Final Fantasy XV April 27 update includes “Afrosword” collaboration weapon By Wassim Deen on April 24, 2017 at 9:12 AM

As part of the April 27 update for Final Fantasy XV, players will be able to acquire the “Afrosword”, a DJ-deck themed weapon that changes up the background music to a new song created by artist “Afrojack” when equipped, Square Enix revealed today.

The two-handed weapon is up for grabs upon completing one of the game’s Timed Quests. Click here to read more about the April 27 update.

Catch the Afrosword introduction video below:

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Eyoi

    I’d love for this to be satire but sadly I would be mistaken. Fantasy based in reality right?

  • alef321

    so everytime you equip it TURNDOWNFORWHAT will blast your eardrums away ?

  • Average Afro


  • Jesiah Grant

    In our face? more like down our throats..

  • OvanCross

    No love at all and Afrojack sucks anyway

  • Victor Maciel

    Damn, i’ve loved FFXV but i can’t take anymore of these advertisements… They are turning FFXV into a whore.

    Pay $60 for a game with Cup Noodles and Afrojack advertisments… I’m just gonna wait for FFXII HD.

  • Serj_Angelo

    Not really surprising at this point. It’s clear as day that the dev team doesn’t really take their own game seriously and for them it’s just a playground for experimentation and silly stuff like this.

  • stevenm281

    Final Fantasy XV is now officially the Saints Row 4 of the franchise….

  • Bellamy

    Tabata, Tabata, Tabata…

  • 2me

    I already gave them enough feedback and I am done with SQ for now, gonna come back when they reboot XV. I am going to move on to other games from other companies

  • Wazi the pa


  • Syul

    I kinda want to “DJ-table-flip” some enemies in the face, the “sword” looks nice xD Good to have again the timed quests~

  • Adam Hedquist

    Ye, can’t wait for the dlc where Noctis can go around slappin’ enemies with a giant purple dildo. Can’t wait.

  • Kyle


  • stevenm281

    At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Jintae

    Ehhh. I’m getting tired of those shitty small “DLC’s”/”addons”/whatever the fuck you want to call them. Timed quests are, let’s be honest, to dust off your FFXV on once in a while and admire those creatures you’ll never see again (Dread Behemoth <3). I managed to complete every single thing in XV and as much as I'd want to return, there's nothing to do aside from repeating stuff or making photos. All I wait for are some good DLC's, I wish there was much more story, every single bit they had to drop to release in time. Every single thought they had. Every single concept. God damn I want more Ardyn! Ravus! LUNA! I think that even the anime shorts and movie together showed us more than the game itself on the relationship of Luna and Noct. God damn SE, stop it!

    Sorry for my whining and that awful english.

  • Casper

    Can we just mercy kill Final Fantasy XV already, take assets from it’s corpse and do this with em


    Like this

    “A “remake” of sorts of Final Fantasy XV is going to be announced in the near future as Final Fantasy Versus XV, directed by Tetsuya Nomura and overhauled with a team that knows more about Luminous now that XV was made, and with decidedly more KH-like combat. It will encompass the entire original story intended for Versus XIII.”

    “If anything, it shows extreme faith in the IP given not only how much XV is being pushed now but how much it’s being accepted by Joe Consumer. More “sequels” (in the eyes of investors) with minimal time in development and an engine / assets that are already made can only be a good thing. How else do you think XIII-2 and Lightning Returns were greenlit?”

    Oh and alternate reality/ alternate timeline like this

    “You know how I think they could alleviate the problem: Final Fantasy XV-2. I’m not joking. They gave us two Final Fantasy XIII sequels we never asked for, and a lot of people are asking for Versus XIII. Make Versus XIII Final Fantasy XV-2. Use the time loop theory everyone is talking about or the alternate universe theory from the leaked timeline” -JMobster9

  • Casper

    More like Yuck

  • Dod

    I’m so glad I tossed this fucking game away, what a shame for the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Carlos Rojas

    Coming soon Dubstep Gun for Prompto

  • stevenm281

    I don’t get the Timed Quest idea… why not add those hunts as permanent hunts, its a single-player game, not a MMO.

