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Final Fantasy XV 20 hours ago.
New early development footage of Final Fantasy XV shown at Taipei Game Show
Hajime Tabata shared a small segment of new Final Fantasy XV information during today's Taipei Game Show stage events. This time we've a look at an in development train station location, going to places where players normally won't through the help of a "cat cam." Similar to the "dog cam" we saw back in December, Tabata took control of a cat NPC to detail areas that are still in development, and to avoid spoilers that might be present in the final…
Final Fantasy XIV 20 hours ago.
Manderville Gold Saucer preview at Tokaigi Game Party Japan 2015
As part of the Live Letter on the Road series, Yoshida and Foxclon took to the stage at Tokaigi Game Party Japan 2015 to show off an extended look at the upcoming Manderville Gold Saucer as well as reveal the date for the patch: February 24th. Triple Triad The stream started off with a look at Triple Triad, Yoshida explained that there will be a total of 80 cards to collect at the beginning, and some cards you will be able to…
Dragon Quest Heroes 1 day ago.
Dragon Quest Heroes producer comments on potential western release
An overseas release of Dragon Quest Heroes remains up in the air, but Square Enix’s Ryutaro Ichimura remains positive it could happen. Speaking with GameWatch Ichimura stated, “I want to proceed thinking positively. Since we were able to announce the Chinese version in Taiwan today, seeing that reaction, I want to spread it even further around the world.” If an English release were to happen, however, it remains undecided if the game would offer the option to switch between Japanese or…
Dragon Quest Heroes 1 day ago.
Organize your party members in Dragon Quest Heroes' own airship
Dragon Quest Heroes introduces another element to its action RPG core in the form of an airship. Known as the Airship Batoshie, this place is a hub of sorts that flies around the world offering players a collection of shops and creation systems for players to utilize. Among them is a Weapon Shop where new weapons and shields can be purchased. Each new weapon will be mirrored visually when a character equips something new. The Armor Orb Shop is place…
Dragon Quest Heroes 1 day ago.
New footage of Dragon Quest Heroes out of Taipei Game Show
One of the big games on display this weekend at Taipei Game Show was Dragon Quest Heroes, with developers taking to the stage to showcase more of the game's systems and battle gameplay. For the first time, Square Enix showed off a bit of the game's Airship Batoshie, which serves as a flying base where players can stock up on weapons and other items. The stage demo shares around 11 minutes of footage of activities on the airship along with…
Final Fantasy Type-0 2 days ago.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Ace, Queen and Nine Character Videos released
Square Enix released the first batch of videos today for some of the characters from Class Zero, with the first three videos individually focusing on Ace, Queen and Nine. Each video is a sort of introduction of sorts with a look at Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's updated cutscene visuals, remastered audio and gameplay styles - each drastically different depending on the character. These videos come along with an update to the game's official Japanese website where a further overview of…
Final Fantasy Type-0 2 days ago.
Tabata's Active Time Report broadcast returns again on February 5th
Following up on Taipei Game Show, Square Enix has detailed the next broadcast date for Tabata's Active Time Report. Dubbed "Page 3.0" Tabata will take to the airwaves on February 5th at 20:00 JST with the final trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, cut two months ahead of the game's retail release. As promised at Jump Festa, Tabata is making his return in February, but this time will be focusing on a full follow-up of events from Taipei Game Show.…
Square Enix 2 days ago.
Square Enix teasing a new arcade game for Japan Amusement Expo
Square Enix is readying another game announcement for next month according to a new teaser site that's popped up on their official site. While bare-bones for now, the page indicates some sort of arcade title reveal at Japan Amusement Expo 2015, which is set to take place on February 13-14. Specifically, Square Enix will be inviting 30 Members users to a stage event to be held on the 14th, where the game will see its proper unveil. Dengeki speculates it's related…
Final Fantasy XIV 4 days ago.
Log back in to Final Fantasy XIV for free this weekend
The free login weekend returns to Final Fantasy XIV once again, allowing those who have purchased and played on a registered Square Enix account to return to the game and experience some of the content that's been added since last subscribing. Starting from Friday, January 30, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. to Monday, February 2, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. (PST) eligible fans will be able to log back in right on the heals of the newly released Patch 2.5 content. For…
Dragon Quest Heroes 4 days ago.
Dragon Quest Heroes screenshots update on Dragon Quest IV's Alena, Kiryl
Square Enix has sent out a new batch of Dragon Quest Heroes screenshots, featuring a look at Dragon Quest IV's Alena and Kiryl who will both be playable in the upcoming action RPG. Alena is a character who doesn't use any weapons to attack - instead she relies on her martial arts skills and can protect herself from enemies with quick movements. Many of her abilities involve the power of her fists. Kiryl is a priest who uses a spear.…
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