Square Enix reveals four new Final Fantasy XV DLC episodes for 2019 and announces new crossover event By Raptorchan on April 6, 2018 at 6:30 PM

The roadmap for Final Fantasy XV was expanded upon today at PAX East 2018, with Square Enix revealing a list of content updates to come throughout the year and into 2019, which include four new episode DLCs for the single player campaign and a new crossover event.

The four new episodes that are scheduled for release will focus on Ardyn, Lunafreya and Noctis; with a shorter side story episode set to focus on Aranea Highwind. The underlying concept for each episode is to realize “a future everyone longed for.”

Check out the overview below:

  • Episode I: Ardyn “The Conflict of the Sage” (Working Title) (Winter 2019) – This story portrays the struggles of Ardyn. Witness the resentment he harbored towards Lucis for over 2,000 years, and his clashes with the Astrals.
  • Episode Side Story: Aranea “The Beginning of the End” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – A side-story about the Starscourge depicted from the Niflheim’s perspective. The final day of the Empire turns out to be Aranea’s worst day.
  • Episode II: Lunafreya “The Choice of Freedom” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – This story’s about Luna’s fate, which not even death can free her from. Her battle to save the one she loves overturns the destiny dealt to the Lucian King.
  • Episode III: Noctis “The Final Strike” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – Parting ways with the Astrals, Noctis embarks upon his final battle in order to attain the ideal future for all his people.

Across these new episodes, the theme of an “alternate grand finale” to the storyline is to be explored, which director Hajime Tabata had hinted at back in February, after asking fans what kind of alternate ending they’d like to see for Final Fantasy XV.

Announced at the end of the panel was a new collaboration event between Final Fantasy XV and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. A single image teased the event, but no further information was given beyond it.

Square Enix has promised via twitter that further information regarding the updates will come at a later time.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


  • DQ11 and KH3 please.

  • eijin_kiver

    So, they still hiding the stories!

  • Randy Marsh

    Um okay….too bad FFXIV 5.0 will most likely be coming out around then….so yeah… (b ‘_’)b

  • fish8100

    Aw, I don’t want alternate endings, more just an after story dlc where Noctis may or may not come back. Just main game story. Happy to see more Ardyn and Luna though.

  • Gabriel Hage

    Luna playable?

  • MajoraMan28

    Please, why do people need happy endings for it to be a good ending for them?
    The original ending was one of FFXV’s strongest points, imho

  • •december

    Seems so.
    The new Episodes will be a lot different I do believe

  • •december

    FF14 lol.
    By then you mean…?
    The episodes are releasing at 4 separate releases not altogether

  • •december

    The bastards

  • Adam Hedquist

    Good. Luna and Noctis desperately needs more story together. I couldn’t care less about Luna. I got no emotional connection with her or felt any emotional connection between them.

    I’m disappointed that Regis and even Ravus wasn’t mentioned because it’s the exact thing there. You know those childhood scenes where Noctis is eating that green soup and that other scene where Luna is taking a beating or something. The story needs alot of scenes like that. That is what you build emotion on.

    Imagine more childhood memories, for example, let’s say we’re in that scene where Luna is attacked and Ravus steps in between trying to protect his sister but instead getting beaten up pretty badly. Showing us how much he loves her. ( I know why they removed that scene btw…it doesn’t make that decision it less dumb)

    Memories of Luna and Noctis playing together as kids. Childhood memories with Gladio, Ignis, prompto and yeah, even Iris.

    You could do so much, it only demands a bit of imagination.

    More scenes with kid Noctis with Regis. I didn’t care that Regis died and I also didn’t care about the car or Insomnia because I didn’t see enough of it.

    Maybe I would’ve if the movie was about Noctis and friends.

    If they had to have big stars as VA’s they should’ve just had Nyx as Noctis’s no.1 protector ( One that Gladio aspire to be ). Helping him and the others escape the invasion. Barely managing to get them out only for him to die at the end.