    As for more story, hell yeah, that’s what almost everyone wants.

    They neglected the story so bad in order to shove endless meaningless sidequests into the game.

  • Vallen

    Okay, sure.. why not

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh look, you guys are close to that teeny tiny 2,500 minority SE heads don’t exactly give a damn about. Give yourselves a super duper pat on the back!

  • Randy Marsh

    Ehhh, no thanks. Can I get something that isn’t advertising? I already know this was planned before now, but this isn’t exactly neat to me.

  • Casper

    Well luckily it’s not just 2,500 that want Versus XIII

  • stevenm281

    well, unless they sign this petition, and Square Enix sees that, its pointless.

  • xMysticx

    funny enough you keep calling the people who signed minority . when you guys keep on getting gimmicks one after another and defending the wrong .

    like what you like and make fun of who ever you want. everyday comes i keep saying their updates wont do just stop it and you guys keep liking it for whatever reason.

    the day will come when you all get bored of xv

  • •december

    I’m so angry that the team and Squeenix all know
    what happens in Episode Prompto and Episode Ignis respectively
    (even if its just through storyboards)
    but us fans just see all the GIMMICKY NONSENSE AND DON’T UNDERSTAND

    Can we just have the beefy story already. I want to love this, but I just don’t!!

  • Casper

    Not necessarily for Square it’s more of ok what excuse can we use to reuse the FFXV assets since the game sold well, or can we make a profit selling Versus XV, no one signed a petition for XIII-2, but we still got sadly because they could reuse assets thus being able to make it on the cheap, for Square it depends on a number of factors not just petition signers.

  • Stonespear

    They can all have weapons.

    Noct: Willywhacker
    Glad: Cockblock
    Ignis: Buttpoker
    Prompto: Knobshot

  • Stonespear

    To be honest it’s been too long. I’ve put the game down and I don’t think I’d go back if they re-released it with all the content they “wanted” to add in the first place. It wouldn’t add enough to make it a new experience and I don’t care enough anymore to replay it again.

    Mainly still here because I check daily for FF7R news.

  • Eyoi

    What makes you think the exact same thing that is happening to XV wasn’t going to happen for Versus?

  • xMysticx

    you target me now ? lol

    this happened cause you all been bitching about since day 1 notice i said xv not versus . what makes me think because ive seen the gameplay footage and that’s my warrant

    as of you all how many times did you put the trust in tabata and came out with pr ?

    look infront of you gimmicks all of you deserve it 100%
    no wonder now your patience have warn off

  • Randy Marsh

    When did I mention defending the dingus moves this game is making? Half the crap they’re doing for this game now is just boring and unappealing to me. However, I’m just a person with realistic expectations and know what pure idiocy like fan petitions made by tiny minorities are. It is pretty funny how people think spamming things like that will make their tiny spit drop in the bucket noticeable.

  • xMysticx

    did i ever spam that ?
    did i ever say ” please sign?”

    you are the ones were hailing xv til now. look even people made comments on the gimmicks just NOW , why now all of the times ?

    at least some minorities have the right to have quality rather than unfinished mess . look im not even commenting much on xv topics anymore cause SE wont give a crap about opinions nor even some people here

    ffxv became most whored game in the franchise just cause people thought they are buying versus from the hype

  • Victor Maciel

    Can we just mercy kill this petition already, too? Seriously, its way more embarrassing than these advertisements in FFXV.

  • Casper

    Well luckily the petition is harmless, and seeks to get something made, possible something great made, this game doesn’t need more stuff added to it, especially after how disappointing it is.

  • Eyoi

    I asked a simple question. I’m not sure why you’re getting butthurt about it.

    You literally make zero sense. The exact same thing could’ve happened to Versus. The “gameplay” was proof of concept and anyway how does the gameplay footage have anything to do with gimmicks that are being added to XV. The exact same thing could’ve been done to Versus but we’ll never know because it was never developed. I’m not sure why you keep referring to people who played XV as a lower group of people. You are as much as a part of XV as anyone else. You’ve played it and you’re still here to contribute by complaining about it 5 months after.

