Tabata talks Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer DLC, avatar creation system and more By Erren Van Duine on January 10, 2017 at 10:06 AM

Final Fantasy XV will see a lot of changes here in the coming months, with talks of updates alongside its fully detailed Season Pass. In the latest issue of Famitsu, director Hajime Tabata speaks at length about the game’s reception as well as a few words on the game’s story-focused and multiplayer downloadable content.

At this point Tabata and his team are focused on improving the scale and comfort in the latter part of Final Fantasy XV. Fans can expect even more information on these changes – detailed in a lengthy roadmap – and when they’ll be made available soon.

On the content front, Tabata says they’re planning to add in time-limited mob hunts based on enemies from the original story as DLC. He’s also heard fans say they’d like to travel with some of the minor characters such as Iris and Aranea so they’re exploring a solution for that approach as well.

In 2017 Final Fantasy XV will see an online expansion pack of sorts – the foundation of which includes multiplayer. Tabata would like to include characters other than Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto in this feature. They’re also planning to add in an avatar system – which won’t just be exclusive to the multiplayer as the team is currently investigating how to include it in the main scenario. Perhaps in the main story the avatar character will join your companions but only their appearance will change.

As for story DLC, the three separate paid pieces of content focusing on Noctis’ friends, Tabata says the team would like to make sure their story changes depending on how you play. Of course, this won’t have any bearing on the game’s main quest.

Tabata says he’d also like to release VR content for the game as there are many things he’d like to do with it. He can’t speak on the timing yet though, so please look forward to it.

Via: Hachima Kikou.

  • Uzair Syed

    Please be excited!

    I know am. Would love to see new trophies too. I think the avatar system is unnecessary though.

  • Nick Greeley

    I’m all for this, minus the avatar being in the main scenario…that’s dumb

  • BlackFrost

    useless dlcs tbh. the game is unfinished anyway. missing story can’t be added. it’s way too short and 10 years wait wasn’t worth it at all. its almost all sidequests in this game, the main quests are too short and dumb, mainly just about killing characters off for no reason. really disappointed, dlcs wont change this.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    the game is ruined because the fact that out of those 10 years they somehow only use 3 for developing the game and got nothing out of the other 7
    they should’ve just moved on to 16 and treat it better, because at this point SE seems to love if their game development process is problematic

  • Staci Toner

    I wish you were wrong but you’re probably right. It’s such a shame what a waste of a good plot and characters

  • •december

    As a huge fan of FFXV this gimmicky stuff is very annoying.
    Besides that, timed mobs I’m for – make it possible to travel with Cor!

  • •december

    To be fair they did mention ‘expanding the second half of XV’,
    this includes World or Ruin and Chapter 13.
    In their words: “the team is currently focused on improving the scale and comfort in the latter part of Final Fantasy XV. “

  • Bayny

    Awesome, I can’t wait for the DLC to hit and to finally expand on the main story. It really lacked some background information. I hope other side characters will get their stories explained in what they announce as those side events.
    What I would like to see are some basic gameplay enhancements like being able to pick up items while riding a chocobo and indexes/bestiaries in the menu to not have to remember every monters’ weaknesses and such and above all, give us more costumes! I’d love to see some silly stuff or crazy armors, even with different status buffs, that would be totally awesome. Imagine a young Noctis running around in the armor and clothes of Firion!

  • •december

    The gang should all get armor like Aranea too

  • Staci Toner

    I hope you’re right. Now that the games out they don’t have to worry about the deadline and they can just add the stuff in that was taking too long. expansions, dlc.

  • stevenm281

    The thing is, its not only the linear part of the story that is lacking, even the first half in the kingdom of Lucis require more cutscenes, its as if nothing happens within the first 8 chapters other than getting Ramuh and Titan.

  • Squall

    Reading this article just after reading the one of ‘the just have some patience’ article of Nomura, I am delighted of the direct way of communicating of Tabata. They focus on a single game they love and make it work the best they can and as fast as they can .

  • Harkins1721 .

    Yet Tabata still lied about the main story being 50 hrs long. Nomura on the other hand has stated many times that SE releases info on their games to early. Hence you see the silence from Nomura.

  • Monty Returns

    let me replace the whole party members and I’ll give this yaoi simulator a chance.

  • stevenm281

    I think the story was planned for 50 hours, but after all the cuts they had to make, it seemed like half of the story is missing.

  • Sasuke Uchiha –ZERO–

    It’s only a yaoi simulator if you personally want it to be.

  • Darrin Tyler

    dumb. I don’t give a damn about multiplayer. I prefer DLC for the actual game not multiplayer garbage….

  • Invictus

    Credits to Tabata’s way of keeping us posted via ATR. But I don’t care about the Avatar system right now. For me, it just doesn’t fit in. Fix the story first and I’ll be happy to play along this avatar stuff.

  • •december

    It’ll take a while, but hey look at f*cking GTA.
    There’s games that have been out for 4 years still going strong with their DLC.

  • stevenm281

    Altissia is chapter 9!

  • Breathless

    Not pleased at all. The multiplayer thing doesn’t fit the game at all; custom avatars don’t fit the game at all – the’re trying to squeeze stuff in there that have no place in there, and I’m just afraid it’s gonna make the game an even bigger mess than it already is. The three story DLCs should be free, seeing how they literally are chapters ripped out of the game (most probably because they couldn’t finish them in time). And uh… VR? They really have such manpower and so much free time to be thinking of / working on THAT, when the actual game itself is a disappointing shoddy mess? Ugh.

  • stevenm281

    I don’t mind the multiplayer aspect as I would love to play it with my best pal, but I totally agree with the custom avatars being incorporated in the main game, its not fitting at all.

    And, as you mentioned, the three DLC episodes should be in the main game.

    What I would do is:
    -Give the Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto episodes for free
    -Replace the Season Pass 3 episodes for: Cor (his journey apart of the main party), Iris (her training with Cor and early days as Iris the Demon Hunter), and Aranea (her departure from the Niflheim empire, and her journey with Biggs and Wedge as they work in the Search and Rescue business)

  • alef321

    who asked for this crap?

