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Final Fantasy Type-0 10 hours ago.
Square Enix unboxes the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition
The folks at Square Enix America have just posted a new video report highlighting some of the Final Fantasy related activities heading into PAX East this weekend. The publisher will be at the Boston-held event in full force this year, offering up demo stations for Type-0 HD, poster giveaways and panels for both Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV. Today's Active Time Report is pre-recorded, but gives us a look at Type-0's gameplay, a look at the final boss…
Final Fantasy Type-0 12 hours ago.
A look at the Eidolons of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Square Enix has released the next video in their "Let's Play" style series of videos, focusing on the game's version of the Eidolons. UK Community Manager Dan Seto is once again at the helm here as he guides viewers through the unique aspects of each summon, how they play and their unique abilities in battle. You'll recognize classic faces such as Ifrit, Odin, Diablos, Shiva and more as players much sacrifice their current selves to take advantage of their powers. Check…
Dragon Quest 22 hours ago.
Theatrhythm Dragon Quest trailer 2, demo releasing next week in Japan
Square Enix released the second trailer for Theatrhythm Dragon Quest today and confirmed that a demo is also set to be available for download next week in Japan. Due out on March 11 on the eShop, the demo will include the Field Music Sequence song “Voyage of Adventure” from Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation and Battle Music Sequence song “Senka wo Majiete” from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is scheduled to release on…
More Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call music out this week
Square Enix is adding even more music to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call this week with another set of downloadable content. Out now in Japan and in North America on March 5th, fans can choose from a selection of songs from titles such as Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Tactics, Chrono Trigger, NieR and more. Read on for the full list and preview video below. BMS Final Fantasy X — “Assault” BMS Final Fantasy Tactics — “Apoplexy” BMS Chrono Trigger — “Battle with…
Final Fantasy X 2 days ago.
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster for PS4 dated, supports cross saves and original soundtrack options
Final Fantasy X|X-2 returns to the PlayStation 4 this May, Square Enix announced today. Set to arrive in North America on May 12 and in Japan on May 14th, fans who order this latest version of the game will be treated to system-exclusive features and a special pre-order bonus item: an exclusive calendar featuring artwork by the series artist, Yoshitaka Amano, available at participating retailers and the Square Enix Online Store. The PS4 port features a couple new additions, including the…
Final Fantasy 2 days ago.
Distant Worlds heads to E3 this year, Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto to attend
The folks at Distant Worlds, the huge Final Fantasy orchestral concert series, have just announced a partial line-up for their concert at this year's E3, and if you're planning on being anywhere near the show, it's one worth considering - as it's promised to be quite the event. Arnie Roth will be leading the Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra with music from all 14 currently released Final Fantasy games. As such, they'll be premiering in North America for the first time the…
Mevius Final Fantasy 5 days ago.
Mevius Final Fantasy updated with new screenshots
This week Square Enix has shared new details and further screenshots for their upcoming smartphone outing in Mevius Final Fantasy. Developed by the team at the company's own 1st Production Department, producer Yoshinori Kitase and staff aim to bring forward a mobile title that evokes the feeling and effort of a work usually seen on consoles. The story of Mevius involves a young man who suffers from amnesia. As a Warrior of Light, the hero travels to a desolate land…
Final Fantasy Type-0 5 days ago.
Second Final Fantasy Type-0 Comparison Video Released
Square Enix has released another comparison video highlighting the differences between old and new in Final Fantasy Type-0 today. The video offers another look at the visual updates between the PSP and HD versions, panning from one to the next with specific scenes to illustrate the profound differences. Check it out below. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is scheduled to release next month on March 17th in North America, Japan and Australia on the 19th and March 20th in Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzt2XEgFixQ…
Final Fantasy XV 6 days ago.
A look at the concept art behind Final Fantasy XV's modern city
During the first leg in Square Enix's planned lecture tours, Yusuke Naora sat down at SMU Guildhall to talk all things Final Fantasy art and his history with the series. Chief among them was an inside look into the development of Final Fantasy XV and the concept process involved in creating works for the Crown City of Insomnia, located in the modern kingdom of Lucis. With regards to Final Fantasy XV the artists had to deal with physically based rendering,…
Final Fantasy Type-0 6 days ago.
Square Enix creates their own Let's Play style video with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Square Enix UK is trying their hand at a popular YouTube format of information sharing - the Let's Play style video. Today they've uploaded a nearly 19 minute long demonstration of the gameplay and combat found in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. According to their description, it's the first in a new series so it's likely we'll be seeing more from them ahead of the game's launch next month. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches in North America on March 17th, in…
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