  • xMysticx

    that concept you speak of youve seen in action but it got replaced in favour of tabatas dream game ” zero sense ” lolol look you are fanboying/fangirling for tabata himself ……………

    yet you say you dont like the game for the sake of saying it

    ive played it thinking it was versus nothing else i even didnt complete it
    yet i sold it after hours even so dont count me as a xv fan i digress

    edit : i dont anymore

    congrats for your gimmicks to arrive soon
    all of you make my mornings when i see the unhappy comments cause i called it

  • Randy Marsh

    Did I ever say you were the one spamming the moronic petition or begging people to sign it? Learn to read, I’m not going to assume your education level, but please do me a favor and do not put words in my mouth.

    I have pointed out the good and bad of this game and do not defend Tabata’s choices. The weeks after FFXV came out, I gave the game a plethora of harsh criticism, and even still to this day when compared to something like Persona 5. Do not assume that everyone putting down FFVXIII fanboys are FFXV fanboys. There’s just people out there, like your’s truly, that just hate idiots that fail to understand common knowledge.

  • xMysticx

    then do not generalize please
    my education level does not concern you and its none of your business

  • xMysticx

    and btw ” There’s just people out there, like your’s truly, that just hate idiots that fail to understand common knowledge.”

    i lack common knowledge ?
    lololol why thank you so much .. i shall not respond to this

  • Eyoi

    I’ve also seen the proof of concept of the first Leviathan fight for XV yet where is that? You said do not generalize please in a previous comment then you go along and generalize every single person including myself and say that they’re “fanboying for tabata himself” as a counter argument. I’m not sure if you’re intellectually disabled or not but do you actually understand what you’re typing yourself? I’m very far from a Tabata fanboy. In fact I definitely preferred the Versus version over the XV. I haven’t touched XV since I finished it because it’s pure disappointment for me. I didn’t say you were a XV fan nor should you assume I’m a fan based on literally nothing but a simple question.

    It’s easily possible that literally any game including Versus could have thrown advertisements in your face just as much as XV is. You need to use common sense. Literally nothing in my comments suggest that I’m defending XV.

  • xMysticx

    now you ARE INSULTING ME
    this is why i dont type here anymore cause you target me as of late





  • Eyoi

    And there it is. You say do not generalize people please and then you generalize me. You say now I’M insulting you yet you literally just called me a Tabata fanboy for absolutely no reason. Nothing I ever said was defending Tabata nor did I ever mention his name or anything that he has said.

    I literally don’t understand how your brain works. You start an argument and then you provide nothing to back it up and resort to your defense mechanism by instantly calling people Tabata fanboys when you can’t support your own argument. No one said you’re a dumb-ass for liking Versus. The reason people are going to call you a dumb-ass is because of the way you type and the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth. You can’t say you’re a Versus fan without putting down people who enjoyed (and in this case, didn’t enjoy) XV yet you’re complaining that people are putting Versus fans down in the same manner. You literally contradict yourself and 90% of the crap you say and that is why no one is ever going to take you seriously or have a meaningful discussion. I hope the day hasn’t passed where you will finally grow up and open your mind.

  • xMysticx

    how about you are a dipshit
    good bye

  • Eyoi

    See you in the next post. Let’s see which brain-dead argument you pull out of the hat next.

  • xMysticx

    keep insulting boy
    you us tards finding joy on insulting people its in your blood

  • Eyoi

    I’m not American but nice generalization though. Maybe I should use that as the basis of an argument yet be a complete hypocrite and do it as well.

  • xMysticx

    lol i keep at it cause you guys keep at it
    at least im honest self unlike fans of tabata saying ohh i dont support em i dont play the game bla bla but, yet

    you guys keep us in the shadows like it or not bitch vsxiii what sold xv
    and it shall be the golden remnant that ffxv wanted to be

    im surprised you have friends with this kinda shit attitude of yours ?

  • Eyoi

    Again, I would like to reverberate the fact that people aren’t insulting Versus fans. In fact I can tell you right now that majority of the people who saw the original Versus trailer absolutely loved it and were fans themselves… and still are.