    Tabata is the king of wasting fucking time on things no one asked for.

  • Grampy_Bone

    No multiplayer, no companion DLCs, no comfort; just make the World of Ruin playable and finish the final boss.

  • Jay Andrews

    Yeah, it was planned to have 50 hours of story and would’ve full well surpassed that. But since 2013, the 1 year they took to port shit to Luminous Studio and PS4 and two years of actual development in the game from the shitstorm that was 2006-2013, it just didn’t happen. All the BS that happened beforehand was what made the latter half of the game what it was.

  • Jay Andrews

    They cut out so much Luna content due to “feminazis.” Apparently, she had a couple abuse scenes (Dawn trailer confirms this). I was excited for this, but I guess it just didn’t work out.

  • Jay Andrews

    *Chapter 9. But you’re right. Altissia and beyond needs to be greatly reworked.

    They also need to make the Astrals relevant. You go through the entire first half of the game getting them, then story-wise, the ones Luna fucking died for don’t even show up during the last two bosses.

  • Some Random Guy

    “Please be excited”
    I am sick of hearing those words.

    Crystal Tower in Tenebrae please, whatever story they want to tell with the DLC will be a turd anyways.

  • Noct

    1.:FIX THE STORY! (if is that’s possible)
    2. Make the main characters DLCs for free
    3. Aranea and Cor DLCs

  • fish8100

    Though I’m not one for multiplayer, there is so much potential with extras they could incorporate into the game, so I’m pretty happy that they plan to stay with FFXV for a while instead of just leaving it behind. I don’t care too much for Iris but Aranea and Cor I would love to see more of. Sidequests that involve a bit more story as well as being able to explore more of the world too. And more Dave. I love that guy.

  • popo123

    1.They can only add to the story, and even with that it’ll be just minor plot details about minor characters. They cannot fix something that’s not broken.

    2.The season pass in not free.

    3.Already confirmed.

  • stevenm281

    1- They are altering the second half of the story, and even making a huge overhaul of Chapter 13.

    2- They could give the main characters episodes for free and make three other DLC based on secondary characters for the Season Pass.

    3- We want Episodes for those characters, and whats been confirmed is that those characters will be playable for the online expansion, not that they will have an exclusive episode centered around their story.

  • Vallen

    Add in everything that we saw in the 2013-onwrads trailers that never made the final game (cut-scenes and areas)

  • popo123

    1.They’re not altering anything to the story. They’re adding more to it. Altering means changing, and they cannot change the story.

    2. The main char dlcs are already locked for the season pass so I don’t think it’s going to be free unless they have some kind of holiday deal or promotion. Additional story dlcs might be given for free like that of Ravus

    3. It might happen just like Ravus but it might take longer as they’re focusing on Ravus and probably other characters surrounding him. Like they said, it will also require lots of work with animation, recordings and all that.

  • •december

    Any expansion addition to Tenebrae, Cartanica, Gralea, Altissia is very likely
    and very welcome!!!

  • •december

    I’d blame Yosuke Matsuda or people below him/above Hajime Tabata, tbh.
    Hajime and the FFXV team/dev teams worked their butt off

  • •december

    Thanks for clarifying lol
    My mistake

  • •december

    Thanks, my mistake.

    Everything from Chapter 9 onwards is definitely latter half of FFXV.
    I’m really hyped, cause it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that there were parts
    missing from Altissia and everything after, which felt just as hollow.

  • Sailosi Tarai

    So, choose your own adventure gameplay. Well that sucks for those of us that just want to be led by a great story and not have to decide how it ends. Thanks SE

  • MyEmpireRises

    The story is already complete on disc. There’s no way to remodel what’s already been developed. There can be never before seen content but its wont have an affect on how we experience the story main stream hence forth. Same cutscenes same real time interactions same locations happen. An expansion is not the same as editing an already published script

  • Shawn

    My prediction: The story won’t be fixed at all. It is what it is: rushed, unfinished, and poor. What they’re going to add will be side quest stories for the three main characters that will depict either their absence from certain plot points in the main scenario, or something different entirely. Nothing about their past will be explained. That’s what the dumb Japanese-only anime was for.

    What I want: The finished map. Altissia and Niflheim were once one world map. Now they’re three separate little islands. But we won’t get that because it was scrapped. Noting can be done to fix the god-awful story telling, half baked cut scenes, or mess of a tone. This game is what it is.

  • Sailosi Tarai

    “They cannot fix what is not broken”. This comment really made me laugh and here is why.

    you could argue that what is expected to be the main story, is not the main story. For instance, there are many stories that collide with each other.

    1 – The 4 friends on a road trip
    – head toward your bride Luna for wedding
    – side quests
    – hunts

    2 – Taking back insomnia from the niffs and reclaiming the crystal
    – taking down empire bases
    – collecting the royal arms
    – collecting the summons

    3 – Taking down Ardyn and restoring light to a dark world.
    – obtain the ring
    – rescue prompto
    – hibernate for 10 years to power ring
    – take out ifrit
    – take down Ardyn

    of these three stories, the final cut scene supports all of them except the quests from no.2. So, the quest to take back insomnia from the niffs and reclaim the crystal is not supported by the final cut scene. However, neither of the quests are relevant to No.3’s quests, and arguably the more important one, taking down Ardyn.

    We see
    – Noct married to Luna
    – Noct around the camp fire
    – Noct dead from taking down ardyn

    In light of this, you could argue that the main story was any of these three.

    – If it was about the road trip to you, then it can be.
    – if it was about the wedding (the first quest)
    then it can be
    – If it was about restoring the light to a dark world and destroying Ardyn then it can be.

    It really is your choice, and that is the biggest problem.

    If you choose to ignore the open world, then the last option is likely what you accept as the main story.

    If you want the story to make sense, then you are more likely to support the road trip.

    The only one that is completely irrelevant is the quest to take back insomnia from the niffs and reclaim the crystal.

    Why? Because Ardyn achieved that without you.

    This means:
    – chasing the royal arms
    – chasing the summons

    Are the only thing that is irrelevant LOL

    That is the fragmented story that is
    “Final Fantasy 15” .

