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Luna shows up as a guest party member in Final Fantasy XV


With TGS over, several interviews with director Hajime Tabata are now coming out of the Japanese media circuit. While a lot of information is already known – namely the game’s beginnings with Noctis and friends out on the road as well as the lomg-promoted signing ceremony between Niflheim and Lucis – there are a few new bits of information regarding Luna and Noctis in the story.

Luna and Noctis’ wedding is meant to take place in Altissia – located in Accordo. The signing ceremony takes place when Noctis and friends are heading there – Luna is heading there as well. If you pay attention to the new artwork of Luna, she is actually in a certain location in Altissia. It appears the near death experience Noctis and Stella had from Versus XIII still lives on in Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and Luna.

Despite images of a young Noctis, we won’t be seeing his growth as a child to an adult. Instead the game starts when he is already grown at the time of the peace treaty. We will learn about childhood stories during the events of the game.

Tabata did mention that we will see Luna fight – her battle will be as a guest party member. But unlike Cor joining your battle, you will actually join hers at some point in the game.

Noctis’ father Regis is around 50 years old at the start of FFXV but he’s already aged well beyond that due to maintaining the magic barrier around Lucis. The quick aging is the unfortunate fate of the king, according to Tabata. Noctis could also meet this fate, if he inherits the throne. Because of this, Regis is torn on whether or not he should let Noctis become the next king.

When a king of Lucis dies, their wisdom gets passed to the next generation thus the royal line lives on. That ring that Nomura mentioned in the past as a significant object, is in fact inherited by the person next in line for the throne of Lucis. Naturally, Regis posses one of these rings. What happens to the ring during Lucis’s invasion? This is a key point – the ring contains both the wisdom and power of the previous king of Lucis. The summoned swords are also inherited from each previous king. In the story, there are items, such as the weapons of previous kings, that Noctis must collect “no matter what.”

Regarding summons, Tabata says there aren’t many in the game. You’ll encounter them in the story and they won’t care at all about what’s happening in the human realm. We don’t know what they think either. Summons have their own intelligence, gender, and willpower. Their behavior is very different from that of humans. They play an important role in the concept of the “power of the stars.”

Between now and the March event where Square Enix will announce the release date of the game, Tabata would like to attend community events if possible and he really wants to hear the voices of the fans on the official forums.

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Further details on Final Fantasy XV’s Luna and Regis


During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix revealed further details in a new press release concerning two of Final Fantasy XV’s major characters outside the playable cast – Lunafreya and King Regis.


In the Kingdom of Lucis, King Regis has maintained a protective barrier around the crown city by channeling the magical energy of the crystal, but the strain has taken a toll on his body. Aged and weakened, with the imperial might of Niflheim at his doorstep and his wall on the verge of collapse, the king finds himself, his beloved son, and his kingdom defenseless.


Meanwhile, in Tenebrae, Luna’s sacred status as Oracle has elicited a degree of autonomy for the former kingdom, but she must still stand firm in the face of the imperial occupation. By her side stands the mysterious, black-haired Gentiana.

Additionally, director Hajime Tabata expanded on the pair during the 90-minute Active Time Report – filling in with gaps of lore brought over from Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Lucis is blessed by the crystal and because of that, the royal family of Lucis has special powers. The current King is Regis, the father of Noctis. You may remember that Regis summoned weapons in the former trailers. Weapon summoning is one of the blessings of the crystal. Regis himself has fought in wars in the past alongside Cor and Cid.

Eventually, the Niflheim Empire expanded its territory – now with Lucis the only remaining crown city that is protected by a magic shield. Other territories that once belonged to Lucis are now occupied by Niflheim. The story of FFXV starts from here.

The origin of the magic shield is powered by the crystal. To protect the city from the invasion, the shield is maintained by consuming the magic power of the King; hence – which is why Regis has aged and weakened rapidly.

So why was there a change to Regis’ design? Half of the reason is because the king uses his energy to maintain the magic shield. The other half will be revealed in March.