    Scrap all unimportant characters, like the Kingsglaive. Focus on the escape and what Regis, Luna and the empire are doing. Going back and forth between that and childhood memories. We get to experience their loss as they see their home getting destroyed, loosing their dear families and friend/uncle Nyx and directly reacts to it.

    I’m interested in what they will do with these stories, however, I don’t have any faith in their storytelling anymore. I am looking forward to what the modding community can come up with, that is exciting!

  • •december

    Episode Noctis seems… interesting.
    Most likely the time within the Crystal…
    …but most shocking is seeing Ardyn playing with other royalty in the pic above

  • •december

    Any New content is fine for me
    As long as ties up loose ends

  • Adam Hedquist

    That is a big problem for me because it’s not a smart move to use resources on that.
    Their whole focus should still be on adding on to what was missing. I understand that some people were disappointed with the somber ending but personally I didn’t care about it.

    I think the ending would have been much more powerful and emotional if we had more backstory with Noctis and Luna. Creating an unbreakable bond as children, building up an unbreakable love as teens, actually spending time together in secret, Romeo & Juliet style until they get caught forcing them to only communicate via phone or ”[email protected]” in their 20’s and when they finally are allowed to meet, share their love and even get married.. she dies/ or murdered…

    And then he dies at the end, but dies happy in a way because he will be able to meet with his love again in the afterlife. THE END

    THAT would’ve been a touching, a bittersweet and a truly unique ending for a Final Fantasy.

  • alef321

    let it die .

  • Fallenblood

    add niflheim map?

  • •december


    J U I C Y

  • Sickko

    A R A N E A ! … sorry, had to.

    also those Mod Tools are insane… make your own fantasy!

  • Randy Marsh

    I am fully aware, but the completion of the updates and DLC for me to do my plan of an ultimate FFXV re-playthrough, by playing the entire game in a full out explosion of all the things available. I’ve been kind of holding off on touching the game until I can do everything.

    ^Huge FYI, I don’t hate FFXV, I just kind of want to do a full blast playthrough. I just kind of wish this all wouldn’t most likely happen near the release of a new FFXIV patch/expansion. But hey, I never know, 5.0 could get delayed lol.

  • •december

    Did I really see final fantasy XV golf

  • •december

    At the time of posting the comment before I wasn’t aware there was a release schedule (Winter 2018/Spring 2019) – I guess I take that back

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    The word “Final” has even less meaning after this xD

  • Kyle

    By Square’s standard we will all live to be 2,000 years old.

  • ShiruXIII

    Yeap… FFXV should have been released in 2019/2020… But I think that the current ending was fine, tragic and impactful.

  • Artemis Polara

    I like what I’m seeing here 😀
    (I like they threw in Episode Aranea)
    I’m curious what they’ll do with the Noctis episode. Episode Luna is very much needed. And of course I look forward to Episode Ardyn the most 😀

  • •december

    Episode Ardyn !

  • •december

    Ardyn voice: “You think 10 years is a LONG time???”

  • •december

    a lot of it still doesn’t make sense to me

  • Justice V

    Interesting. Other than Aranea’s episode it sounds like each of these are what if scenarios like Ignis’ bonus ending rather than parts that actually happened.

  • Codes McGodes

    The Episode: Aranea piques my interest. More of the Starscourge, more of Niflheim? That’s literally what I’ve wanted this entire time. I really have high hopes for that one, but we’ll see. It makes me a little nervous that her DLC is specifically listed as shorter than the other episodes. Considering each episode is only about two hours to begin with, that’s really not much time to explore.

    Also disappointed that we [likely] won’t be getting any of Noctis’ childhood. MAYBE we’ll get Luna’s, but Noctis’ is pretty unlikely. It could be featured in Episode Noctis, but honestly by that point in the game it’s sort of too late to matter. :/ Really would have liked to have gotten more Regis. And still no word on there being a fully explorable Niflheim.