  • Randy Marsh

    What happens…if the World of Ruins IS the DLC zone for multiplayer?!

    Enjoy that thought being buried in your head now! I mean makes sense as a theory if Cor, Iris, and Aranea can be playable in it.

  • motorheadyoda

    that multiplayer content sounds so worthless… FFXV is not built as a MMO. i can’t believe SE is wasting time with this. There are so many other things that could have used resources, story being most important of all.

  • Brad Martin

    The anime was excellent and did a great job of fleshing out their characters, and it did have English subtitles, which were more then enough.

  • Shawn

    Exactly. So they won’t be explaining any back story in the DLC.

  • Shinobuden

    Time-limited mob hunts of enemies from the original story? As in from Versus XIII? Not entirely sure what they mean here. Iris and Aranea yes pls, but don’t forget Cor.

    I’m all about creating my own avatar in games and having an adventure, but it really doesn’t suit this game. At all. I don’t understand what made them think this would be a good idea ever. For the main story part, are they trying to go for a DD pawn system or something? If so then no, just no. Stop. Reallocate your time and money to things that need it instead.

    I’ve honestly become pretty indifferent to the DLCs for Gladio, Ignis and Prompto. Not sure when but I kinda lost interest in them at some point.

  • Some Random Guy

    Eh, i don’t think its likely. Even if the DLC does cover those areas, you wont be able to visit them as noctis so meh

  • Luke Watts

    Disgusting. Simply disgusting…. This game is a disgrace to the glory days of Final Fantasy….

  • motorheadyoda

    my problem with the way the three bros are characterized is that purely in game, they don’t have much development at all.

    Gladio is the same gladio before and after the fall of Insomnia and his DLC, Ignis is as well, except he is blind but that apparently didn’t bother him at all (we get almost no information how he dealt with that after Altissia and during WoR). Prompto is the only one that got gloomier after his DLC but it was a one liner. none of the character development shows up in the main game. Sure, the DLC may address some of that, but for most people it will be after the fact.

    Gladio is more passionate about cup noodles than about his old man, Ignis is always thoughtful and caring and observant, prompto always jokes around. We don’t see how Gladio deals with the events in Insomnia (about his father and other crown guards), and there is absolutely no difference between him before his DLC and after DLC in game other than the scar. so basically zero character development. Ignis apparently just got used to his disability, and Prompto never bothered mentioning his origin again.

    so really, the only character that was developed in the game for me was Noctis.

  • Nate the Great

    The story was fine, just rushed. They could have fit in at least 5-10 more chapters. That would have been nice.

  • Zonnex

    Awesome. I love the series and really enjoyed XV. So far my top favorites are FFXII, VI, V Advance, XV amd IX. Love the others, too, such as IV, VII, VIII, X, XIII trilogy and even Mystic Quest.

  • Matt James Horobin

    Watch Brotherhood

  • Doesntwork247

    You just made my point lol, you have to watch ancillary products to even see them develop. They are basically static throughout the whole game, hence why I said they have no major character development IN game.

  • gabrieuTG


  • stevenm281

    it doesnt necessarily need more chapters, the amount of chapters is irrelevant, they just need to put more cutscenes in every chapter of the game.

  • stevenm281

    Well that would be…. quite worth it… I think! It is exciting to think about!

  • Nate the Great

    Yah. I guess. My first point remains though.

  • Odin

    I’m assuming the story has been fixed already? Quote “also heard fans say they’d like to travel with some of the minor characters such as Iris and Aranea so they’re exploring a solution for that approach as well.” I guess he hasn’t heard about the complaints about the missing story lol

  • stevenm281


  • stevenm281

    But to Power Up the ring, Noctis needs to be in the Crystal, and it is explained that for the Crystal to accept Noctis as the True King, he needs the approval of the Astrals, so chasing the summons is important to Quest #3.

    Now the royal arms, I think you’re right as I don’t remember them being necessary to the story.

  • stevenm281

    Why wouldn’t they be able to add story scenes? They already did so with the Crown Update that released on release day, it wouldn’t be any different.

  • CallMeGod

    LMAO to those fans who say Tabata is the savior of FF15. Who the fucking hell ask for multiplayer or fucking character creation.

  • CallMeGod

    Naw it only gave us a little backstory of the characters. Let not forget how Prompto told everyone he was a MT and everybody like yea who care. I thought that was suppose to be said, but nope so yeah they need to do a better job of fleshing out the character development in the game.

  • Sailosi Tarai

    Actually that is not true. IN the scene with bahamut all he says is
    that them being awakened is a sign of the prophesied hour. He didn’t actually need them to power up the ring.

    Devastating to the story, i know.

  • Sailosi Tarai

    with the amount of people i see that are as disappointed with this game and SE as i am, i don’t understand how they can say that the majority of people think it is the best Final Fantasy game yet. Why are people lying? Admit it, this game absolutely sucks tabatas balls.

  • Odin

    I think they are comparing it to FF13 lol

  • Randy Marsh

    Hey some people have different tastes, it’s called being a human being. No need to rain on their parade like a prepubescent child if you think the game is garbage.

  • Rd 89

    Played the game till i finished almost over half of all sidequests and finished the game at a level of 50+ within a week of purchase, here’s the good:
    1) Amazing soundtrack
    2) Really honest to god fun gameplay and fights. although the magic system and summons are so so
    3) Intersting world, design and aesthetically wise, not story wise.

    Here’s the not so good:
    1) There’s no story whatsoever, and whats there is disjointed and doesnt make sense, cutscenes have no dialogue and are tacked from Kingsglaive except the ones already made for XV which are not much at all, *SPOILER* well not so much, nothing in the world is effected by the events of the game that is until Noct goes into his deep slumber. What happened to Cor and Lunas Brother forgot whats his name is and how about you let us explore Lunas homeland?
    2) Limited amount of outfits, with variation of the same outfit like without jacket and without underwer, just kidding hehe. How about you make a real attempts at outfits Tabata instead of character creation and multiplayer.
    3) God the load times take forever and the car is so slow even with all the improvements and gear.
    4) The Regalia is not so controllable, most of the time it drives itself, Flying Regalia is not fun either.
    5) Promised full PS4 Pro support which i’m still waiting for, what happened to the one promised at the end of december, does anybody know? While old and recent games are receiving a significant PS4 Pro mode such as the Infamous games, Last of Us and The Rise of the Tomb Raider.

