Final Fantasy XIV details more 4.2 content ahead of January 30 release By Tony Garsow on January 25, 2018 at 10:08 AM

Today, Square Enix details more of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood‘s next major content update “Rise of a New Sun. In the images below, we get a glimpse of Asahi sas Brutus’s formal introduction into the main scenario, the Final Fantasy VI-themed Omega: Sigmascape raid, the Duty Recorder, and more.

Patch 4.2 “Rise of a New Sun will release on January 30th. For more info on what the patch contains, check out our coverage which includes a summary of the most recent Letter from the Producer Live.

Main Scenario

The next chapter of the post-Stormblood story brings us back to the lands of Othard, where we will encounter Asahi sas Brutus of the Garlean Imperial Army. His introduction coincides with the coming of the Four Lords, four beings whose existence that, according to Asahi, threatens the world itself. The first we will encounter is Byakko at the Jade Stoa, whose appearance resembles a white tiger.

Omega: Sigmascape

“The ancient and enigmatic weapon Omega is poised to advance its “experiment” to the next stage. The “Sigmascape” awaits! Can the Warrior of Light conquer the formidable subjects lurking within this new test world?”

Duty Recorder

“The “Duty Recorder” is a new feature which allows you to document duties for viewing at a later date. Playback controls include speed adjustment and chapter selection, as well as the option to switch the camera’s point of view between characters, providing you with a powerful tool for refining battle strategies or simply capturing that perfect action screenshot.”

Allagan Tomestones of Mendacity Gear

New Crafted Gear

New Minions, Hairstyles, and Emotes

  • •december

    This reminds me of why I love Final Fantasy 15 so much. The design in FFXV is the most serious, but all of this content looks great too! Glad to see they’re updating both games for years after release

  • Evelyn

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  • Ren

    4.2 preliminary notes are in and…. whoa, lots of garbage 😀

  • Ryuke

    Everyone’s raving about Doomtrain and I’m just here excited to see Kefka!

    This is such a long overdue patch. Not time wise, as it’s the usual wait between content updates, but 4.1 was so barebones and the drip feeding of content weeks after wasn’t significant enough to keep a lot of folks logging in. I’ve personally never seen Ragnarok so empty this past month or so. This is going to give people something to do again, at least for a few weeks anyway. More excited for 4.25 and Eureka though, with the new relic weapons and armour. Another long term goal is needed right now!

    And Byakko looks awesome!!