  • Codes McGodes

    What about the current ending doesn’t make sense to you?

  • Vallen

    Wonder if they’ll still be able to open up the 2nd half of the game a little more? Hmmm

  • Diego Pinheiro

    Me too. I enjoyed what they did with the insomia ruins but It would be nice to have more places to explore.

  • Diego Pinheiro

    Looks good. And the open window for the release too.

  • Rivershield

    Thank God, I was praying for this. I can’t wait!

  • •december

    You’re both right.
    Everything after Leviathan fight:
    -Fodina Caestino…
    -Shiva’s Corpse snow area,

    Whatever happens, its really exciting what the PC mods can do to expand these areas of Final Fantasy XV.

  • •december

    Also disappointed that we [likely] won't be getting any of Noctis' childhood
    Hmm… still think there will be some, judging by the description. It’s even likely to get wheelchair Noctis in Episode Lunafreya.

    ANYTHING other than Comrades material
    Episode Ardyn is scheduled for Winter 2018 release, so not completely but there’s a big Comrades focus going on for this year

  • •december

    It’s open to the player’s opinion at the end of it all, but Episode Ignis was both canon and what-if. Because of the separate endings. The following episodes seem to all be taking a canon route. Episode Noctis is based on a total unheard ending to the story.

    Judging by the descriptions they’re all canon, unless explicitly declared like how Episode Ignis labeled the alternate ending: “Extra Chapter 3 Verse 2 – Possibilities” or however it was written AFTER the player completed the canon story.

  • Artemis Polara

    1- Her calling as Oracle extends beyond her life so her spirit (and presumably body) still act for the light
    2- He probably gave them their powers since they gave them the crystal and the ring. (Also he uses a shit ton or swords and so do the kings of Lucis)
    3- Sacrifice is more powerful. The power of a life or the need to give it up for something else yields better results in magic. (I guess)
    4- He’s going to find Ardyn? That seems a bit self explanatory
    5- It’s showing they’re always with him (It’s like Sora saying “My friends are my power”)
    6- Not explained
    7- It’s the birthplace of humanity (I think)
    8- Never explicitly stated (originally thought to be something Ifrit made but was retconned and now doesn’t have one)
    9- Only Ifrit was slain during the war. (Though yeah, Episode Ardyn should clear up that stuff a little) (Though I’m guessing it takes place directly after the war ends)

  • •december

    Forgive me, but you ignored the question for 1., 2. and 4. (See below) – The rest of the questions were inaccurate guesses which is why I said the ending still doesn’t make sense

    1. (She does it without purpose besides the Royal Edition ending, but still disappears randomly before embracing Noctis why)
    2. (What ties Bahamut to the 13 specific Rulers of Yore not the entire Lucis Caelum bloondline, but i'd wanna know that too... also why not all the Lucis Caelum kings... its not explained the sword connection)
    4. (He dies, the ring lights up, and he appears in the realm. Him finding Ardyn in the realm beyond doesn't explain any of that or:
    -why Noctis says "Dad, trust in me"

    I mean my inaccurate guess would be the Ring captures Noctis' and other chosen Kings of Lucii soul or whatever before they die and transports it to the Realm inside the crystal but I'm saying THIS IS NOT EXPLAINED. Bahamut is shrouded in mystery)
    5. is a fair enough response

  • Artemis Polara

    For 1: I guess it’s not answering the whole question. Also in terms of showing up, I’d say to motivate him? (Pure speculation)
    2: My bit I’m sure answered that.
    4: How is that not difficult to understand, he has to destroy Ardyn in the afterlife as well. Hence he must die and take his powers and the Kings or Yore with him to finish Ardyn off. Ardyn would return if he didn’t do that.

    Also not everything needs a detailed explanation.

