Final Fantasy VII Remake development is going well according to Tetsuya Nomura By Raptorchan on June 21, 2018 at 5:08 PM

Director Tetsuya Nomura had the chance to speak briefly on the progress for Final Fantasy VII Remake in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, shedding just a little bit of light on the subject of development and providing a tiny bit of information on diving deeper into character stories.

Courtesy of gematsu, here are comments Nomura had:

  • “We’re trying to figure out when we will put out the next news release.”
  • “The direction was pretty much decided upon before we changed to internal development, and production is going well.”
  • “While preserving the atmosphere of the original, the scenario will dig deeper into the characters, including members of Avalanche.”
  • “Development is moving along more than expected, so please wait for the next news release with peace of mind.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4

Source: Gematsu

  • x5kevleo

    Ok, is going to be a final fantasy versus 13 situation again. I guess they are going to release the game in 2023 like they said, if we are lucky.

  • I mean I was hoping by now there was at least character art of the whole cast.

  • Patrick Bateman

    At least Tabata has officially shown 0 interest in coming on board for FFVII haha he said he’d do a VII-2 if that ever happens, but he doesn’t want to disappoint the dedicated FFVII fans, because he knows he won’t be able to please us all ( Honestly I doubt this Remake will please everyone either, it’s impossible these days ) but if it DOES turn into a Versus/XV thing again we won’t gotta worry about him making it at liner/empty/boring/hollow as possible * I’m going off the Vanilla FFXV game, not what it’s become with all the updates to make the game and story better *

    The man did well with Crisis Core considering the limitations of the PSP, and despite hating Genesis i loved the story. I’ll give him that!

  • •december

    The man did well with FFXV, too.
    You guys are clearly not understanding the common factor: it’s the company they work for.
    Fuck Square Enix…

  • Patrick Bateman

    Third Birthday, Type-0, Kingdom Hearts Coded, i mean they all sucked imo lol I gave him Crisis Core, FFXV he doesn’t get a pass though. Yes Square-Enix is at fault too, but he defended his reasoning for the plot holes in the Vanilla XV game as ” It’s in Noctis’s point of view, so those details won’t matter because he wouldn’t know about them” The only reason we have these free updates to the gameplay and story is because of fan outcry.

    He did to FFVX what Ryan Johnson did to Star Wars Episode VIII. He can do what ever he wants to a FFVII-2 if they ever do it, that’s fine, but I agree with Tabata himself, in staying the fuck away from the FFVII:Remake haha.

  • Codes McGodes

    Fucking THANK you. Tabata is a trash director and a trash storyteller. I have not enjoyed ANY of his games including Crisis Core. He’d probably make for a decent producer since FFXV was finally released under his watch, but as far as I’m personally concerned he can join Toriyama in the directorial trash heap. I hope they never touch another main series Final Fantasy again.

    Tbh Nomura’s not off the hook either, but what he’s good at is concept. Not just concept art, but like, he’s good with creating interesting premises with original storylines. But he’s fucking terrible with sequels and especially time management. Square-Enix as a whole needs a revamp of their production department. Idk why they pay their producers at all, they’re all garbage.

  • Patrick Bateman

    ^ this!

  • Ray Muñoz

    What specifically has Nomura done where the time management was good? Versus 13 doesn’t count because that was the Square Enix executives messing around with that project. KH3 is still within a normal development period, only announced early. FF7 Remake is also within normal development time, but it was announced too early. I don’t see problems with his time management unless you can point something else out I am unaware of.