Final Fantasy XIV shares new info from Prelude in Violet update, out Tuesday By Tony Garsow on September 13, 2018 at 9:15 PM

The fourth major post-release patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood titled “Prelude in Violet” will release on Tuesday, September 18th. Today Square Enix has shared another round of updates that we’ve collected below including screenshots the from Omega: Alphascape raid, a new Gold Saucer attraction, and new in-game vanity items.

Main Scenario — Prelude in Violet

“The shadow of mystery deepens as the man who wears Zenos’s face continues to move unchecked, sowing the seeds of strife from the heart of the Empire. All indications point to Ascian machination, and the arrival of a messenger at the Rising Stones sets the Scions of the Seventh Dawn upon a path rife with peril, towards an unknowable destination.”

Level 70 Raid — Omega: Alphascape

“Omega’s trials proceed apace. Of the eighty-nine combatants in Psi group, four emerged victorious. Of those four, one proved itself the mightiest entity of the last remaining test world. Can the Warrior of Light overcome this final champion, and bring an end to Omega’s harrowing experiments?”

Side Story: Suzaku — Hells’ Kier

“As the return of the mad auspice Koryu draws ever closer, Genbu of the Four Lords seeks to marshal his comrades’ strength. But while the white tiger, Byakko, has been restored to his senses, the radiant Suzaku is on the verge of succumbing to the aramitama. As before, there is but one way Suzaku can be brought back from the brink of madness─for the sake of the Ruby Sea and those who call her home, you and your comrades must quell the rage within the auspice’s soul.”

Level 70 Dungeon: The Burn

“Once a verdant region teeming with flora and fauna, repeated summonings saw it bled of aether and reduced to a barren desert. But even in an unforgiving environment such as this, life has endured. In a fierce struggle for what little aether yet remains, the Burn’s beastly denizens have grown uncommonly savage, and you and your comrades must contend with their dangerous ilk as you scour its white sands.”

Level 70 Dungeon: Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)

“The sudden emergence of a mud-covered and excessively energetic korpokkur from inside the Arboretum sparks interest among a trio of Idyllshire citizens. They believe the layer of grime covering the seedkin has invigorating properties that could be used to revitalize the soil of Greengrub Mudplots. Unfortunately, hordes of aggressive plant life exposed to the substance stand between them and the information they seek. You agree to lead an expedition into the Arboretum to clear a path and thereby allow safe passage to its inner reaches.”

Additional Updates

Doman Reconstruction

“Efforts to rebuild Doma are proceeding apace, with the Shazenkai leading various projects around the enclave. Although the settlement has already seen significant improvement, there is still much to be done before the scars left by years of imperial occupation can begin to heal. Luckily, Kozakura is on hand to direct the reconstruction and distribute funds where they are most needed, although she and her comrades must rely on contributions from others if their plans are to come to fruition.”

Shifting Altars of Uznair

“It is said within Uznair, beyond its meandering canals and hidden passageways, there exist altars used in worship of the gods. Should some hapless soul find their way to these sacred altars, and perform the rites of eld, will they be met with fortune? Or folly?”

Gold Saucer: Leap of Faith

“Hop, skip, and jump your way to the top in this death-defying test of athleticism. Will you climb straightway to the finish line, or claim trophies precariously perched along the way? To scale the course’s dizzying heights will require strong legs, and a stronger stomach. Or perhaps one need only take a leap of faith.”

Ceremony of the Eternal Bond

“Celebrate your devotion to another player with a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, now with new variations in décor for the chapel. And for those blessed couples who wish to relive the day of their union, they can now hold another ceremony to celebrate their anniversary.”


“Furnishings aren’t the only way to dress up your estate. Use mannequins to show off your favorite styles, or dream up entire ensembles for sale to clients seeking the latest fashions to come to Eorzea.”

“Running a tavern out of your estate? Perhaps an aquarium in your apartment? Now you can use estate tags to let your fellow adventurers know what fun to expect the next time they drop by for a visit.”

Allagan Tomestone of Genesis gear

New Hairstyle, Emote, Minion, and Mount

  • Miqote

    Omega Hype!!!!

  • I’m back in the game but I’m still unable to hit level 70 before the update. I’m 44 so I guess the only way I could make it is to play nonstop till Tues
    I’m a Ninja but still on the fence about playing a Samurai

  • Miqote

    Your simply ain’t hitting 70 by tues, especially as a dps…

  • But I can get close.
    Also what do you think. Should I stay a ninja and Max out that role. Or play samurai? Samurai is the most raw power of the DPS. But I like Ninja’s acrobatics.

  • Randy Marsh

    Huh neat my dude. What server and data center are on you on? Also you should play whatever job you want to get a feel till you hit that one on 70 to see how much you enjoy it. Ninja and Samurai are both equally as fun imo, NIN is kind of fast dps with some utility for party members, while SAM is hardcore burst melee deeps with lack of utility to party members. Honestly, play what you like though.

  • I’m on Excalibur.
    I’m named Catastrofiend Welkin.
    If you wanna team up, let a brother know.

  • Randy Marsh

    Dang Excalibur isn’t on the same database as me…I’m on the Gilgamesh server on the Aether database, Excalibur is on Primal….

  • Oh well. I hit 50 so I’m stuck there now. Plus I’m with a roommates guild.