  • •december

    4. It’s not once been called the afterlife, but the realm beyond and if its the Afterlife as you say how come going into the crystal ALIVE, Noctis can reawaken after? Not explained.
    2. No you did not I’m afraid… you said ‘probably’ to something else while my question was about te fact its not ever mentioned why Bahamut the Draconian, the ONLY Astral, has a connection to the Rulers of Yore & Lucis Caelum bloodline specifically, or why there are only 13 Rulers (OR WHY RULERS OF YORE EXIST AT ALL). The Mystic was one of the first Lucis Caelums but theres 114(incl. Noctis) in all so question still unanswered.

    It’s not about detailed or undetailed, sure its great to have your own artistic interpretation of things but its shocking these concepts were thrown in without any clarity. Thats like them leaving out the Lifestream in FF7 or the fact they were in Space at all in FF8 or that in FF10 Tidus was never real and then just jumping to the end & expecting people to get it

  • •december

    What’s shocking is this game has not even been out 1 year and a half yet.
    Today, April 11th 2018. Game release November 29th.

    That makes it only 1 year and 5 months old… 17 months old
    …Seems like an age in gaming terms, I guess

  • Artemis Polara

    Ummmm. For 4, you’re kinda missing the point. While Noctis re-awakening on that island wasn’t explained, it’s obvious Noctis went to the afterlife. Even if it’s called the Realm Beyond. As a concept, it’s the same thing. Going into the crystal and the afterlife aren’t the same thing. Also Bahamut being the Astral of light kinda fits for the Kings of Lucis gaining the power of light and all that. He’s obviously the top and gave them their power. The others I presume didn’t bother. These sorts of bits are fine for speculation but honestly are pointless for explanations. Also why only 13 ended up in the ring? No idea. Honestly it’s not important either. If you want an assumption though, either the weapons need to survive for the Ruler of Yore to pass their soul into and the ring. Since it is stated there were others but were lost (most likely destroyed) (Also the Mystic was not just one of the first but the first king)
    So yeah, we don’t need answers for the other 100 kings.

  • Hotaru tomoe

    Enough of the dlc. Give the fans what they really want. Talk with the editors of ff13 series,and ff10 series. Plan a FF15-2 and make it epic. The world of eos has so much attention to detail. Give the story line some attention to detail too. There is so much missing from the story as to why everyone feels it such a bad/amazing game. I personally would love to see noct defy his fate and have an epic battle with bahamut since he seems like the real bad guy.

  • Syul

    Well, the things they’ve been releasing are things a ton of people wanted, and almost all of the things of the survey have been released already or are in the way, in some way or another (for example: in the survey they put “the line of the Lucii”, and then we got these other boss fights in Insomnia in the Royal Edition, and the game has now tombstones in the Menace Dungeons about old kings, which is a nice touch). As for FFXV-2, I have barely seen talk of people wanting it.

    In a personal level, I don’t see a FFXV-2. I mean, the original ending is good enough in itself (gods, it still makes me cry after watching/playing it a bazillion times) and a sequel with the “change destiny” theme would feel like a “we just rewrote everything and the original ending is replaced”, whereas DLCs of alternate endings are that: alternate universes in which things end up differently. I don’t think we need a full sequel and a ton of hours to tell about Noctis defying fate to give everyone a happy ending, to be honest. Just with a well done DLC would be enough (and these DLCs are directed by the same man that was in charge of Ep. Ignis, so I think we can have confidence they’ll be good).

    (Moreover, to make a sequel would be a huge ton of work, money and time, and would mean, like… 60-70 bucks more, while these DLCs are probably going to be at between 20-35.)

    P.D.: I wholeheartedly agree that a Noctis vs Bahamut fight would be epic (and I would be damned if I said I don’t want to kick Bahamut’s ass badly). Although I have the feeling it’s not him who’s going to be Noctis’ “final boss” in his Episode, but we’ll see.

  • Syul

    It feels as if it got released way longer ago, for me. In a good sense, though xD

    To be honest… I’m going to feel a bit lost when these DLCs launch and the story just ends, and probably sad (like everytime I finish reading a book). But well, at least there’s the mods, and the FFXV fandom seems that will be alive for a long time (or so I hope because this game has ended up being a big part of my life and routine :_3)!

