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New early development footage of Final Fantasy XV shown at Taipei Game Show


Hajime Tabata shared a small segment of new Final Fantasy XV information during today’s Taipei Game Show stage events. This time we’ve a look at an in development train station location, going to places where players normally won’t through the help of a “cat cam.”

Similar to the “dog cam” we saw back in December, Tabata took control of a cat NPC to detail areas that are still in development, and to avoid spoilers that might be present in the final game. The director also showcased an extended version of the snow train scene seen in the Jump Festa trailer, of which Noctis is seen struggling against a blast of cold through a moving rail car. Tabata notes that the environment showcased in the video is being created by Taiwanese developer XPEC Entertainment, who also worked on several titles for Activision, and is just one of the many studios who will be assisting Square Enix on the development of Final Fantasy XV.

“We’ve tasked a Taiwanese development firm to provide us with critical support,” Tabata said, on the subject of outsourcing. The cat cam actually came about after XPEC saw Square Enix’s own dog cam. The studio had joked that a cat version would help go places beyond what dogs could normally do.

Cat cam

Noctis and the train

Dragon Quest Heroes producer comments on potential western release


An overseas release of Dragon Quest Heroes remains up in the air, but Square Enix’s Ryutaro Ichimura remains positive it could happen.

Speaking with GameWatch Ichimura stated, “I want to proceed thinking positively. Since we were able to announce the Chinese version in Taiwan today, seeing that reaction, I want to spread it even further around the world.”

If an English release were to happen, however, it remains undecided if the game would offer the option to switch between Japanese or English audio. “We haven’t decided anything about that yet, but if it’d be better to put it in, that’s something we’ll consider moving forward,” Ichimura said. According to Koei Tecmo producer Kenichi Ogasawara, however, if players demand it they may consider it.

Via: Gematsu.

Organize your party members in Dragon Quest Heroes’ own airship


Dragon Quest Heroes introduces another element to its action RPG core in the form of an airship. Known as the Airship Batoshie, this place is a hub of sorts that flies around the world offering players a collection of shops and creation systems for players to utilize.

Among them is a Weapon Shop where new weapons and shields can be purchased. Each new weapon will be mirrored visually when a character equips something new. The Armor Orb Shop is place to purchase orbs that can be equipped for armor defense.

Characters can also be equipped with accessories which can be crafted by the Alchemy Pot. By selecting various materials recovered through typical play, new items can be synthesized and eventually strengthened using the same method.

Additionally, Airship Batoshie will be come to Luida’s Tavern and has materialized in Dragon Quest Heroes as a place to form your party of four. To do so, the player will need to talk to Luida and should you lose in a fight, you’ll be right back here to do so again.

Dragon Quest Heroes is due out on PS3 and PS4 in Japan on February 26th.

New footage of Dragon Quest Heroes out of Taipei Game Show


One of the big games on display this weekend at Taipei Game Show was Dragon Quest Heroes, with developers taking to the stage to showcase more of the game’s systems and battle gameplay. For the first time, Square Enix showed off a bit of the game’s Airship Batoshie, which serves as a flying base where players can stock up on weapons and other items.

The stage demo shares around 11 minutes of footage of activities on the airship along with the game’s world map. You’ll also be able to see several character battles on screen – including real time character switching – as they fight a new boss. Check it out below.

Tabata’s Active Time Report broadcast returns again on February 5th


Following up on Taipei Game Show, Square Enix has detailed the next broadcast date for Tabata’s Active Time Report. Dubbed “Page 3.0″ Tabata will take to the airwaves on February 5th at 20:00 JST with the final trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, cut two months ahead of the game’s retail release.

As promised at Jump Festa, Tabata is making his return in February, but this time will be focusing on a full follow-up of events from Taipei Game Show. Taking place on February 1st, the director will cover all things Type-0 HD during a live stage at Sony’s booth at the event. His presentation, however, will not be livestreamed.

The official Square Enix blog site has also tagged the broadcast with Final Fantasy XV, so it’s likely we may see more on the upcoming Duscae demo there as well.

Square Enix teasing a new arcade game for Japan Amusement Expo


Square Enix is readying another game announcement for next month according to a new teaser site that’s popped up on their official site. While bare-bones for now, the page indicates some sort of arcade title reveal at Japan Amusement Expo 2015, which is set to take place on February 13-14.

Specifically, Square Enix will be inviting 30 Members users to a stage event to be held on the 14th, where the game will see its proper unveil. Dengeki speculates it’s related to Final Fantasy somehow due to the familiar dialogue box and cursor imagery.