Square Enix 10 hours ago.
Square Enix planning new title announcements at E3
Square Enix will be announcing several new games at E3 next month, according to president Yosuke Matsuda in a recent financial report. “In our private conference at the next E3, we are planning to announce several titles in addition to this one," said Matsuda. “We plan to make use of our IP in multifaceted approach, in Dragon Quest Heroes II and Star Ocean 5, as part of the efforts to strengthen and reboot our existing IPs, as I mentioned earlier.” The…
Square Enix 12 hours ago.
Chaos Rings III now out on iOS and Android in English
In a surprise, stealth release Square Enix has launched an English version of its mobile and handheld RPG Chaos Rings III on both iTunes and the Google Play store today. The game clocks in at 1.53GB of space, for the asking price of $19.99. Square Enix has also listed a brief description of the game, its story and a new trailer. Overview Chaos Rings is a full-scale RPG series for…
Dissidia Final Fantasy 12 hours ago.
Squall Leonhart and Bartz Klauser join the cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy
Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII fame along with Bartz Klauser from Final Fantasy V will be joining the cast of the upcoming arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, Square Enix revealed today. The company spent some time earlier this morning to share new developments on the game's location test during a live stream, including demonstrations of both Squall and Bartz in action. You can check it out for yourself below around the 45 minute mark. Dissidia Final Fantasy is set…
Final Fantasy Agito 2 days ago.
Final Fantasy Agito coming to Windows 10
Square Enix announced at De:code 2015 that Final Fantasy Agito is coming to Windows 10 in Japan later this year. Final Fantasy Agito is F2P and is currently available on iOS and Android devices in Japan. A English localization was announced at E3 last year, but we heaven't heard about it since. Thanks Engadget.…
Star Ocean 2 days ago.
Star Ocean 5 likely to show at E3
Star Ocean 5 is likely making its way to this year's E3, if brief tweets by the game's character designer are anything to go by. Akira “Akiman” Yasuda took to Twitter today explaining, “This year is really busy as we’re turning towards the game show,” Yasuda said in a tweet. “It’s busy, but it’s been terribly long .” He added that they were in the middle of preparing images for E3. While Square Enix has yet to confirm the PS3 and PS4…
Final Fantasy 2 days ago.
Mobius Final Fantasy arrives in Japan on June 4th
Mobius Final Fantasy will release on June 4th on iOS and Android devices in Japan, Famitsu revealed in their latest issue this week. The game will be free to play and will be compatible with iPhone 5 and up, along with Android devices released from 2012 and onwards. According to the magazine, players will be able to customize the graphical quality of the game, adjust the power-save settings and configure the interface for left-handed users. Similar to the Final Fantasy XIII…
Final Fantasy XV 2 days ago.
Next Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report on June 4th
Square Enix announced via Twitter that the next Active Time Report dubbed "Page 6.0" will air on June 4th at 10PM JST (9AM EDT/6AM PDT). Similar to last month's broadcast, this one will come subtitled in English and is likely pre-recorded based on today's announcement and press release Nova Crystallis received from Square Enix America. No other details have been revealed, though we should expect more information on the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0 update set to release around the…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 week ago.
Heavensward Job Action Video and Live Letter Information Round-Up
Showcased during the Letter from the Producer LIVE XXI, this brand new video shows a variety of new and exciting abilities coming to both current and new jobs in Heavensward. Once you've finished watching, check below for a more detailed look at the upcoming changes. Paladin New alternate combo linking to Riot Blade. Divine Veil - Sets a protective barrier around the target where if the target receive cures while under the effect, other nearby members will also receive a barrier effect. Warrior Deliverance -…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 week ago.
New content previewed in Heavensward 'Dungeon Crawl' Video
At the end of the lengthy Letter from the Producer Live XXI, Yoshida and crew closed with a brand new look at the upcoming instanced content for Heavensward. Take a look below! As we can see there is an amazing vast variety in design and details, including what looks like an Open-Air Dungeon complete with Flying Mount travel. The end of the video seems to also preview what could be the brand new Raid inside the Primal Alexander. From Volcano to…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 week ago.
New Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward screenshots detail main scenario, new dungeons and job actions
With less than a month until release, Square Enix has revealed a set of new Heavensward screenshots as part of a media tour that took place in Nantes, France this past week. Images depict scenes from the main scenario revealed alongside the game's new theme, Dragonsong. Additionally, Square Enix has provided us with a look at new dungeons, field locations, enemies and new jobs actions for both the existing jobs and the new roles with Machinist, Dark Knight and Astrologian.…
Final Fantasy XIV 1 week ago.
Introducing Nobuo Uematsu's Dragonsong, the main theme of Heavensward
Square Enix revealed the main theme song for Final Fantasy XIV: Hevensward today ahead of its latest Letter from the Producer Live broadcast where producer/director Naoki Yoshida shared the latest information on the upcoming expansion. The theme - titled "Dragonsong" - was composed by Nobuo Uematsu and featured the vocal talent of Susan Calloway who previously contributed to the main theme "Answers" for both Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 and A Realm Reborn. Square Enix has released the song in full…
Final Fantasy XV 1 week ago.
Final Fantasy XV special feedback European community event video
Recently Square Enix invited 16 lucky fans to their offices in London to discuss directly their thoughts on Final Fantasy XV's early demo. Joining in on their discussion was director Hajime Tabata as well as Tomohiro Hasegawa, one of the game's artists - both of which have been recapped in a special event video that's been released today. Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae released in March exclusively with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and is expected to see a patch update…
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