    With all of that said i really enjoyed the game, but the team over promised and under delivered, btw i bought the Pro the day it was released for this game, its a good game but not a proper numbered Final Fantasy quality wise, hell i don’t consider it an AAA game either with all the letdowns and things missing, man if this was made by Ubisoft or Activison or even EA people would be slamming the game right and left. Previous gen games are better than this and that says a lot, play the Lost Odyssey or Eternal Sonata or Mass effect or Dragon age Origins or the Tomb Raider and then come talk to me about open world-ish or hub world games and lets discuss FFXV, i couldn’t even imagine a day where i play The Rise of the Tomb Raider on my PS4 Pro and think it has a better and a more fleshed out story and better production value than a numbered FF game.

  • Rd 89

    Whats an MT?

  • •december

    More chapters? That would grab my attention definitely

  • Doesntwork247

    Lol bash XIII all you want, the one thing XIII absolutely kicks XV’s butt is character development. Note, it doesn’t mean the characters are good, just that we got to see so much emotions and frustrations and change in XIII’s cast.

  • Mariana Perez

    I’ve just in chapter 7, but my impression so far:
    A sand box game, with the SAME system as The witcher 3:that is very interesting and the side quests adds more enjoyment tothe game, alse, those quests have a function in the story, but in this game, the side quest aren’t as appealing neither have a meaning than to acquire money and leveling. Is too easy to grow levels….
    The story: so far, is no so interesting, I had a great time watching the movie, but I can’t like Noctis. I like more Ignis.
    The game is not bad, I mean, is fun and I enjoy it, But the loeading times, and the car is too damn long. With Geralt, you could fight from over the horse, that could be very interesting with the chocobos.
    But I’ll keep on and see to the end.

  • Sailosi Tarai

    I was stating that it is an incorrect statement to claim that the majority think it is the best FF game. I am not raining on their parade. Anyone can like the game, but just say that. Don’t try to use incorrect facts to support your claim. You don’t have to defend yourself if you like the game or not.

  • stevenm281

    If you guys are interested in my review:

    One of my favorite FF gameplay wise, story-wise its almost there, but it needs some improvement.

    The battle system is super fun, other than the crafting magic mechanic which doesnt feel magical at all, it just feels like throwing elemental grenades.

    The graphics are beautiful as always, the soundtrack is magnificent, the characters are lovely, it definitely has all the elements to make the greatest FF, if only there was more character development overall and a lot more cutscenes for the story.

    Thus, I never felt connected to the story, the story itself is interesting, but the storytelling fall flat, there needs to be more cutscenes in EVERY chapters.

    FF used to have the best approach, you start with the story linear, then you open-up, then back to linear, then back to overworld, then back to linear, then back to overworld, etc. Furthermore, its the story that brought us to various locations and made us discover them, we always felt connected to the story and the whole world.


    The villains, more than anything else, needs more presence, everything that happens to them is done off screen, and thats a crime. The only villain that has enough screen time is Ardyn.

    While I did cry when Lunafreya died, it was just because I’m a wimp that cry all the time when something sad happen, but not really because I felt close to the character, she needs more presence in the game, more scenes of her time being a Niflheim prisoner, her journey to awaken the Astrals, etc.

    As for the main companions, during their absence from the main party, leaving their story out of the game to sell as DLC Episodes, bad move for the

    Concerning Chapter 13, wasted opportunity to let Noctis use martial arts, there is no way he doesn’t know how to fight without a weapon, anyone receiving martial training receives some unarmed training.

    As for the game opening, its the weakest in the series in a long time, FF usually starts with a bang, an epic opening, now we’re just pushing a car…. that’s kinda lame. It could have started with an empire fleet attacking Noctis and co. on the road, which ends up damaging the Regalia, and the team needs to walk to Hammerhead, meet Cindy, and have her tow the damn car.

    But my best opening would have been to escape Insomnia instead of having Kingsglaive, and have Luna with Noctis and his friends, traveling together, watching her talking and awakening the gods for Noctis to obtain their powers, until she meets her fate in Altissia. As for the ring, useless to people other than Noctis, could have been stolen along with the Crystal.

    The ending, on the other hand, is top notch, loved every part of the Insomnia dungeon and the finale.

    As for the exploration, its a bit disappointing that we only get to explore a small part of Lucis, not even Galahd, nothing of Tenebrae or Niflheim. Maybe stories of 4 kingdoms are now too big for what the developers can do, and they should focus on stories that occur inside one continent, one kindgom, etc., so that players don’t feel like they cannot explore the whole world. Furthermore, there are way too many invisible barriers over obstacles we can clearly jump over, like fences, corpses, cars, desks, etc.

    The worst culprit is to not even let us explore the World of Ruins, its not like Lucis wasn’t explorable before the 10 year gap, so what happened? Why leaving it out of the possibility? Why couldn’t we meet Cor, Iris, Cindy, and Aranea? It would have been a perfect opportunity to let players hire one of the guest to tag along until the party move on to Insomnia, or until you tell the guest to leave, or you go hire another one of them.

    Maybe it wouldn’t be considered as bad if it weren’t for the fact that most of us knew XV when it was Versus XIII, and all of the information we knew of the project which are now cut from the game.


    In NG+, make Ifrit summonable!

    Make it so that if I turn off the Regalia’s radio, I can hear the Exploration music, or let us select which songs of the albums we gathered we would like to have playing on the radio like some sort of playlist. At first I liked listening to previous FF titles music, but eventually it took away from XV’s identity.

    Blood DLC?


    Always make sure that the story is what’s most prominent in a game, not side stuff. FF was never Skyrim and other RPGs of that kind which lack story
    in favor of billions of sidequests.

    The best ratio is 75% story, 25% side activities.

    So if you want to give us over a hundred hours of side stuff, fine, but you better have quite an enormous story to keep us engaged. I’d much rather a long ass story with nothing else to do, than a very short story with endless meaningless activities.