    Without completely avoiding the question once again, could you please explain to me what is shit about my attitude? As far as I’m aware, I’m the one that is being completely reasonable here. Maybe we can have an actual discussion without you throwing the words “Tabata fanboy” and acting like a victim or is that too far out of your vocabulary?

  • xMysticx

    whats shit about your attitude ?
    dont you see your aggressive towards everyone ? ( not everyone by means )
    dont you see it yourself ?

    a way of insulting is how to look to a person the way he or she writes .. fantastic ” vocabulary”

  • Eyoi

    Well, first off I’m not being aggressive. Secondly, do you go about your day insulting people and expecting them to not bite back because that is a good way to end up in a ditch in real life.

    If you would like to backtrack a few comments you will realize that the first insult that came out of this conversation was you calling me a “Tabata fanboy/fangirl”. You seem to completely disregard anything you type and become a victim the second someone bites back and questions your thought process.

  • xMysticx

    you insulted me 1st and alot are insulting me in fact being a fan of versus and say you are insane for such i see it here and every social media

    im not playing victim im simply not answering you because i dont want to not because i make myself a ”victim ”

    and yes you are

  • Eyoi

    Could you please show me to my first insult? I’d be very curious to see how it played out. I can guarantee you that the majority of people that are “insulting” you aren’t insulting you because you’re a Versus fan.

    I’ve seen multiple people say that they have the same thought process as you regarding Tabata basically lying about the game which I do share some of the same thoughts yet you bash them into the ground calling them a fanboy and that they hail XV when everything they just typed to you contradicts that including what I’ve typed. I seriously question whether you actually read the comments or not.

  • xMysticx

    scroll up in your posts you are insulting me of not understanding my typing and ” common sense ”

    what are you a doctor or something
    fix your god damn attitude man

  • James Stine

    A petition is meaningless and will not get you anywhere. Unless you manage to get 50% or more of people who bought the game to sign it, don’t expect SE to even look at it. Even if they did, how would they fund this?

    Also, those are all baseless rumours with no evidence supporting them, don’t bother wasting your time.

  • Eyoi

    Scroll up from that exact comment you are referencing and have a read what I’m actually replying to.

    You complain that you’re being insulted for being a minority but quite honestly you’re sectioning yourself off from everyone else. I’m a Versus fan. I dislike XV. I’d never touch XV again. I know plenty of people with that exact same thought process and you would be in the same group right? People don’t attack people for liking a game. People attack people for the way they act. You’re putting yourself in that position that you don’t have to be in. I can guarantee you that anyone who reads this conversation will have no problem with my attitude unless they have some strange agenda that you seem to have which seems to be to hate on anything reasonable anyone says.

  • xMysticx

    i digress have no agenda or whatever you speak of ….
    you say im from mafia or something …? you are weird ……….

  • Noctis


  • Casper

    “Even if they did, how would they fund this?” Like how they funded XIII-2, X-2, any FF sequel in exist.

    “Unless you manage to get 50% or more of people who bought the game to sign it, don’t expect SE to even look at it”

    Well luckily the demand for Versus isn’t just in a petition, and it’s unneeded for them to sign it, since probably 50 percent of the people that bought XV would buy Versus XV/World of Versus anyway.

    “Also, those are all baseless rumours with no evidence supporting them, don’t bother wasting your time.” Ain’t a waste of time if you enjoy it, though one thing about that Versus XV rumor does interest me, the bit about alternate timelines, though I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular rumor was fake, I wouldn’t 100 percent discount the possibility of Versus returning

    Oh and I just link the petition because why not it’s a matter of Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V. Will Square see it don’t know, but do they see their own comment section, and people getting giddy over the whole World of Versus rumor DLC yeah they do see that. Though they themselves probably know that wouldn’t work out so well.

  • Eyoi

    I don’t see how the word agenda and Mafia correlate in this context but nonetheless I just want to know why do you act the way that you do if you want to be respected as a Versus fan. Everyone was a fan of the original game and that is why it was so anticipated and why a lot of people are disappointed with the game in it’s current state. Hell, a few years down the line if they announced a Versus reboot I’d be absolutely psyched. I’ve never seen you have a reasonable, normal and healthy discussion. It’s always fanboy this, fanboy that, XV sucks and you all suck Tabata’s dick.

