Final Fantasy 1 day ago.
Final Fantasy XIV's Dragonsong to premiere at Distant Worlds this December
Hinted at during E3's own Distant Worlds show and now a reality, Final Fantasy XIV's Dragonsong will be joining the concert series circuit starting with its world premiere later this year. Revealed today, AWR Music Productions will be joined by Nobuo Uematsu in Chicago on December 26th for a special holiday event. In addition to Dragonsong, Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra and Arnie Roth plan on bringing a special musical tribute to Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy I – XIV Battle Medley…
Final Fantasy VII 1 week ago.
Nomura talks Final Fantasy VII Remake hardware choices, characters, visuals and more
Final Fantasy VII made a big splash last week when it was announced during E3 that a full remake was finally in production. After years of wishing and online debates, the game many thought would never come is now a reality - with director Testuya Nomura now at the helm. Speaking in a new interview with Famitsu this week, Nomura shared a few updates and details on the new PlayStation 4 title - including words on his plans to modernize…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 week ago.
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launches today
For those who didn't quite make the early access period, Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion Heavensward has launched today for all players across PlayStation 3, PS4, PC and Mac for the first time. The expansion features an all new story that focuses on the Dragonsong War as adventurers make their way into the long-awaited city of Ishgard along with a level cap raise to 60, new playable jobs including Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian and a new playable race -…
Final Fantasy VII 1 week ago.
Final Fantasy VII (PC port) for PS4 releasing in October [Updated]
UPDATE: Square Enix has now removed the date from their sites and have confirmed that the date listed was a mistake. In an official statement sent to Nova Crystallis, the publisher said: "We can confirm that the published release date for this title is incorrect. As discussed at this year’s E3, Final Fantasy VII will be ported to the PlayStation 4 in Winter 2015. The pricing has already been announced last December to be set at $15.99." We'll be…
E3 2015 1 week ago.
Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter E3 2015
We're about watch the kicking off of the e3 Live Lettter, and we'll be liveposting it below! You can watch the stream here: Watch live video from SquareEnixPresents on www.twitch.tv The Live Letter commences! First thing, the new Heavensward Trailer plays They begin by discussing the expected congestion of early access. They're planning to create field instances to reduce server strain. Like housing, this would create different versions of the same area. They haven't said yet whether it is temporary or selectable. Coerthas Western Highlands, Sea of…
Final Fantasy VII 2 weeks ago.
Final Fantasy VII PS4 (PC port) delayed to Winter, iOS version announced
Square Enix has announced at their press conference that the Final Fantasy VII PC port is coming this Winter, originally scheduled to release last season. Square Enix also announced a iOS version which is releasing this summer. …
Final Fantasy VII 2 weeks ago.
Nomura discusses Final Fantasy VII remake additional story, in development before PS4 PC port announcement
Nomura has shared more details today about the Final Fantasy VII remake, which was announced at the Sony E3 press conference. Interview by Dengeki translated by Siliconera. Nomura: I can’t share too much for now, but it won’t be a simple remake. If we were to simply just make the graphics look pretty for the new generation consoles, I don’t think it could surpass the original version. If that’s what you wanted, I think it’d be enough to just play the…
E3 2015 2 weeks ago.
Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ coming to the West, E3 2015 trailer released
Square Enix has announced at their E3 2015 press conference that Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi will be coming to North America on iOS and Android devices. In Kingdom Heart Unchained Chi, players will uncover story elements from the earliest parts of the series’ history, as well as from the highly-anticipated, upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. For the first time in the series history, players will create their very own Keyblade wielder and adventure through Disney worlds with beautiful and stylized art, while…
Kingdom Hearts 2 weeks ago.
New Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X details from Square Enix Presents E3 2015
Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura and co-director Tai Yasue sat down on Square Enix Presents today hours after the E3 press conference finished to talk more about Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Unchianed Chi. Thanks Gematsu for the transcript, read the full interview below. Nomura on the reaction of the Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement. Nomura: “If I can take a little bit of time to speak about this… Thank you so much. We’ve gotten such a reaction from everybody.…
Apps 2 weeks ago.
Final Fantasy Portal App announced, a combination news and resources app
The new Final Fantasy Portal app, coming to both iOS and Android, is part news site, part wiki, and part game. Apparently it will update periodically with the latest trailers and announcements, and it contains a variety of information about various games. From the look of things it also includes the Final Fantasy XIV version of Triple Triad, introduced and popularized originally in Final Fantasy VIII. If the little "Game" option in the corner is any indication, there may be…
E3 2015 2 weeks ago.
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Launch Trailer and Key Art
  A new trailer has dropped for Heavensward, with the game's early release period launching in a matter of days and a new Live Letter on its way during Square Enix's Day 3 event listing for E3. Many new pieces of artwork were handed out too, and we have them all here for you below. More information on Heavensward is coming soon. Stay tuned, and please be excited! …
E3 2015 2 weeks ago.
Square Enix announces a new studio, creating a new IP
Square Enix CEO announced the creation of a brand new studio within the gaming company called "Tokyo RPG Fcatory", which is apparently fully dedicated to the creation of Japanese-style roleplaying games. Their first game, now in development, is called Project SETSUNA, but no real information is available on it just yet. The artwork shown off is fairly varied and we will have gallery of it up ASAP. It was a little difficult to understand Matsuda, but it sounded like the…
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