Oninaki gameplay feature Daemon “Izana” By Wazi the pa on August 13, 2019 at 7:39 AM

Square Enix has released a new gameplay video for Oninaki due out for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on August 22.

Daemons are powerful Lost Soul types incapable of reincarnation. Each of them represents a different weapon, and players can equip them to perform a range of ‘special Deamon attacks.’ Players can also manage their Daemon’s skills and switch between them in real-time to land crushing blows.

The video below features minutes of combat footage with the Daemon ‘Izana’ in action. We’ve also included her character overview below, via the game’s official website.

Check it out:

Able to maintain her composure in most any situation, Izana knows how to stand her ground. She is an aloof Daemon who observes the words and emotions of the living with great interest. Izana still holds distant memories of the cold tears of the dead and the twisted smiles of the living. She wields scythes that cut through large swathes of the battlefield with devastating power. She can also move in the blink of an eye, enabling her to strike from the blind spots of her foes.

If you’re keen for more of Oninaki, check out the links below to view additional gameplay footage featuring other Daemons:

  • Stonespear

    Played the demo. I have to say, this looks to be Tokyo RPG Factory: Chapter 3. It has the exact same style and feel as Setsuna/Sphear, it has the same foreboding, miserable feeling in terms of story at the beginning.

    They’re definitely a factory, churning out games that all feel the same even with changes.

    Edit: Not to forget the pricing on these games is AAA money.