  • xMysticx

    it does … you say i have some secret ways or something …which i dont and you make it weird enough that im equally bad as mafia

  • Noctis

    and whats you problem dude if we want another game lol? Would you mind if versus comes back or whats up with ya

  • Eyoi

    You like Versus and you dislike XV right? We know this already. If you’re going to shit on everyone including those who actually agree with some of the things you say then what are you arguing about? That is when I question an ulterior motive or a hidden agenda.

  • xMysticx


  • xMysticx

    i dont have a problem with who partly agrees
    just see some of their attitudes really makes you lash at them .
    i’ll be honest with you havent played true ff in years yet i have the shit lightning trilogy that put you to sleep .

    and 1 more honest point is ive gave up on SE as a dev more like i support them as publisher . thats all

    and to be honest number 2 its hard to watch when a minority just be through the mud thats what pisses me off … do not underestimate a small number because they are small

  • Eyoi

    I mean I completely agree with you losing faith in Square Enix as a developer because I’m in that exact position. If the remake suffers the same fate as XV then I will most likely stop supporting Square Enix as a publisher.

    I also agree that it’s hard to watch when a minority is disrespected but this isn’t what is happening to Versus fans. The people that are saying that the petition will do nothing have a completely valid point. You have to be realistic that 2500 person petition isn’t going to mean anything or come into contact with a company that are bringing in hundreds of millions of income. Just by basic logic, there needs to be a higher demand for this request to come to fruition and that’s not to say that there couldn’t be a demand for it. People shouldn’t be insulting people for wanting to take part in the petition themselves though because everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

  • xMysticx

    the reason is there is no high demand because everyone believe versus is dead which i disagree in someway , hence this petition has the balls to say we want versus please reboot it we want it

    versus fans not like the delusions of the fans ofc i mean by that some of the old ff fans and the new gen of players. where they play empty games for the sake of playing . this is why i support the minority in this matter . and harshly bash when i need to

  • Eyoi

    Technically Versus is dead because that was confirmed when they changed from Versus to XV. That doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be a future for Versus down the line if the demand is there. That is up to Square Enix to decide. I can’t imagine Nomura being able to take on such a project with KH3 and VII:R in development for years to come.

    You have to understand that people might’ve enjoyed the game and that’s completely fine because that is their opinion. There is a line they can cross when they admit the game has zero faults and it’s the perfect game and there is where I would agree with you. But you can’t lump everyone into the whole XV fanboy group because that just isn’t true. There are SO many people that couldn’t care less for XV anymore and I’m sure plenty of people, including the ones that enjoyed XV would love to see Versus XIII down the line. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you can have a discussion without bashing one side.

  • xMysticx

    i understand believe me even on youtube i find comments towards me saying im insane for liking a concept ….sure it is a ”concept” but, it is damn shame to have watered down to a kid version thats insulting . and whats more insulting new gen of players liking it

    i kid you not i even bitterly cried of what happened to this title. my over hatred comes for a reason

  • Eyoi

    I can tell you that some older gen players liked it too but that isn’t for anyone to decide whether they should or not other than themselves. It is disappointing seeing what we received for XV but for some, they don’t follow the games development and they also don’t see the massive flaws that we see or they simply don’t care. They make the best of what they’ve paid for and a lot of people genuinely enjoyed it. You can’t expect to be respected for your opinion if you don’t respect anyone else’s opposes yours. Trust me, I know where you’re coming from and I’m in the same boat as you but there are other perspectives outside of ours. The only thing you can do is move on.