    MY TOP 5 FF

    5- FF15
    4- FF13
    3- LR:FF13
    2- FF8
    1- FF7

  • Katherine Merkel

    How do we let Tabata know what we the fans want

  • stevenm281

    Magitek Trooper

  • NoctLightCloud

    What do they mean with “time-limited mob hunts”?

  • •december

    I hope they explain why tf Gladiolus pretends not to know Noctis
    when they regroup at the Lestallum power plant failure.
    It was the dumbest thing Gladio’s done.

  • Invictus

    Probably this was Tabata’s goal after all? To make an MMO game?

  • Invictus

    And Nomura is the king of no updates hahaha! Damn. They just love to play the waiting game

  • Invictus

    Spot on. I think the main plot (with the loop holes) is the finished product. DLCs will be just put a little bit of game time into each 3 brothas and that’s it. Then wait after a year and you get a definitive ed or GOTY with the 3 dlc episodes plus other packs.

  • stevenm281

    Indeed, especially since we can easily recognize the voice, the moves, and the weapon!

  • Invictus

    I kinda lost interest in the story dlcs after they’ve put out the new game plus. It was so bad that I have overdosed myself to play the game again.

  • NoctLightCloud

    It’s completely optional, chill….

  • NoctLightCloud

    Finally someone who enjoys both old and new FF games just like me 🙂

  • NoctLightCloud

    Yes! The initial story seemed pretty well written and well tied together, so that if they cut out even some details, players notice it immediately. Every cut was very very noticeable.

  • stevenm281

    They lost so much time to create scenes for trailers that they didn’t even use in the game… If only they would paste all of the scenes from trailers into the game, already it would be a bit better.

    But they need to create more.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I agree!

  • NoctLightCloud

    Yeah…SE should never make the mistake again to 1.) announce something too early, and 2.) listen to western people’s complaints, since the feminazi-phenomenon doesn’t exist in Japan. (I’m a girl myself, but some complaints about Luna, Cindy or Aranea are just ridiculous… As if peeps don’t have anything better to do…)
    SE should just do what they think is best (just like they did prior to the world wide web), and not try to make it good for everyone. :-/

  • NoctLightCloud

    Absolutely agree with you! My thoughts exactly!

  • •december

    Won’t be for a long while though,
    Seeing Cartanica unexplored it’s giving me real repercussions loool.
    I’m so anxious to explore it,
    Also starting to believe Chocobo Moogle Carnival will have something to do with Mystery Disc only seen live in japan, the one with Matsuda boss Fight.

  • •december

    This is a fair review.
    I believe my ranking of FF15 will improve a lot when we get the story,
    the post-Altissia exploration, the background to characters who joined the party and more!

  • NewestType

    But that’s kinda what people do here all the time…

  • stevenm281

    Yeah, I’m sure FF15 will rise from 5th place to either 3rd or 4th, once the product is final.

  • •december

    I wanna know the answer to this too

  • NewestType

    I told them to.

  • •december

    I meant from 8/ 8.5 out ten more, but of course that too…
    because personally I might make it my #1 when its finished.
    What makes this installment not stand out above the rest, as much, is its imcompletion.

  • stevenm281

    It truly has the potential to rise to 9.5/10 if it plays its cards right.

  • Doesntwork247

    Humor post
    SE hated XIII so much that:

    – instead of linear first half open second half in XIII, they made XV open first half and linear the second half

    – instead of poor characters with great development for the main cast in XIII, they went with great characters with barely any development except for Noctis in XV

    – instead of one game that got dragged on to three with XIII trilogy, they compacted what could have been three game in one for XV.

    Did I miss anything?

  • Luke Watts

    I’m really REALLY interested in seeing the percentage difference in respects to the OG game sales vs DLC sales. I am expecting, nay, hoping, NAY, PRAYING that the low numbers send square another serious wake up call.. god knows they’ve been given enough. Take warning my fellow Final Fantasy enthusiasts (not talking to the oblivious generation of gamers that found XV even remotely acceptable) this is the last line of defence between receiving a SHIT FFVII Remake, and a potentially good one.

  • Luke Watts

    Well said.

  • CallMeGod

    I’m sorry, but i thought all mainline FF games are suppose to be single player experience except for 11 and 14. Also, considering how bad the story and how the game isn’t even a complete game, you would think they focus on those first. Why even bother mentioning about multi-player or avatar creation when fans didn’t even ask for it. They clearly don’t have an idea at all what they’re doing if they’re planning to create multiplayer content and avatar creation.

  • MyEmpireRises

    The other 3 exist to support Nocti’s journey.

  • •december

    Welp, you can be an enthusiast and like XV?
    You might as well be saying:
    Take warning my fellow Ice Cream Enthusiasts (Not talking about those who find Mint chocolate REMOTELY acceptable)

    Look how stupid this sounds.

  • Jenniferwearhart

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  • Jellal Fernandes

    i just to want to be able to summon bahamut and ifrit <3

  • Jellal Fernandes

    that should’ve been the reward for beating the game but you gave us instead

  • •december

    Ifrit is not so possible, but definitely Bahamut.
    You never got the mark of the Infernian or whatever from Ifrit,
    because in XV he hates all humans lol. Ardyn was on his side too.
    Irfit and Ardyn are antagonists of this game, they brought about the Daemons
    and the Starscourge/Plague of the Stars

  • Sothe Zephyr

    I really can’t express how much I disliked this game – but I’ll try. I’d like to start by saying that this game had AMAZING potential, and that every idea and concept introduced is truly interesting and sometimes awesome. HOWEVER:

    The story itself was in no way fine. It is essentially non-existent until ch9 when they realize they have a lot of catching up to do, then cram an absolute TON of exposition and development into 5 chapters which ends with a lacklustre reunion and a pretty dry ending. It also needs more explanation, as characters in Niflheim straight up leave the narrative for no reason. The entirety of Niflheim is wasted in the game. Ardyn’s motives and true identity are pretty unclear when he explains them, and the fact that Niflheim’s fate was delivered to us in snippets of paper was laughably terrible.

