A closer look at the concept art for Final Fantasy VII Remake on display at series 30th anniversary exhibit By Raptorchan on January 30, 2018 at 10:03 PM

Thanks to some individuals over on The Lifestream Forums, we now have a closer and higher quality look at some of the concept art for Final Fantasy VII Remake on display at the special “Farewell Stories” exhibition. This limited time event honors Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary, and is being held at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo from January 22 to February 28.

These high quality photographs capture some of Final Fantasy VII‘s memorable scenery, such as a Mako Reactor and Aerith’s church, and give us a better look at some of the characters that appear in these beautifully painted backgrounds.

Check out the artwork below, and for more information on the “Farewell Stories” Exhibition, see our other articles.

  • stevenm281

    I’m so excited for this.

  • Came here to see Wedge and he’s fucking cut in half.

  • JSYK


  • Kyle

    Simply gorgeous.

  • Gabriel Hage

    I already saved money for this game! Just waiting…

  • Melanie

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  • stevenm281

    When I was a kid and experienced FF7, I played the game on a loop for maybe 2 years, then replayed it twice a year for a few year, now not really, but I must have near 100 playthroughs, insane I know, but I really love it.

  • Wazi the pa

    That Shinra lobby :O

  • •december

    Haha, no FF7 Remake news. Funny that!
    They should do some Episode Ardyn concept art instead, I’m more psyched for that

  • Justice V

    Is Ferrari doing the character design work again? Kinda looks like his stuff. Shinra looks awesome though.

  • stevenm281

    I think he is, not sure tho.

  • It is him along with Nomura. He left XV before it came out to join Nomura’s team to help them with the game when Nomura was taken off XV.

  • Randy Marsh

    Yeah Ferrari is handling a majority of the important NPC redesigns, while Nomura is redesigning the main cast.

  • •december

    I can’t wait for the comparison vids
    FFVII vs. Remake!

  • MajoraMan28

    Welp, that explains why Cloud has felt underwhelming
    Ferrari is very faithful to the original works of his adaptions

  • Fingers crossed.

  • Kchri

    I first thought of the inn in Kalm when I saw that scene. Looks pretty good. Also, that Shinra HQ President’s conference room/office looks pretty cool, too.

  • Monica

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  • stevenm281

    actually Cloud is spot on.

  • MajoraMan28

    No he is not.
    He’s closer to the Advent Children design, which sucked
    The original one, the Dissidia one and even the NT design were far better than this atrocity

  • oh man , you know those are definitely coming haha.

  • x5kevleo

    Yeah, and Luna too, that would be awesome!

  • x5kevleo

    Can’t wait to see the design of Aerith.

  • stevenm281

    They’re all pretty similar to me.

  • •december


  • MajoraMan28

    The NT design is completely different from the remake. Never was it said anywhere that it was their intention to do so

  • Olivia Fierens

    I can not see the pictures. Only the text : “Fatal error: Could not extract a stage height from the CSS. Traced height: 0px.” Can someone mail me the pics on [email protected] ? Thanks !

  • DaviMasters

    The Advent Children design is actually the best design. I don’t know what you guys are talking about? Or do you think Cloud should be chibb square big headed like the original game?
    I don’t get you guys at all.

  • Rivershield

    What the hell are you talking about? Cloud’s design in Remake is too skinny and big headed, he has little to do with Advent Children’s design (which is the best version in my opinion).
    But I guess you want an anime Cloud? If anything, the only positive thing in the character design being closer to the original FFVII is Tifa’s anime boobs (which I doubt Square will keep because of political correctness bullshit). Otherwise, things should be more realistic.

  • MajoraMan28

    The remake version is closer to his AC design. Look at his hair.
    He is skinny indeed, even more than the original, which imo look horrific.

    Well, sorry to inform you, but while we haven’t seen her yet, you bet she will have her breasts downgraded a bit, to match her Dissidia look. Indeed it is a shame.

  • MajoraMan28

    Not sure if this is a serious post or not, but the original design everyone talks about is the original artworks that are depicted ingame by the battle scenes and CG cutscenes, not the chibi one..
    Also, yeah, I disagree. AC Cloud (or Overly Emo Cloud if you want to be honest) is a terrible design that is incoherent to his character in the original game.