  • Syul

    Seeing that release date kills me inside after thinking we would probably get Ardyn’s DLC this year (I’m just so damn thirsty for his Episode), but I think they’ve chosen well. I mean, the more time they spent creating them, the more polished they’ll release; and there’s also the fact that we’ll have to wait little time between DLCs, which is good.

  • •december

    That’s fascinating! I like your explanations a lot…
    Why Noctis re-woke on the island that’s a WHOLE other reason I never truly understood ! Haha, what’s the history of Angelgard Island I really gotta know.
    I can’t believe I missed that too.
    The more I think “Why did this happen” the more answers I get lol
    What DLC are you most looking forward to? FFPez saying there’s going to be a 5th DLC called the Finale, which I haven’t found anywhere but sounds exciting

  • •december

    Lmfao bro @disqus_N2LuGsCUNF:disqus

    I personally would love to see noct defy his fate and have an epic battle with bahamut since he seems like the real bad guy.

    –Did you not read the article?

    Parting ways with the Astrals, Noctis embarks upon his final battle in order to attain the ideal future for all his people.
    …that’s from Episode Noctis, the last DLC of the Dawn.

    I get what you’re saying, they’re on it but these things just take time to perfect and release. The quality of these 4 DLC will be marginally higher than the 3 bros DLC. Fck the editors of FF13 and FF10 they’re not on the level of FF15

  • •december

    Bahamut true face reveal.

  • •december

    I wont be sad when it’s all said and done for FFXV (All DLC are finally released) – because then I’ll have a reason to replay the base game from the start again.

    Square Enix stabbed the BD2 and Tabata in the back then shot them in the foot with how they handled releasing FF15: It’s going to be nearly impossible to grab fans back who’ve already given up the game 3 years on, UNLESS, like me you never left.

    What I have for the closure of FFXV is pure excitement!

  • Artemis Polara

    I’m not a follower of Final Fantasy Peasant anymore since his theories get annoying after a while. He’s a believer to the point of being blind and his theories are too outlandish. But anyway I doubt there will be a fifth. They picked Episode Noctis already to be the finale. I wouldn’t mind another but eventually it wouldn’t be feasible to keep extending the game’s lifespan. Only a few at that point would bother. If you want to know of Angelgard, I think there is a datalog entry on it.

  • Syul

    YES PLS. To put the cherry on top of the cake… Face reveal with the form he has in the Cosmogony book?

    (Seriously, I woud love so much to have more info on the Messengers… We barely know a thing about them and how are they exactly linked to the Astrals)

  • Syul

    Replaying it again from the start with everything’s going to be amazing!

    Agreed, too, with that… And one of the things that leaves me a sour taste is that Tabata’s being (and will be) critiziced A LOT for FFXV, when he’s done cool things before, and I’m sure he will do more (I’m very curious for that new game, all the more since it’s not a FF).

    And same about the excitement! _<

  • •december

    At this point in time the 24 messengers thing seems like it’s not going’s to make an appearance, BUT we might get one or two new characters explaining they were messengers that’s kind of likely who knows

  • •december

    Yeah I’ve seen the Datalog for Angelgard and it doesn’t say a thing. Just people pray to island from Galdin Quay and people say the ‘gods’ gathered there.

    All this build up tells me they’re gona explain it in Episode Ardyn, Noctis or even Episode Lunafreya.

  • Syul

    More like making an appearence, I meant what you said, yep. Seeing characters explaining, or seeing texts, would do the trick.