    Noctis had very little development, if you count “stop being a pouty child” in chapters 9-14 development. Luna’s death was unearned and didn’t really mean much, considering how little she did for the entire game AND movie; unless you count walking out of Insomnia a great feat.
    The supporting cast is okay, but they have NO development.

    Noctis straight up doesn’t care about his father’s death after arriving outside Insomnia, instead only acting serious and depressed in certain scenes, whilst completely fine in others, as if nothing had happened.
    The scenes from Kingsglaive are nearly impossible to follow with NO dialogue in them, giving some who haven’t seen it a difficult time knowing what is happening (refer to giant daemon destroying Insomnia which is never addressed. Ever.).

    Combat can be a downright MESS – especially during the Astral fights (refer to Leviathan and how due to the terrible stamina bar, i spent most of the first phase in the water almost dying). The camera is utter garbage, especially during the dungeons – where enemy hordes can get quite large and intricate.

    Ravus is essentially not even in the game – showing up three prior to being turning into a daemon (only after being ambiguously left at the bottom of some tower in Niflheim, where convenient and random notes to Luna are randomly scattered about). These notes didn’t really matter after all, who cares about Ravus after he was barely seen throughout the entire game.

    The starscourge disease is scarcely explained – not like its important or anything.

    The linear section of the game is downright terrible – forcing you into pointless battles just to break up story cutscenes, with no meaningful travel between points A B and C. Instead, being forced on a train, with, again, random events occurring that don’t really affect the story.

    Chapter 13. Enough said.

    Mentioning it again because its such a bad decision. The disgusting LACK of Luna in this whole game Such an important figure, treated to TOO MANY NO DIALOGUE scenes! So yes, her death meant absolutely nothing other than to make Noctis temporarily pouty again.

    There is no story here. Thats a shame. This game is the epitome of amazing concepts and beautiful design with wretched execution (and somehow this took 10 years? Okie.) The whole game is more of a chore to play, and not worthy, in my opinion, of the final fantasy title.

    Also blind Ignis. Because the game wasn’t annoying enough by Ch10.

    This game has AMAZING concepts, but it is just a big pile of missed opportunity and trash. Which is a shame. Thank god people seemingly love it though, wouldn’t want FF to end off on this note >.>

  • stevenm281

    This guy implemented the Kingsglaive scenes way better in his fan-made trailer than the development team did in the game:


  • XenoSilvano

    not all tastes should be regarded as equal, some people have tastes that are down right ####

  • •december

    Same old comments…
    …I HATE THE GAME… yet they only talk about what was missing…
    Yawn. I liked the Chapter 13, it was in Ignis’ words, a change in pace.
    A good one.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Even still, we shouldn’t have needed Kingsglaive at all. A pre-rendered opening scene simply showing Niflheim troops arriving in Insomnia, then meeting for the treaty signing and the war breaking out would’ve done MUCH more to truly explain what had happened in such an important location to such important characters, or character I should say, than what they had given us in the game.

    Hell the game could’ve opened with Regis being playable as to not have a 10minute long cutscene, and having the same powers as his son, could serve as a really cool tutorial section. Its a shame the game we got was utter garbage compared to what it couldve been if not for terrible design.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Its not exactly difficult to speak of what was missing because 90% of the plot/game isn’t there. Characters vanish with no explanation and exposition is given sloppily and hastily over very short chapters.

    What IS in the game is a terrible plot, horrible linear sections, weak opening, weak magic system, very poor character development, and much more.

    The concept of Ch13 is fine. Its length, pacing, and combat is not. As the chapter itself took WAY too long, for how little to do there actually was and how long the same looking corridors were.

  • Luke Watts

    Wow that does sounds stupid… Mint chocolate is great!
    But for some reason. I still feel the same way…

  • •december

    If you’re grumpy because of what isn’t there,
    how can you coherently and accurately critique the actual game we were given?
    How much of the actual game did Chapter 13 take up anyway? Not a lot.

    Missing story or plot holes won’t take away from how awesome the experience we got is, however unfinished it is. And yes it’s unfinished. Why? The game had to come out 2016.

    Look at the Dawn trailers if you are still grumpy.
    Stuff as recent as the Dawn trailers in 2015 were cut. SO what that’s it? Absolutely not, stop crying about it and get informed or move tf on.

  • •december

    I’m not trying to say it’s ok Square Enix gave us a rushed, unfinished game, I’m just backing the FFXV team, because despite the chaos they still released a solid experience and even better! They’re continuing to finishing it.

    FF7 Remake is still far off, and FFXV isn’t finished. If you want to see Square Enix fail, fair enough that really doesn’t concern me. Heck, they do need a wake up call, but leave the FFXV team and Tabata out of it lol

  • stevenm281

    I agree, as I wrote previously in my review, I said the opening was kinda lame and that the best opening would have been Noctis, Luna, and his friends escaping together Insomnia during the attack, with her being a party member until Altissia.

  • Luke Watts

    I don’t really want to see them fail. I think I DID mention that in another post but was mainly a joke. I want them to just reflect more on what made their games amazing – as it is becoming clearer and clearer that they are loosing touch. I know this one was a development nightmare, but still, with better leadership choices it could have been avoided.

  • Sailosi Tarai

    i am inclined to agree with you there. In fact, if you take the most common five elements that you are sure to find in a final fantasy game, and evaluate them on their merits, then every FF game that came before 15 is a better Final Fantasy game. These five common elements, are in my opinion, what actually makes a FF game a Final Fantasy game. They are:

    1. Story
    2. Character development
    3. magicks
    4. Summons
    5. difficulty

    now i will briefly summarize each point to demonstrate why i think FF15 failed in these five common elements.

    First and foremost, FF15 is garbage. IT is not a FF game. There is nothing in it that suggests it is a FF game, well, except the title. The story was terribly delivered, underdeveloped and made little, if no logical sense in the end. I mean, when a FF game you complete still has you scratching your head trying to figure out how you ever got to the end in the first place, then it has failed to deliver a good story. I went back in my mind to places in the game that i felt was “important plot points”, and still, nothing added up! Why should i have to watch Kings glaive and the anime to understand how things happened when that information should have been in the game. Ravus had so much potential to be a great villain and they screwed that too. When i look at old trailers, i am taken to a world that i was excited to immerse myself in, the world of Nomuras vision. But instead, i am trapped within a world that makes no logical sense and has no development. Thanks Tabata.

