since July we knew that Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Ultimecia and Jecht were going to be revealed in August, September, October and November’s updates.

    However, since FFVIII was the only game, whose villain was announced, to not have a stage everyone thought that Ultimecia would be revealed in November alongside the FFVIII stage.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I’d love to see Vincent in this game. I’d totally pair him up with her, and Lulu as the third party member 😛

  • alef321

    told ya, no reason to get hyped about these ”announcements ”

  • Israel Barajas Molina

    I need Zell Dincht in this game

  • eijin_kiver

    her attack similar like phantom sword Noctis?

  • One Eco

    You already have him in Opera Omnia, x’D

  • One Eco

    Why not? She was the top tier character in 012, and she is still a beast in this game!!

  • She looks like she just saw the Red Wedding of Game of Thrones.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    she comes first , so it’s actually Noctis who use a similar attack to Ultimecia.
    But in the end , all of them is fakers to Gilgamesh from Fate

  • Cloud_Strife

    Seifer or Quistis would be nice.

  • Cloud_Strife

    Hehehedhehehhdhhe True.
    ” Do you have enough weapons in stock King Of Heroes?”

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    At least we can see Gilgamesh full power in Fate/Extra CCC