  • xMysticx

    i do respect 1st but overtime overwelmed by insults how do you espect me to respect back thats beyond me ..

    im perfectly fine with the ones who enjoy it yet cant feel but of disgusting vibe to be honest .. people enjoy it for what it is thats fine thats a plus for catering to casual market ect

    but, in return SE lost some portion of respect

  • Eyoi

    I apologize if I offended you earlier, I was only doing it in reaction to what you previously accused me of. Again, if you’re talking about being insulted on this site, from what I’ve seen people aren’t attacking you because you’re a fan of Versus, because I’m also a fan of Versus but haven’t had any insults. It is the way you type your thoughts out. Before the argument even begins you’re labeling entire groups of people as “XV fanboys” and saying that you’re a minority unlike them which you don’t know that yet. All I can say is I agree with some of your ideas because they do have some validity to them but I don’t agree with the way you go about them. Just think about the way you type them out before you actually go through with it.

  • xMysticx

    im being general of the social media as a whole but, true here isnt as much but, i can tell just trolling to see my reaction . i foretold on you provoking me to that . im not victimizing myself nor i do have agendas

    simply defending against trolls

  • Eyoi

    Well I’m far from a troll and I value meaningful and healthy discussion over anything.

  • xMysticx

    glad it turned healthy for you
    which is a plus for me to reach the full picture to you

  • Invictus

    Bieber Lance? Then get blown away with Bieber songs while doing warp strikes

  • Dod

    We’re not too far from a Rihanna DLC including special Jay-Z cheeseburgers at Hammerhead..

  • Invictus

    Come 2018. FFXV-2 The Musical dude

  • Invictus

    HAHA! Dildo strike my friend haha

  • Artemis Polara

    I’d honestly probably play that just for the LOLZ

  • Randy Marsh

    I’m puzzled on why you keep stating the things I’m saying are targeting you specifically. I’m detecting some self-esteem issues here….

  • Justice V

    Forgot all about that sword. Wasn’t a fan of Afrojacks track in the trailer/game, no idea who he is in general I guess, but cool for the people who like him and his stuff.

  • Dod

    Versus was indeed the game we’ve all been waiting for and it’s a shame that what was advertised on every propaganda video for FFXV didn’t end up in the delivered product. I can totally relate to the anger of being betrayed & completely understand why so many people get mad and defend Versus like their own children, I know I did, then got bored, discovered Horizon Zero Dawn, blew my mind, went to sleep, bye.

    My point is : we shouldn’t expect much from this company, they’ve lost their light a long time ago.

    That being said, I’m all for petitions and stuff, if it brings hope to people and gives them a voice that can be heard and somehow influence these guys into making the masterpiece Versus was supposed to be, then it’s a win-win situation for everybody (remember, most of the pointless stuff in XV was created based on popular public demand – flying regalia/multiplayer mode.. i’m going to throw up – so history shows that in some cases, people are listened to, and I’m pretty sure there is a TON of human beings out there awaiting for this game – Hi ! ^o^ -).

  • Dod

    Don’t ever apologize of being cheated on my friend.

  • xMysticx

    which i said before my friend i do not agree on SE as a developer and support them as publisher . thats the only thing they can do right publish good games made by other devs

  • Stonespear

    So underwhelming and clunky.

  • xXDibbs

    I think I’m clinically insane for thinking of this but hear me out.

    Maybe there are people who enjoy playing FFXV and they find the continued support to be a good thing as it expands on the already solid foundation of the base game. For those people they may view these announcements as a good thing as it means that they can have more fun playing a game they are enjoying.

    The most insane part of it that has me thinking I’ve become clinically insane is that maybe……….just maybe they like it because they are not you?


  • xMysticx

    again i keep saying that :- i have no prob with who plays the game . whoever that might be i dont have a single problem with them .

    the problem is that time goes by and even with petitions like these. we try to voice our voice and all . minority as we are in the FFXV turd community discourage us from wanting quality . im sorry for calling it a turd but thats my honest thought

    see even with these updates and shit arent real they are there just to blow off the dust thats all . not to mention as minority also i get shittied on for liking versus .

    sure , you can call ffxv the GOTY for all i care it wont change thr views and opinions of people

    even who enjoy it in this comment section you’ll see who actuaally grown tired of ” small updates ” and they want real updates

  • xXDibbs

    Its a business at the end of the day, if they where to make “Versus XV” then they’d need to spend at least 1.2 billion and need to reach 20 million sales (double of FFVII’s lifetime sales) and they would need a workforce north of 2,000 to get it done.

