Square Enix localization specialist lists Final Fantasy Type-0 on resume By Erren Van Duine on May 21, 2013 at 8:15 PM

Final Fantasy Type-0’s localization has been on the table since 2010 if an employee’s resume is to be believed.

Alongside his work for titles such as Crisis Core: FFVII, Nier, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, he has a listening for Final Fantasy Type-0 which has been in the works from “December 2010 to present.”

This jives with previous reports that localization had been worked on as recent as the beginning of last year. Previously, several voice actors had come out and contacted Operation Suzaku with news that FF Type-0’s localization was nearly finished, but Square Enix had decided to put the project on hold due to the PSP’s declining market share in the west.

At this point Square Enix hasn’t really said much, aside director Hajime Tabata having admitted messing around with a HD port at some point over a year ago. Is there still some shred of hope? It’s possible this employee’s CV is outdated, but we’d like to believe otherwise. Of course, only time will tell.

Via: LinkedIn.

  • Julian

    if anything they could just make english subtitlles (since I believe most people would rather the original japanese VO) and put it in the online store for download.

  • Justin James Christianson

    i want this game!!! please localize it, or at least make subtitles, it looks awesome and i would definately buy me and my gf new psps in order to play together