    Secondly, The magic was so lame. 5 types of magic? Fire, blizzard, lighting and its progressives, heal and venom. That is all. Lame for a FF title.

    Third, The character development was non-existent. I was given no reason whatsoever to feel anything for Luna, Gladio, Prompto or Ignis. Why would i care that Gladio has a scar on his face when he left my side (the kings side) for reasons that are not revealed? Why would i care that Prompto is an MT when the Term “MT” is not sufficiently fleshed out. Why was he even in insomnia? Why would i care that Ignis went blind? And that leads me to the enemy. I cared nothing for the enemy, the empire, or the leader of the Empire. I cared nothing for Ardyn. The reason why i had 0 empathy is because there was no emotion created between the characters and the player in the story. In fact, the only one i felt anything for, was Iris. the reason why is because she clearly liked Noct, but he was betrothed to another. Or when Gladio was being a D*ck and i was swinging my sword at him frantically. Other than that, I had no emotion whatsoever from any other aspect of the story including when Luna died or even their last camp scene. I have always unintentionally felt attached to the characters in other FF titles because those stories were delivered so well. the character development was in the game, and we genuinley experienced that trauma that the characters went through. I did NOT experience this in FF15.

    Fourth, You can easily complete the game in a level 1 playthrough. Therefore, where is the difficulty? All you need is Equalizer food and acccesories that can be found in the game and you can defeat the Adamantoise with ease. So, there is no difficulty in the game, even in post-game.

    IN addition to the lack of magic, there was a lack of summoning too. Every FF game has had summons. This game has summons, but you cannot choose when to summon them. So, how are they summons? They choose when they want to grace us with their presence. This was a fail in my opinion. It is great to level up your summons, teach them new skills, enhance your overall abilities etc… FF15 does NOT allow you to do this. So, it fails in the category of summons. What is the point of having the power to wield if you cannot choose when to wield it? Why can’t Noct be accountable for his usage of the power to summon these great and powerful creatures? Instead, Titan shows up when he wants to. what a terrible mechanic for summoning.

    And finally, “it was only in development for 3 years”. The game has been hyping the fans for this game over the last 10 years. With trailers after trailers, demos, a movie and an Anime, i doubt they could have hyped this game up any more than they did. And, in the finish product, nothing that was advertised was actually in the game. Scenes were cut, dialogue was cut, and the story suffered because of it. So, for me, the game i did purchase was not the game i thought i was getting, and that was disappointing, and terribly misleading on SE part.

    Therefore, this notion that they did the best with the time they had is ridiculous. Since when do we as the consumer, make excuses for a company? Regardless of the issues they experienced, they are obligated to provide a quality product for our money. There is no justification for selling a product that is not equal in quality to the price they are selling it for. For example, IF you contracted a business to build your house, and that contract was 10 years, you would expect that the company would deliver the house you paid for! The experiences the company goes through in that time are not relevant to the finish product that you paid for. What do you think you would say to that company if the house they built had holes in the walls!? Then the company says to you, “we had so much trouble throughout this project and i had to change carpenters in the last 3 years. I am so sorry, but this is the best we could do for you in that 3 years. I know it is unfinished, and i feel your disappointment, however, our contract was only for 10 years. We can fix the walls, but you will have to pay more for us to fix it.” I know what i’d say “i’ll see you in court”. I wouldn’t say “sure, no problem. I know you did the best you could. What happened cannot be helped. How much extra will it cost for you to fix the walls?” This response would be really unrealistic. So, why is it that we can justify SE releasing an unfinished product that we have paid full price for! And then agree to pay more money for DLC’s that will fix the game!? Any reasonable person would not agree to get screwed like this and smile while forking out more money. There is no justification for this.Therefore, there is no excuse for the garbage that is FF15. And no amount of time in development hell can justify their product.

    In conclusion, SE needs to be held accountable for their shit games of late. FF12,13,13-2,LR and now 15 are all below the quality of the great FF games that preceded it. And, 2 of those games, no one wanted! So, as consumers, we should be demanding accountability! They should know they screwed the pooch on this one so it doesn’t happen again. Because if we don’t tell them, they will attribute the success of the game to the sales. It is because of the sales that SE STILL thinks that FF13 and its tragic sequels were a good idea, even though the fans have made it clear that FF13 was the worst final fantasy game they had ever made, but that rating came before this game, FF15. This game, in my opinion, is tied with FF13 as the worst FF game ever made for the reasons i have provided.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    “Missing story or plot holes won’t take away from how awesome the experience we got is” – But they do. If i cant fully comprehend the reasons of why certain things are happening or why certain characters do what they did or how they got to where they are, then my experience is left empty and im ultimately confused and flustered.

    XV doesnt explore much of its fascinating world and it leaves characters and villains in the ditch. It forgets to explain and give insight into motives/backstory in favour of open world shenanigans. Where did Verstael go after his one line to Ravus? Who cares, whats more important is the road trip! Do we need to see Luna’s struggle as its happening? Apparently not, she gets a handful of silent scenes with gentiana and soldiers only to have one epic scene where she dies. Why was Ravus left at the bottom of a tower WITH notes to Luna? No one knows. Hell, even the true identity of Izunia is ambiguous.

    A game’s story that isnt complete destroys the game itself. One can only look at what is missing from XV because most of the game IS in fact missing.

    For what it is worth, i loved certain parts of the game, but they were few and far between and were only enjoyed due to the visuals, music, and action. The actual story was nowhere to be found, unfortunately. Im ‘grumpy’ because the final product we received is far from what the amazing concepts present in the game/lore deserve.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Literally, the entire prologue couldve been kingsglaive – eliminating the need to watch the move first (which is really quite stupid). Just having Regis fight to protect Luna at the treaty signing, only to see Niflheim bring the big daemon to destroy Insomnia and then conclude with the Glauca fight cutscene. Boom. Kingsglaive without the petty foreign soldier drama that sets up the game and story much better than the actual game itself does. Shame pushing a car was deemed a superior opening….somehow….