  • Justice V

    Nice. I like Ferrari’s designs even if his attitude is kind of annoying heh.

  • Rivershield

    I agree that his BEHAVIOR is incoherent, and this has nothing to do with his looks. His design is spot on in my opinion, except maybe for the amount of belts in his clothes. It actually amazes me that defending AC’s design (I’m refering to the visuals alone, not anything related to the plot/character development) seems to be an unpopular opinion among FF fans. It does not make sense to me at all.
    The fact tha AC tried to be a little much realistic in its design is a decision made to met the standards of the latest FF games at the time (such as FFX). It was a good decision for a movie.
    The only downside of this was Tifa’s boobs, which got severely downgraded.

  • Rivershield

    At least we agree that he is too skinny and this is horrible. Honestly I see no problem if they use the AC design, changing only his clothes. But I understand why most people want something more similar to the original design.
    What I don’t understand is why someone would not like the AC design considering it was a standalone CG movie. I guess Cloud should not have looked so effeminate, but overall I can’t imagine a better way of adapting his absurd anime design to a CG movie of that quality.

  • MajoraMan28

    Character design is most impactful when it visually mirrors the character in question. The original design was great and coherent to his personality. AC’s design is coherent to the personality of the movie’s protagonist, but not of Cloud from the original game. It’s not the realistic look that sucks about the design. It’s the clothes, the hairstyle and his more feminine attributes. The original had a slim but firm look, with less black, iconic hair, etc. He was more colorful yet reserved, exactly how he was in the game.
    And ironically, I’m actually surprised you say that. From my pov, the FF fanbase is mostly comprised of people who defend the film, the characters and their design. But I must, say, even if our tastes differ, I respect your opinion.
    And yeah, totally agreed on Tifa.

  • MajoraMan28

    The best way to adapt his anime design to the movie should’ve been what he looked like in the original Dissidia scenes. Heck, even Cloud’s look in his classic attire in NT would have been a better pick

  • Rivershield

    Anyway, I’m glad to talk to someone who has an opinion I can respect, even if it is different than mine.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I have the impression that opinions on AC’s design change depending on demographics and nationality. For example, I know some japanese people who are also big fans of FF, and they all agree that AC’s design are simply marvelous. They don’t agree that Cloud looks feminine at all.
    I’m south american and here the popular opinion is that Cloud is so effeminate that it looks very gay, and it gets worse given his behavior (latin men are very laud and
    extroverted, thus being depressive or too much self contemplative is deemed as feminine behavior), which is the reason many people can’t bring themselves to like this character (even thought the original version of the character is not really like that). However, everyone I know here agrees that designs of the main characters are very good in AC (except for the downgrade on Tifa’s boobs).
    I also know many americans and some europeans, some of which I never met physically. Most opinions I hear of them in regards to Cloud’s design in AC are negative, specially his hair. Personaly, I don’t agree with these opinions at all. The only complaint I agree about Cloud’s design in AC is the fact that he is too effeminate.

    What really bothers me about all this is that the Remake version looks even more effeminate than AC’s. I hope they change it.

  • MajoraMan28

    It’s nice to chat with someone who is civilized on the Internet. Rare thing these days. XD
    Ironically, I’m south american as well, but I think he looks more feminine not because of his character traits, which aren’t restrictive by sex, but by personality and even culture, but by visual cues. His face is softer, his expression is less firm, his hair is whiter, with a more emo design than the standard anime aesthetic that FFVII pays homage to. Also, depends on what kind of Japanese fan you are talking about. There are some out there who love the design because of their darker tastes that are akin to what Square-Enix and even anime has been pushing over the last decade. Others are more classic-oriented and tend to dislike the AC design. S-E Japanese fans of today are more vocal and tend to favor unpopular choices, such as Advent Children being awesome and FFXIII being one of the best in the series. Many people strongly disagree, but S-E today caters to those people

    And looking at him, I think his facial expressions are actually a mix of AC and Dissidia. He may look more feminine to you because of how skinny he is.

  • stevenm281

    To me, since 1997, Cloud’s feminity was always what made me like him.

    I was bullied in school because I was effiminate (still am, more or less), and seeing a hero being effiminate while still kicking ass showed me to love myself and that no matter how fragile I can look, I could still be strong.