    (I still remember the time I thought Cor was going to be a Messenger like Gentiana xD Maybe there would be a character we know that had been one, or one would turn into a Messenger…? That would be interesting~)

  • •december

    Same! About Cor
    I’m still waiting for Umbra human form reveal but it’s as likely as getting all 24 messengers loool

    I’ve got my sights set on Episode Ardyn first. His dialogue at the Citadel ending of Pocket Edition was iconic and should have been added to Royal Edition.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    dude , there will be a lot of stuff in those DLC , even this short side story that is Aranea.
    it’s an entire year of development for each episode , so it’s probably bigger than we see with the bros.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    I think it’s like Episode Ignis cannon and what-if.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    I don’t think Episode Noctis is redudant , I just think that it should be in a “Complete Pack” than be called an Episode , akin to Royal Expansion.
    Afterall , this game is entirely in Noctis’ POV , his “Episode” in an expansion of one already made chapter

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    Angelgard is were the Astral gathered , in Comrades it’s said that it’s were people go before the Astral War to receive judgment and guidance from the Astrals.

  • Syul

    Agreed, not very likely if at all xD But well, at least we got to see how Umbra would have looked as human thanks to the artwork from the art exhibition, it’s something (?)

    To this day I still find funny the thought of Umbra and Pryna having a human form given the fact that, outside their duties, they act pretty much as pets XD Cannot unsee Umbra showing his human form and Noctis suddenly remembering in embarrassment all the times he patted his head lol

    And oh gods YES, AGREED! I would have loved so much to see Noctis in the PS4/PC version saying to Ardyn that he wants to free him, telling him to go back to who he was 🙁 It was kind of sad to see they didn’t add that… However, I do think they may add it, either in base game, or in an alternate happy ending as in, “Noctis was able to do as he promised”.

  • •december

    Yes, Comrades is good.

    The Royal Vessel update (where a mysterious voice prevents you from going to Angelgard) came after I finished the Comrades update and it doesn’t chronologically make sense.

    The Astrals they gathered there; yeah so what. Why did they gather there? What happened that made Angelgard so important, that is yet to be explained

  • •december

    No one can know, the episodes are not out yet.

    I’m saying with the evidence, the Episodes are bound to be canon unless otherwise stated like in Episode Ignis and it’s alternative what-if chapter

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    Angelgard became important because of the Astral gathering , not the way around.

  • •december

    Currently in the Ultimania’s the ending is left ambiguous

    And just like how the Starscourge controlled Ravus to fight against his will I got a theory that good guy Ardyn is still inside somewhere too.

  • •december

    We’re on two different pages…
    which came first: Isn’t my question…
    I asked:
    why is Angelgard sacred /it’s protected by the Astrals WHY?/what’s it’s history and what makes it so important

    Which is most likely going to be answered in the upcoming DLCs: Ardyn ‘s clashes with the Astrals and Noctis parting ways with the Astrals… there’s going to be some story to come definitely

  • Syul

    Oh, is it?

    About what you said about the Starscourge, maybe, but I don’t know…

    I mean, it’s confirmed that the Starscourge alters behaviour, a ton, but it’s tricky trying to think how much of him is due to the daemons, and how much of him is the human that’s been so fucked up. Or a mix. To be honest, I would understand it if the human in Ardyn had ended up so twisted, with all that’s happened to him… I’m 100% sure I would have ended up as much twisted, or worse.

    (I don’t defend the things Ardyn has done —even if I love him so much—, if anyone’s wondering… but I think it’s pretty much logic to end up very very twisted after all the things that happened to him, and I just include him in my wish of a happy ending.)

  • •december

    Can’t wait. The Monoliths tell of a story too, there’s a theory on YouTube you really should check out! – by the ‘Ravatogh Research Team’

  • •december

    Imagine Noctis having to explain to his son, uncle Ardyn is over 2000 years old

  • Final Fantasy

    LMAO dont-stop ! i cant stop laughing XD

  • Final Fantasy

    im gonna make a mod where hironobu sakaguchi’s face is on bahamut making chocobo noises… lets make it happen. and i dont think ive ever done a hashtag before (because i dont have a twitter) but #FFXVMODCOMMUNITYUNITE!

  • •december

    That’s my only advice for mods lol