  • NoctLightCloud

    You have a point there. But since they haven’t released those things yet, it’s too early to dislike those the multiplayer & avatar option. They may be working on both simultaneously, who knows, for not the whole team can be doing cutscenes anyways.

  • NoctLightCloud

    I guess the developers were super slow with their new engine. They would had never met the deadlines if they didn’t cut A LOT, because of how slow they worked.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Oblivious generation? Complete bullshit! I’ve played every FF game since VII and I still loved XV. Don’t just lump everyone into the same boat. Praying that SE will have low sales is cruel, unfair for the team and just shows that you have no appreciation for the developers of so many great games. There aren’t only happy times.

  • NoctLightCloud

    XIV A Realm Reborn and Heavensward were beyond amazing, probably the best games they’ve done until this day. Imho they are doing a pretty good job, considering the amount of older staff who have left the company since the PS1-era. Of course they can’t produce games like back in the days. If it was that easy to copy Sakaguchi & co, others would’ve done it before. They could’ve also chosen to discontinue this franchise just to shut quiet all the horrible whining, but I doubt anyone would want that actually.

  • Jellal Fernandes

    oh okay

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Mayhap they should’ve spent more time crafting a story as opposed to making the game pretty but with little to no plot at all.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Games are expected to be complete on release. The fact that they have to add story, etc. in POST release is sad and terrifying for the future of games. I didn’t buy a game that was unfinished, expecting patches. I bought a game expecting it to be done. Much like every other FF game released.

    Hell look at the Witcher 3. That game was much bigger than XV, and it was sold as a complete game. No additional story patches or fixes. Expansions yes, but nothing to fix a trainwrecked story because it didnt require fixing.

  • DreamCast

    I think that the Character creation system would be an excellent idea for XV since its an open world and its getting multi-player, and they’ll try to integrate it into single player, sounds good to me. , I would love to play using my own created character. Hope they’ll be able to work it into the game. Looking forward to this feature.

  • •december

    Nobody playing the game was aware of missing plot until the story picked up speed and became linear, a la Altissia, chapter 9. If you’re saying the first 8 chapters of the game were missing plot you’re lying because you would only know this upon completion.

    So how can you go back and say, and wait no. That wasn’t fun at the time I was playing it. Seems like bs to me!

  • Sothe Zephyr

    No I knew they were missing plot at the time because I was wondering, literally every moment, where the villains were (aside from Ardyn) and what they were doing. I was also very concerned with what was happening with Luna, which was seldom shown. Not to mention that very little happened in chapters 1-8 to progress any story whatsoever, unless you count having a 2minute encounter with Ravus and a handful of bantering sessions with Ardyn story progression. I was fully aware at the time that the game had no plot, simply because nothing meaningful was happening. I’m really not sure how you can say that people can’t notice missing plot simply because they haven’t beaten the game. Its very obvious when story details are missing throughout the course of the game. Especially when I’m left asking myself:
    “Wait…where did that old guy, whose name I can’t recall because he was only given 1 or 2 lines of dialogue” or “Why is Luna not more prevalent in the plot?”
    , and lets not forget “Oh shit its Ravus, epic boss battle? No? Just some banter? Why is he leaving? Didn’t he hate our dad and try to kill him? Why is he not now fighting us? The hell?”.
    “Why is Titan trying to kill me?”
    “Who is this guy and why does he have an issue with Cor?”
    “Wasn’t the ring of the Lucii a bigger deal? Where the hell is it now?”
    “Why does Noct not care about his dad or Insomnia being destroyed until the game needs him to be, otherwise hes fine”
    “Wait so why is Ardyn toying with us so much?”
    “Oh my home is in danger, my dad was killed, and we’re being hunted, but yeah, lets do these bs jobs for people we don’t care about! For sure!”
    “Where is the Emporer? Surely he has to have a bigger role in the story…”
    some of the many inquiries i had throughout the game – before ch9. If you couldn’t see the lack of content – outside of a plethora of side quests with no bearing on the plot of the main game, then I call bs.
    And still – even more problems popped up post ch9, when they tried to fix the mess.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Well, every Final Fantasy is supposed to be pretty, so they had to focus on that aspect too. (otherwise the shitstorm would be even bigger) In regards to the story, it’s very noticeable that the game actually HAD a proper plot and an interesting universe. Even Sakaguchi approved of the story. They were just SO slow with implementing towns, cutscenes, bossfights and so on that they didn’t manage to finish it in time.

    Maybe what Sakaguchi said was true, it doesn’t pay off to create FFs with such big scales any more. It just takes ages. (In older games, it was easier: sometimes three screens were enough to be called a “dungeon”.)

  • Sothe Zephyr

    They should’ve have focussed less on making an open world with tons of useless and boring side quests, and filled it with more story driven sections. Regardless of what they had at one point – they deliberately chose to cut an essential part of the game to implement more time to “drive” a car and go take pictures, farm vegetables, and hunt random monsters, not to mention a plethora of other pointless side quests that dont further the story or even acknowledge the story at all. Them not giving themselves enough time to finish this game is their own fault and they should be held accountable for releasing an unfinished game with a lack of an actual, comprehensive, and complete plot.

  • NoctLightCloud

    You are right. Hopefully they can make it more comprehensive with the upcoming DLCs.

  • NoctLightCloud

    Yes!! Exactly!! I really like your comments and thoughts. You actually bring ideas and better solutions instead of just writing down what you disliked. That just shows how great the concept of XV was, that even people who dislike the final end result are thinking about missed opportunities. I’m dreaming of a XV remake in like 20 years where future developers think like you and remake this, including Kingsglaive, Brotherhood and even a King’s Tale in the actual game. I can dream at least…
    (I would’ve preferred Nomura’s trilogy-concept like XIII to the multiverse-concept that VII had with countless sequels, prequels and even an anime. I’d love to see all that included in the VII-Remake trilogy!)

  • josh.megan

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