Noctis’ mother passed away when he was still an infant. Regis never married again, and he raised his son by himself. As the king he has a lot of official business to do, and the time they were able to spend together may not have been enough. To Regis, Noctis is his only son and the only heir to the throne.

As for Luna, there are people in FFXV’s world that are called Oracles. These Oracles converse with gods and cleanse the world – to keep the stability. An Oracle’s special abilities are passed down through bloodline. The Oracle is supported by people in Niflheim, Lucis and other countries. Luna is the youngest Oracle ever and adored the world over.

The Kingdom of Tenebrae, Luna’s homeland, is under the control of Niflheim. Regardless, it has autonomy because of the Oracle. Niflheim invaded Tenebrae in the past and held Luna in captivity. On that basis, the youngest Oracle was born. More details will become apparent in the final game.

Her motion of brushing aside the gun depicts the dignity of the Oracle, her mental strength as the Oracle, and her strength of never surrendering to the threat of weapons.

Luna also spent time with Noctis when they were children. It was a very short time but the promises they made and the memories they shared have been cherished by both. This bond is a basic element similar to the bond between Noctis and his friends and the bond between father and the son.

The next Active Time Report is scheduled toward the end of the year and will focus on the Niflheim Empire.

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Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live in TGS 2015 summary

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Another TGS, another Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter completed as producer/director Naoki Yoshida took the main stage to discuss all the happenings in the upcoming Patch 3.1. Alongside a look at the update’s new content, we got to see some of the new gear sets, the Void Ark, and a deeper look into the Gold Saucer’s new mini-game Lord of Verminion.

As we now know, Patch 3.1 has a title and it’s As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness. We’ll be seeing a deeper look into the Warrior of Darkness teased near the end of Heavensward as well as the continuation of the Dragonsong War within the main scenario. Because of vacations following the expansion, the patch has been pushed to release within the first few days of November, rather than October.

Moving on to the content itself, Yoshida detailed more of the Void Ark – Final Fantasy XIV’s latest 24-man raid. With a similar setup and difficulty as the Crystal Tower series, Void Ark will play host to creatures from other Final Fantasy titles for boss fights.

Another addition to Patch 3.1 is the expansion of Free Company airship exploration. Players will be able to explore islands home to many monsters and team up with others to kill as many as possible. Those without a FC can participate using the airships in Ishgard via party or solo. FC airships do get some exclusive bonuses, however, so if you’re not in one you may want to consider it.

These adventures will take place in the Sea of Clouds and you’ll be needing to unlock flying in the first area once you get there. In the zone, players can find really strong enemies – the weakest being equal to that of an A Rank hunt mob. Items from these explorations will drop in three chest types = gold, silver and bronze. Gear equal to i210, glamour gear and more will be available within. Unwanted stuff can be traded in for points and the chest rewards themselves will be random – including stats and appearance of gear.

Coming soon to the Gold Saucer, Lord of Verminion features a Real Time Strategy battle between two players. Minions are summoned into battle from your own collection in 10-minute matches. You win by destroying your opponent’s Arcana Stones. Minions have stats of their own and can differ from minion to minion – categorized into poppets, monsters, critters and gadgets. Lord of Verminion featers five different modes as well, including tutorial, challenge, training, battle, and tournament. Matching will be done based on performance.

We’ll be able to see Lord of Verminion in action at the next FATE event in Hiroshima, Japan.

Other goodies planned for 3.1 include new housing additions (a moogle design, for example), and the requested Haurchefant painting. A new relic weapon quest line is also confirmed for the patch.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 launches early November


After much anticipation, Square Enix revealed the next major content patch to hit Final Fantasy XIV will arrive in November.

Titled “As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness,” the continuation of the main scenario will focus on the Warrior of Darkness and the continuation of the Dragonsong War as seen in Heavensward. While many fans expected the patch to launch in October, producer/director Naoki Yoshida says because of staff vacations we’ll be waiting a little longer to about the first week of November.

Patch 3.1 will introduce several new features to the game including two new dungeons, a brand-new 24-man raid, new airship exploration adventures, Gold Saucer games and more.