    It simply doesn’t make any business sense to take such a huge risk like that, now if those that wanted Versus XV to happen were really serous about making it happen then you wouldn’t need something as insignificant as a petition but you would need to speak SE’s language.

    Raise that 1.2 billion and then they may make it, else this is a waste of time. They won’t spend that kind of money to just make what 1 or 2k people happy. That kind of money can be better spent on other projects and on other initiatives.

    Be realistic is all I’m saying, if want it to happen show SE that there is at least a market of 20 million people who would buy it day one. Right now thats not what I’m reading.

    You guys just want them to take this gargantuan risk to make a very small minority happy. I can say with 100% confidence that no business cares about the minority of its audience, they no that they have more to lose then to gain by catering to that audience.

    If you want it to happen then you have to either raise north of 1.2 billion and send it SE’s way or prove that a market that is north of 20 million will purchase it day one if it is made.

    Thats the big picture that you are missing here.

  • xMysticx

    i agree with you a 100% here and you are right on point even i dare to say .. business talk is business is $$$$ at the end of the day nothing will ever change that

    but, its their problem that they invested in marketing for this game the most and spread PR lies and showed us lies til the release day
    if they released the game was promised … it could take ffvii’s place ..

    why do you think the slogan ” reclime your throne ” or whatever was there ? because they thought that ffxv would take the long awaited glory …. but at the end it failed as a game but it was a hit by marketing

    this is my point here you took xv because vsxiii and they took that hype to sell a lie

    if they some day remade that it would be a win – win case either way
    and assets be made but a large portion not used

  • AnimeFan89

    Gladio’s “weapon” would really suit him when dealing with guys trying to make moves on Iris.

  • xXDibbs

    Like I’ve said that will accomplish nothing, at the very least they are supporting FFXV with more additional content and expanding on its foundation.

    Its not illogical to think that FFXV could reach 10 million sales over its lifetime, but this won’t change that Versus was far too ambitious to ever become a reality.

    Consider this, FFXV is the Final Fantasy version of Kingdom Hearts 1. It has many of the same flaws and suffers from some of the same problems. But Kingdom hearts 2 fixed many of those same problems so isn’t it reasonable to think that in an age were you support a game post release that instead of making XV-2 they could use patches and DLC expansions to address those very same issues?

    Give it a chance, lets see what the expansions improve the base experience, let FFXV have its KH2 is what I’m saying.

    Hell look at the difference between the original Nier and Nier Automatta!

    Give them a chance to fix the problems with FFXV, the really haven’t gotten the chance to really expand on the core experience yet and they haven’t even released the first EXPANSION.

    For all we know the Expansions could add north of 20+ hours of narrative content. Give them a chance to fix the problems that it has, for all we know the game could get much closer to VS-XIII by the end of all of this.

    We live in an age where vanilla GTAV as an example and the current version of GTAV might as well be two very different games.

    Lets judge the game when it is 100% complete.

    By my estimations SE is going to be supporting the game for at least 3 year or the DLC “seasons”, lets wait until then.

    Its not a finished product, true. So lets give them a chance to finish it and then judge it as a finished product.

  • xMysticx

    but, ….. as of i heard from tabata he has a 1 year time to push all the updates ?…. that’s not even enough if what he said is 1 year then we are far from done .

    and as ive seen the patches and gladiolus episode just nothing significant.. hell i even had a little hope and i still have 1% hope when episode prompto comes ..

    even in the comments are loosing their patience … :/

  • xXDibbs

    wait and see, they could announce a DLC season two during E3 or later on in the year.

    Lets see what cards they have up their sleeves.

    The showed interest in creating DLC episodes for Arnea, Luna, Ravus, Gentiana, and Ardyne along with some more.

    Wait and see, then you can judge it as a finished product.

    Look at Street Fighter V they have a new DLC season every year, imho thats a lot better then coming out with a new version of the same game every year.

    Its similar to what is going on with FFXV.