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Final Fantasy XIV’s A Realm Reborn scenario concludes today with Patch 2.55


The final chapter to Final Fantasy XIV’s current scenario – A Realm Reborn – comes to a close today with the release of Patch 2.55. This conclusion leads right into the upcoming expansion in Heavensward, where major changes are expected in the realm of Eorzea leading up to its launch in June.

Aside from the conclusion of the A Realm Reborn storyline, Patch 2.55 includes a new trial in The Steps of Faith. Players will also be happy to know that the weekly lockout restrictions for both the Final Coil of Bahamut and World of Darkness have been lifted, with the latter added to the Duty Finder. Square Enix has also made adjustments to the newly implemented Gold Saucer including Triple Triad and chocobo racing abilities.

The full list of updates can be read here in the official patch notes.

Final Fantasy XV could have female guest party members


Final Fantasy XV has an all-male cast and that’s not going to change. The main characters have been set up that way to further the original story drawn up by Tetsuya Nomura and reasoning explained in detail dating back as far as 2008. This week’s Famitsu touches base with director Hajime Tabata, who once again clarifies these intentions but says that female characters might not be out the window entirely – at least in a guest capacity.

According to him, “It’s possible we’ll have female characters join the party as guests. But since it’s an all-male party, when you have a female character as a guest, their behavior might change because a woman is around.”

Tabata also spoke briefly about Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, which saw it’s release a couple weeks ago worldwide. One of the many user requests have been centered on improving the battle system. To this he said, “The battle system from the demo is about 50 percent complete. I want to level-headedly respond to requests for improvement.

“The full retail version will have things like magic and co-op chains, which I feel will really freshen up how players approach combat. Because Ramuh has special specifications in the demo, there will be systematic improvements in the full release.”

Additionally, the team is looking at adjusting the game’s day and night cycle as well as the way the camping system currently works. The two themes FFXV are travel and friendship and these aspects – particularly the second – will continue to be strengthened through the end of development.

On the topic of possibly cutting limbs from monsters or other enemies, Tabata admits it’s a feature that could pose a problem for the classification of the game. Instead, his suggestion is to change the behavior of enemies depending on how much damage they have taken.

Famitsu also polled fans about the demo themselves, with more than 70% of players either satisfied or very satisfied with what they were given. Around 20 percent of respondents were either dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied.

Via: Gematsu.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD tops 92K in its first week on sale in Japan


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD made it to the top of the software charts in Japan last week, despite having released on the PSP there years prior. The PlayStation 4 version of the game managed to sell 92,094 units according to numbers compiled by Media Create, which is fairly impressive given its high asking price and HD remaster status.

The Xbox One version of the game, however, did not manage to make the top 50 despite being included as a free bonus for buyers of new hardware. According to Media Create, the combined sales for both versions was around 93K, which puts a rough estimate around 1,000 units for Microsoft’s console.

Last week also saw the release of the special Suzaku Edition PS4 hardware, which likely helped boost sales past the 46K mark for the reporting period – though it remains unknown just how many of said bundles contributed to this figure.

It will be interesting to see if the Final Fantasy XV demo can push things along a little further, as the standard edition of the game has already dropped down 37% on Amazon Japan. Suffice to say, Japanese fans will likely have an easy time picking up a first print copy on the cheap quite quickly.

The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae feedback survey is now live


Square Enix hasn’t exactly been shy about their intentions with the Final Fantasy XV demo – the first playable piece of a game that likely won’t be out until some time next year. They’re trying something new this time around and going full feedback mode, offering fans who played Episode Duscae to voice their concerns in a brief survey that’s now available in both North America and Europe.

The survey – which can be accessed here – is quite simple, but you’ll need your download code to begin. You’re basically given a multiple choice run down through several questions spanning things like the demo’s world design, battle system, characters, music etc. with the intent that all of this information will be heading to FFXV’s development team. At the end you can even briefly explain your own thoughts, provided you stay within the 1000 character limit. Fans who complete the survey can snag a wallpaper at the end for their efforts.

Unfortunately it seems the survey is currently available for fans who’ve a physical copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on hand. We’ll be sure to update should anything change. European fans, however, will need to register the game on their Square Enix accounts.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Battle for Ishgard previewed in new screenshots


Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 2.55 is just around the corner with a release on March 31st – and with it the conclusion of the scenario surrounding A Realm Reborn as fans prepare for Heavensward to arrive in June. In preparation, Square Enix has sent out several screenshots today detailing what there is to expect in “Before the Fall Part II” and the Battle for Ishgard.

The main battle here will take place on the Steps of Faith as brave adventurers band together to fend off the threat of the dragon Vishap and his companions. The main scenario will also follow up with the events going down in Ul’dah as the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and the Grand Companies of Eorzea deal with another looming threat. Square Enix has offered us an official blurb:

A great wyrm’s roar echoes through the skies of Coerthas, calling all dragonkind to war. The Gates of Judgement, Ishgard’s outermost defenses, now come under attack. With the city’s very survival in the balance, can the Scions of the Seventh Dawn rally the Eorzean Alliance — or is the Holy See doomed to fall?

The Steps of Faith — the sole means of approaching the city of Ishgard. As well as providing passage across the Sea of Clouds, this great stone bridge also serves to anchor the series of arcane wards known as Daniffen’s Collar.

Long has the Holy See relied upon these barriers to shield the city from Dravanian assault, but it did not foresee the brazen attack that would take place at the Gates of Judgement. The outermost layer of protection has been dispelled, allowing the mighty dragon Vishap to land upon the far end of the Steps of Faith. Leading an army of lesser kin, the massive creature is intent on destroying the exposed foundations of the remaining wards. Take up position alongside the Temple Knights, and defend the structure from the ravaging forces of the Horde!

Square Enix hosting Dissidia Final Fantasy Closed Conference 2015 next month


Square Enix will be holding a special conference on April 10 to further detail Dissidia Final Fantasy, a game recently announced for arcades at the Japan Amusement Expo 2015 as the first arcade title in the Final Fantasy series.

The event, which is being called “Closed Conference 2015″ will take place in Japan at Yebisu Garden Place and fans apart of Square Enix’s own Members service as well as Famitsu.com readers will have a chance to attend the event via lottery drawing.

Square Enix is planning the event in two parts. The first will focus on the public screening of a trailer along with some new information. The second part will be more fan-oriented with words from the development staff and a live demonstration of the game in action. Those with a Members account can register now – the deadline to do so is on March 29.