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Final Fantasy Type-0 2 days ago.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD tops 92K in its first week on sale in Japan
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD made it to the top of the software charts in Japan last week, despite having released on the PSP there years prior. The PlayStation 4 version of the game managed to sell 92,094 units according to numbers compiled by Media Create, which is fairly impressive given its high asking price and HD remaster status. The Xbox One version of the game, however, did not manage to make the top 50 despite being included as a free…
Final Fantasy XV 3 days ago.
The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae feedback survey is now live
Square Enix hasn't exactly been shy about their intentions with the Final Fantasy XV demo - the first playable piece of a game that likely won't be out until some time next year. They're trying something new this time around and going full feedback mode, offering fans who played Episode Duscae to voice their concerns in a brief survey that's now available in both North America and Europe. The survey - which can be accessed here - is quite simple, but…
Final Fantasy XIV 5 days ago.
Final Fantasy XIV's Battle for Ishgard previewed in new screenshots
Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 2.55 is just around the corner with a release on March 31st - and with it the conclusion of the scenario surrounding A Realm Reborn as fans prepare for Heavensward to arrive in June. In preparation, Square Enix has sent out several screenshots today detailing what there is to expect in "Before the Fall Part II" and the Battle for Ishgard. The main battle here will take place on the Steps of Faith as brave adventurers…
Final Fantasy 1 week ago.
Square Enix hosting Dissidia Final Fantasy Closed Conference 2015 next month
Square Enix will be holding a special conference on April 10 to further detail Dissidia Final Fantasy, a game recently announced for arcades at the Japan Amusement Expo 2015 as the first arcade title in the Final Fantasy series. The event, which is being called "Closed Conference 2015" will take place in Japan at Yebisu Garden Place and fans apart of Square Enix's own Members service as well as Famitsu.com readers will have a chance to attend the event via…
Final Fantasy XV 1 week ago.
Breaking down Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae
As many of you know the Final Fantasy XV first peek came out just a few days ago, packaged within the expertly remastered Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. I picked myself up a first print copy, and wasted no time in downloading the demo. I was excited to try it out, and for me that's a pretty big leap. From my days as a commenter on this and other sites, I've never really held interest in what was once known as Final…
Final Fantasy Type-0 1 week ago.
Final Fantasy Type-Next concept art surfaces at Hong Kong PlayStation event
During a special Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PlayStation event in Hong Kong this week, lucky visitors were able to catch a glimpse of some concept art from the next instalment in the Final Fantasy Type series. The newly revealed concept art shows a setting akin to medieval Japan, however these are early concept shots which may or may not be representative of the current vision for the game. Nonetheless, the new images definitely stir up some excitement for the next Final…
Final Fantasy XV 1 week ago.
Recording for a New Generation: A chat with the studio behind the music of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae
When news broke that an outside studio would be handling the music in-part of Final Fantasy XV, we were intrigued. It meant that Square Enix was becoming more comfortable again with others touching their work and a strong desire to see that work through to completion by adapting large-scale use of live music in their games. For that purpose, composers contracted to the company such as Masashi Hamauzu and more recently, Yoko Shimomura, have turned to the expertise of the…
Final Fantasy XI 1 week ago.
Square Enix announces new plans for Final Fantasy XI
Square Enix has new plans for Final Fantasy XI, as the company revealed a new initiative today with the "Vana'diel Project - a series of programs set to coincide with the game's 14 years of service. The first of these initiatives is the final scenario of Vana'diel. The first chapter of this content, known as “Rhapsodies of Vana’diel,” will be released starting May 2015 as part of a series of patch updates. It's meant to serve as the crowning achievement…
Square Enix wraps up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's Second Performance DLC
Square Enix is winding down the last bits of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call DLC this week with the conclusion of the game's Second Performance. Featuring music from Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy X-2, NieR and more, these last few tracks are available to download starting today. The full list includes: Chrono Trigger – Boss Battle 2 Chrono Trigger – Corridors of Time Final Fantasy X-2 – Real Emotion Live a Live – Birds in the Sky, Fish in the River NieR – Shadowlord Seiken Densetsu 3…
Final Fantasy 1 week ago.
Final Symphony II concert to showcase all-new FF5, 8, 9 and 13 music arrangements
A sequel to the hit concert series and album release Final Symphony has been announced - and it's already confirmed that it'll tackle four much-loved Final Fantasy soundtracks when it arrives later this year. Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy V, VIII and IX scores will all receive the full Final Symphony treatment, which includes complex and sweeping arrangements of themes from the game in a fashion that's more musically rich and clasically styled than most other FF and video game music concerts.…
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