Final Fantasy XV 10 hours ago.
See Final Fantasy XV's Moogles in action
Square Enix has released a new video detailing Final Fantasy XV's Moogles, celebrating a major milestone with their recent Twitter campaign. Moogles in Final Fantasy XV will appear as a “lucky item” rather than a traditional creature. Take Moogle dolls and goods as lucky charms to avoid all sorts of troubles. As seen in the video, Moogles have the ability to help out Noctis and his friends when they’re in a tight spot by acting as a decoy. Final Fantasy XV…
Features 12 hours ago.
World of Final Fantasy: A Beginner's Guide
World of Final Fantasy is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America, and I thought I'd share some basic entry-level tips for your journey through Grymoire. The game has a truckton of Mirages to collect and train, as well as a variety of bosses and battle challenges to face. Check 'em out below: Catch 'em all, level some There are many Mirages to collect in World of Final Fantasy, and all of them come with their own unique…
Final Fantasy XV 18 hours ago.
Tabata: Final Fantasy XV will have better graphics on PS4 Pro
Final Fantasy XV will look better on the PlayStation 4 Pro, director Hajime Tabata revealed. Speaking with French website Gameblog (translated by Nicolas), fans were given a small idea of what to expect at launch - including better visuals. According to Tabata, it wasn't long ago they came to know the PS4 Pro. As a result they really haven't had time to take full advantage of the new hardware. At the moment they haven't been able to show something satisfying. Continuing, Tabata…
Final Fantasy XV 20 hours ago.
More Final Fantasy XV footage from the latest build
Spanish website Vandal has gone up with over 42-minutes of new Final Fantasy XV footage from the first six hours of the game. Along with their impressions (in Spanish, mind) we're given another look at the near-final version of the game running on PlayStation 4. Additionally, the video features Spanish subtitles and menus over English voice acting. Have a look below. Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.…
Videos 22 hours ago.
World of Final Fantasy out now in North America
World of Final Fantasy is out today in North America for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. To celebrate, Square Enix has released a new launch trailer, giving a run down of the game's classic RPG elements and original creations. Join protagonists Reynn and Lann as they journey through the mysterious world of Grymoire. As they venture forth to regain their lost memories, our heroes will encounter over 200 different Mirages (monsters alongside familiar faces from Final Fantasy's past. World of Final Fantasy…
Headlines 1 day ago.
World of Final Fantasy Review
Right now is a particularly exciting time for Final Fantasy, here, on the eve of its next major numbered title. Final Fantasy XV hopes to bring a new level of realism to the series typical fantasy-based stylings, and with it is a presentation that evokes much of our own world. So here we find ourselves in the final countdown… and… hello, what’s this? World of Final Fantasy is a hop out of the gate before FFXV, and couldn’t be any more…
Videos 2 days ago.
Watch the first 15 minutes of World of Final Fantasy in Japanese
The folks over at 4Gamer have gone up with new footage from World of Final Fantasy featuring the game's opening 15 minutes. The video is from the Japanese version and gives us a look at protagonists Lann and Reynn as they adventure to the mysterious world of Grymoire. World of Final Fantasy is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan and October 28 in Europe. A playable demo is…
Podcasts 3 days ago.
Looking Forward To It (Episode 17) Oct 21 2016
Join Nova Crystallis staff editor-in-chief Erren Van Duine, senior editor Tony Garsow, Michael Damiani of Easy Allies, and returning guest Mike Dantoni for another episode of our podcast Looking Forward To It! In our seventeenth episode, we talk about the new Final Fantasy XV footage and the run-up to release, Final Fantasy XIV's second expansion Stormblood revealed at Fan Festival, and our thoughts on Patch 3.4 content. Watch via YouTube or listen via Soundcloud below: https://www.youtube.com/v/QAi9HefZm9c …
Final Fantasy XV 3 days ago.
Final Fantasy XV might receive additional PS4 Pro support post launch
Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner and so far Square Enix has been somewhat mum on the things PlayStation 4 Pro owners can expect on November 29. We know the game will support 4K and HDR at launch but what about additional improvements? Speaking with Spanish site HobbyConsolas, translated by user Lulost on our forums, director Hajime Tabata shared some new insights on the game including thoughts on a PC version, further PS4 Pro improvements, outfits and a word…
NieR 4 days ago.
Square Enix kicks off NieR: Automata live stream series starting October 26
Square Enix is bringing the live stream treatment to NieR: Automata starting next week on October 26 at 20:00 JST. According to the announcement page, producer Yosuke Saito, director Yoko Taro and Platinum Games designer Takahisa Taura will be on hand to share new developments on the upcoming action RPG. We've included the YouTube link below. The stream will also be broadcast on Niconico. NieR: Automata is due out on February 23 for PlayStation 4 in Japan. A Western release is set…
Final Fantasy XV 4 days ago.
Final Fantasy XV live at Paris Games Week on October 27
Final Fantasy XV is set to take the stage next week during Paris Games Week, Square Enix revealed today. Fans are invited to join director Hajime Tabata for a special presentation on October 27. The development team will be on hand to show off new content and the latest information on Final Fantasy XV. The presentation will be held at Square Enix's booth in Hall 1 (stand B020) and streamed online through YouTube starting at 9AM EDT on October 27. We've…
Final Fantasy XIV 5 days ago.
We spend the night in Final Fantasy XIV's spooky Haunted Manor
All Saints' Wake has returned to Eorzea, and the Continental Circus have spooked up a place of their own to rob Eorzean citizens of their sanity. The quest chain will have you assemble a Light Party (that's four adventurers) before whisking you away to The Haunted Manor. Here you'll partcipate in a series of challenges that will require you to explore the premises to find clues and treasure. It'll require a bit of stealth, wits, and teamwork to preserve your…
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